Ladies and LEGOs

The Lego company and its franchise has been inspiring young minds by encouraging them to build and innovate anything that they can imagine. The Lego Company broke precedents when they started introducing characters with different back stories and occupations to their franchise. According to Amen Clinics, Lego is trying to do more to incorporate more diverse and well-thought-out characters in their lineup. It was two years ago when Lego introduced their first female lab scientist minifigure. Since that was 2013 many at Lego thought it was overdue for a new female character to be introduced into the scientific field in the Lego world. The company has taken substantial steps to address their fans and their interest of having more female minifigures in the scientific Lego field. Research Institute is a fan designed set that incorporated female scientists and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Lego has been quietly adding more and more women minifigures to the set. Even more characters are slated to be released at the end of the month. Lego doesn’t just want to improve representation for girls and women in the Lego world. The company wants to inspire children in both genders to become whatever it is that they want to be. The company plans on experimenting with releasing different types of occupations that are not normally seen in children’s playsets. The company knows that it is still overwhelmingly marketed to young boys but is trying their hardest to change it.

Find A Product Your Looking For With Image Recognition Technology

Sometimes you may be walking down the street, and maybe you spot a very hip girl with an extremely nice pair of boots. Maybe she even has a purse that has caught your eye. In certain cases, a person may ask the lady where she got the items that she has, but not everyone is bold enough to do this. Some people may take offense to being asked questions about the products that they are carrying, so it may not be the best idea to ask where they got their items from.

Someone who is slick, they can quickly snap a photo of the purse or the boots that the lady has with her, and run the pictures through a product recognition software. The software will be able to identify the exact product, and it’s even possible to find the price, and the place the products are being sold. Technology has come a long way, and product recognition software, it is a great tool to help those who love to shop. Maybe a person is not able to recognize a specific product without more information.

Image recognition software is also great for companies who sell retail items, especially if they have an application available to their customers. Stores that sell retail items, such as clothing, purses, shoes and more, they should consider having image recognition software implemented into their current application. If there is a shopping application that the store has, and the application is available to the general public, then product recognition is an excellent idea. Slyce is the leading innovator when it comes to image recognition software, and it’s possible to implement their software within a current application.

Slyce’s software has been able to help companies bring in additional money because the product recognition software helps customers to find products easier. If a customer takes a picture of a product that they see, they can run it through the software, and it can bring back an exact match. Even if the picture isn’t clear enough, it’s still possible to bring back a close enough match to where the customer may be able to know exactly where to buy the product. Slyce’s technology is extremely powerful, and many companies have chosen to implement the software into their application. If Slyce’s software makes it easier for customers to find products they are looking for, then why not choose to use Slyce technology, especially if it can help to boost your sales?

Older Fashioned Undies Coming Back Into Style

Just take a look in any lingerie store and you’ll probably find a rising trend of so-called granny panties that are coming back into style. These types of underwear fashions were thought to be long gone and just worn by older generations, but a lot of younger women are now looking to begin wearing them again for themselves. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, this specific type of style allows a woman to avoid the often uncomfortable wear that comes with other styles of undies, and this may be why more women are choosing them to wear each day.

The obvious style of the granny pantie has also changed a bit, allowing for more colors and styles than ever before. Most stores that sell underwear and women’s lingerie are beginning to get in this style once again, and they aren’t just for the older crowd coming through the doors. If you think this is a style that’s right for you, make sure to keep it neutral and comfortable when choosing what to buy. The whole idea of going with this type of style is to be totally comfortable while wearing what you want. It makes for an amazing piece of lingerie and one that you are definitely going to benefit from wearing whenever you choose to purchase them for yourself. This growing trend is all over and is quite apparent when you go to shop for undies in just about any store.

Kenneth Cole Personally Replaces Stolen Bag

A few weeks ago, 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Gary Cotton was hanging out at an Applebee’s watching the NBA Playoffs when his designer Kenneth Cole bag was swiped from the chair next to him that he set it on. The $300 designer messenger bag contained the man’s Apple laptop, which belonged for the company he worked for, however he was more upset because the expensive bag was a Christmas gift from his mother. DNA Info had reported the story of the theft, which apparently Kenneth Cole, the designer himself, had read about and decided to do something to help Gary.

Kenneth Cole, who found the story after placing a Google alert for his name, Amen Clinic says they decided to replace the messenger bag for Gary. Gary’s work laptop was covered by his work insurance however he did not think he would ever see that bag, or one like it again. Gary was thrilled to hear that Kenneth Cole heard about his story and wanted to help him out. He said that Cole’s gesture now makes him partial to the brand. He said that he’d be more likely to buy Kenneth Cole in the future, as well as keep a better eye on his belongings.

Kenneth Cole said that he hopes this will be a pay-it-forward situation where now Gary will help someone else in their time of need.

The Luxury Real Estate Awaits You in New York City

Get a taste of the fabulous life when you choose an apartment that suits your personal preference in New York City. Luxury real estate comes with a variety of amenities and services that you will love. Choose from the different luxury real estate options in New York, including low and high-rise apartments. Regardless if you want a cozy and private atmosphere, or an area known for its hustle and bustle, the real estate in New York City definitely has something to offer everyone.

When it pertains to the luxury real estate in NYC, there is no shortage. There are buildings that fill the skylines and streetscapes of the New York City area. Choose from luxurious residents, condominiums, apartments, and mixed-use properties within the Upper West Side, Roosevelt Island, Chelsea, Union Square, Battery Park City, Midtown, and Tribeca areas, amongst other locations. You can choose from studio apartments, to real estate with one, two, three, four, or more bedrooms. These properties are available in great neighborhoods that feature fantastic schools, chic shopping, renowned restaurants, and a variety of cultural offerings.

Finding the right real estate could prove to be a difficult task, which is why you should choose a realtor that not only has the experience, but a realtor that is well-known and respected within the New York City real estate market. TOWN Real Estate is one of New York’s leading luxury real estate firms, and they can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to rent a luxury apartment in the New York City area, a low-rise apartment is typically a great option. The sale price for low-rise apartments in NYC is often negotiable. A majority of the luxury low-rise real estate offers include gardens, fitness centers, a great team of property managers, and much more.

High-rise apartments in NYC are the most popular because they have the most room. High-rise real estate typically has more leasing options due to the extra room that they have available. The luxury services that accompany a high-rise property makes it that more appealing. There are convenience stores, laundry service, pools, small grocery stores, and more, all on-site. Most properties have 24-hour doorman service, as well as property managers that live on-site.

If you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase an apartment, or any type of luxury residential NYC properties, choose TOWN Real Estate to help you find the perfect place that suits your personal preferences. Enjoy the search process, and be hands-on when finding your new luxury home!