The National Basketball Association and Mr. Bruce Levenson

The National Basketball Association, commonly shortened to the acronym NBA, is the world’s largest professional basketball organization. The NBA is composed of thirty teams, with twenty nine located across the United States, and one in Toronto, Canada. There are two conferences in the NBA, each with fifteen teams: Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. The two conferences are broken down into three divisions each: the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest divisions belong to the Western Conference; and the Atlantic, Central, and Southeast divisions are part of the Eastern Conference.

There are eighty two games in a regular season, and four rounds of playoffs. The eight best teams from each conference hold eligibility to play in the playoffs. The first best team of each conference plays the eighth best team of that conference; second best plays seventh ranked team; etc. All rounds of the playoffs have a best of seven series, which means the first team to earn four wins advances to the next round. The playoffs usually take about a month to a month and a half, and provide viewers with the longest playoff program by means of games and calendar time out of all major sports organizations in the United States.

The Basketball Association of America was founded in New York in the year 1946. Three years later, the BAA joined forces with its competitor league, the National Basketball League, to form what is now known as the National Basketball Association. The NBA is still headquartered in New York City, and has always been operated out of the same city. Although the NBA has remained named the National Basketball Association for the entirety of its existence, many teams in the NBA have come and gone, and been sold and purchased, or dissipated.

The NBA has not always been as popular as it is today – the NBA started to grow tremendously in the early 80s, right after the inception of the three point line. Around the same time the three point line was incorporated into regular gameplay, the Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were drafted into the National Basketball Association and helped grow the popularity of the league. They are known to have one of the best player rivalries in the history of basketball as a sport. In the mid-1980’s, Michael Jordan started playing in the NBA, and he truly helped the NBA rise in popularity.

Another reason the NBA has grown so much is because of super-wealthy owners and their virtually limitless potential to invest in their teams.

Mr. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia is the most recent owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He helped the Hawks reach the Eastern Conference Finals this year, where they lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Atlanta Hawks undoubtedly plays the best basketball as a team, thanks to Mr. Levenson’s honed ability to create a basketball team with such a great chemistry.

The National Basketball Association is one of the most popular major sports entertainment organizations in the United States, partially in thanks to Mr. Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson Departs As An Atlanta Great Is Honored

The Atlanta hawks are hoping for a smooth transition from the decade long ownership of Bruce Levenson and what was initially known sa the Atlanta Spirit consoritum to the new ownership of billionaire financial expert Anthony Ressler. The arrival of Ressler comes at a time when the Hawks franchise has decided the time is right to retire the fourth jersey in its history and honor the former Hawk Dikembe Mutombo for his lay in the late 1990s. Mutombo’s number 55 will join just three other numbers the Hawks have retired after the hall of famer spent an impressive five years at the Hawks from 1996 to 2001.

There are many similarities to be drawn between the arrival of Mutombo and that of Tony Ressler at the franchise, but the work of Bruce Levenson should not be ignored in explaining why the Hawks are in this strong position. Mutombo arrived in 1996 when the HAwks leadership decided the team needed a strong defensive player to aid their push forth e playoffs, prior to this the Hawks had been struggling to compete with the top teams in the NBA. Mutombo provided a strong central player who was an all star player four times in his five seasons with the Georgia based franchise.

Tony Ressler arrives at Philips Arena after the Hawks have made the playoffs for a number of years, but have failed to progress to the finals of the NBA playoffs. For Ressler, the Hawks face a number of major teams in the Eastern Conference playoffs, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and a resurgent Chicago Bulls. In the time of Mutombo the main rival of the Hawks were the Bulls, then led by Michael Jordan who eliminated the Hawks from the playoffs on numerous occassions.

For Bruce Levenson of UCG the departure from Atlanta will be bittersweet after he led the franchise out of one of its worst periods in its history. Levenson found the Hawks with the worst record in the NBA in 2004 when his consortium led the npurchase of the franchise and lead them to future glory. The Levenson led franchise took a different routet o many teams who have risen and fallen quickly after investing in aging susperstar players. Levenson looked to grow a team over a lare amount of team that was yuong and could slowly rise through the standings together. The culmination of the Levensno led plan could be seen as the team that was the worst in the NBA when the franchise was purchased and ended his decade in charge with the team as the number one seed entering the 2015 playoffs.

Purina Dog Food Aims To Help The Community And Dogs Around The World

The Nestle Purina pet food brand has been one of the top companies in the world since two major pet care businesses merged in 2001. In most reports the brand is known as the second largest in the world, which is aided by the fact a wide range of brands are produced under the Nestle Purina that cover a number of budget ranges to make sure almost every pet parent can provide their dog with high quality food. The company is seen as one of the most impressive in the world for the way it works to protect the environment and make sure as many dogs as possible have a bright future.

Purina has also been looking to create a popular number of campaigns that are designed to raise awareness of the brand and allow pets and their parents around the world to become as healthy as possible. In recent years, the trend for overfeeding dogs and pet obesity have been amongst the causes taken up by the executives in charge of the company. Partnering with a well known human dieting Website gave Purina the chance to create a community based program that looked at the best ways of reducing the weight and increasing the fitness levls of dogs around the world. This comes as a large number of programs have been introduced that are designed to allow animals around the world to show their skills in agility courtses touring North America. Purina attempts to help dogs of all ages to get the most out of their fitness levels as they embark on competitions in a range of categories.

Purina has looked to make sure the largest number of dogs have the chance to remain fit and healthy into the future by embarking on the development of a number of dog food lines. Purina’s Beneful range is one of those that has grown in popularity since it was launched in 2001 to create a natural alternative to processed foods. The name Beneful has been described by some company executives as meaning full of goodness and has grown in just over a decade to become the world’s fourth most popular dog food line. Beneful is well known for the natural inredients that are included in the product line and has become well known for being one of the most nutritionally important dog food lines in the world. The need to keep animals fit and healthy is one of the most important aspects of the line, which has made a commitment to placing the needs of the pet at the top of its list of priorities.

Lime Crime Is The Best Cosmetic For Clowning Around

I started dressing up as a clown for fun at parties for my niece and nephew. Although it was a blast at first, I found that unless it was Halloween, I had a hard time finding the right cosmetics to complete my look. About the fifth birthday party that I attended, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking my act on the road full time. I thought surely he was joking; I was a grandmother and didn’t have the time or the energy.

Well, that crisp fall afternoon was the start of my clowning business. I tried to find vibrant colors and unusual items that would help me enhance my ensemble. However, I just had a hard time finding things in my local area that I could use in my act. I started doing some research and tried many different products. I needed vibrant colors and something that would stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t enough to just dress the part; I needed to be the part.

A friend of mine told me that I had to check out Doe Deere and the Lime Crime line on I had never heard of these cosmetics, but she told me they had an eclectic blend that she thought would interest me. What I liked was the owner’s story. She is always in character and calls herself the “Queen of the Unicorns.” She is a fashionable lady, but she has a unique talent. She reminds me a great deal of Lady Gaga, only instead of singing, she devotes her life to making the most stunning colors in makeup. She, like me, felt that the makeup industry was very bland and jaded by traditional colors and blends. She wanted to create a product line that screamed it was different.

I have been using Lime Crime for about a year now. What I love is that she incorporates so much glitter into her products. For a clown who loves to play around, glitter and bright hues work perfectly for my ensembles. I change up my look from time to time, and I can always count on Doe Deere to make something interesting that I wear for work or play.

I did some research on Deere, and I was surprised to find out that she is Russian, just like my husband. She is an avid animal lover, specifically to cats. She has three cats that she calls her children. Her business is one that has deep family roots. She brings her husband along to work with her, as well as her mother. Lime Crime is one of the best products I have found in years. Not only does she use all natural chemicals in her products, but she takes the time to develop each one personally. Lime Crime is way better than any of those large conglomerates; it’s just better.

Some New Developments In Dubai That’ll Make You Say WOW

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been on the limelight for some years now owing to its growing economy and the groundbreaking technologies that have been realized in the city. This has been possible under the able leadership of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, His Excellency Mohammad Al Gergawi. Gergawi was born in Dubai in the early 60s and to be precise in 1963. He was a bright student and he went through his primary and secondary education in Dubai. After his secondary education, Gergawi moved to the USA to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Eastern Michigan University. Although he had passion for business, he also had other overriding passions that led him to the position he holds today.

He was a pioneer in the newly formed executive council position in the Dubai’s governments. Al Gergawi was appointed the first secretary general in 2003 a position he held for three years before he was appointed the minister of cabinet affairs. His appointments in the government has helped him to grow and become more seasoned for politics and foreign policies. He has made numerous contributions to the business community while he served as the chairman of the senior executive board of Dubai Holding.

The news came in as a huge surprise to many people who anticipated to see just how the 3D office printing will look like. The technology is new and ground breaking making the oil rich country the first to exploit this technology. The will be a one-story building and it will be have a 2000 square feet floor. According to the officials, the building will be built in 3D and it will also include furniture’s built in the same technology. The first of its kind will be the proof of just how effective the 3D printing technology can be.

It is anticipated that the success of this building will change the entire shape of the construction industry as we know it. The materials to be used are of high value including reinforced concrete and gypsum which will also be reinforced with glass fiber and plastic materials according to Gergawi. Dubai has sought the expertise of a Chinese company, Win Sun Global to partner in the construction of this new technology on the face of the earth. The Chinese company has used this technology before in the construction of small houses and a record of 10 houses in less than 24 hours has been set. Therefore, with the experience that the Chinese company brings along, the project has greater chances of being successful.

Andy Wirth in the Press Play Show Opens Up About the Drought

I listened to Andy Wirth, the CEO and president of Squaw Valley and his interview with KCRW in the Press Play program was just amazing. I am a great enthusiast of Skiing and any information and news regard the same has been my endeavor. Currently, the California drought has been posing as a challenge to the skiing industry and Squaw Valley is anticipating losses as a result. The drought has been caused by the EL Nino effect. The ski resorts in the areas have reported negative implications with the low amounts of snowfall in the recent past. However, Andy Wirth has surprised the players in the industry by stating that the drought has not affected the Squaw Valley resort. He has been in charge of the resort for the five years and throughout this time, he has made tremendous progress.

He joined the Squaw Valley five years ago and since he was brought on board the resort has realized notable progress in the right direction. I tuned in to listen to Andy as he talked about the effects of the current drought in California on KCRW. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and he remained very objective with the current situation. He remained positive and he did not express any shred of doubt in the capacity of the Squaw Valley to remain resilient to the current dry spell.

While he admits that the reduced snowfall has resulted into the reduction of the amount of land used for skiing at the resort, he remains adamant that the Squaw Valley resort has remained profitable nonetheless. While the snowfalls where stable, the resort would provide 6000 acres of land for skiing according to Wirth. However, the amount of acreage provided by the company has reduced with the dry spell and the current reduced snowfall. As such, the company has reduced the amount of skiing land to 4000 acres. Regardless of the reduced amount of acres offered by the resort for skiing currently, Squaw Valley has remained profitable.

To my amusement, the charismatic CEO made a light moment about the drought saying that I has been a beneficial to the resort because the employees are keen in conserving the snow. Judging by his responses all through the interview, Wirth is a very positive leader and he constantly replied to the questions asked without hesitating to express his positive and high expectation of better performance in the industry amidst all the crisis. While others are worried about the drought, Wirth affirms that he has no concerns about the current situation and that it does not worry him that the drought is taking quite long. He banks on his man-made snow strategy to keep the business running and he is optimistic that this will work just fine.


Investment banking is one of the services industries. Investment bankers like Ken Griffin offers help to individuals, corporations and governments in terms of giving financial capital, funds and acting as client’s agents in the issuance of securities. Investment banks are different from commercial and retail banks because they do not take money deposits.
Investment banking provides partnership to those who sort for their services. Investment banks work with their customers together; that is hand in hand with the primary driving objective being to make a profit and formulate successful deals through the mutual agreement signed.
Investment banks carry out many different banking activities. Like, for example, they advise and offer information to firms or corporations issuing securities and investors buying securities on when and how to place items on the open market for buying and selling. So, it is justified to say that investment banks play a significant role in identifying and issuing new security offerings to corporations and security buying firms.
Another important role investment banking plays is offering pieces of advice to the world’s largest organizations on surrender of companies stock; how to gain acquisition of the companies on sale and provide details on fundraising strategies to the organizations. The investments banks here does deep research so as to give these organizations reliable information.
For individuals like innovators and entrepreneurs who want to establish business firms; investment banks come to their aid. They help the individuals raise funds i.e. the capital, and give advices on the idea because they have experts who do forensic analysis and scrutiny to the business ideas to find out the positive effects and the negative impacts of the design. Investment banks have a goal of seeing ideas implemented and that is why they embrace aiding the business minded.
Investment banking also takes the coverage role in industries; supermarkets; private/ public firms; and product groups in case of any damages. For example, if an industry that has ensured its production with them burn down due to faulty fire outbreak or other disasters, the investment banks cover and fully compensate the sector as per the agreement between the banks and the corporation. Also, it offers medical covers to the employees in the industry so long as they were injured while in the line of duty.
Also investments banks carries out: the ‘sell side’ which involves trading items for cash or other items for the client and the ‘buy side’ which involves providing advice to institutions concerned with buying investments services. With such reputation that have seen investment banks propel, we can say investment banks are your sell and buyout partners.
One of the investors who have worked to see the investment firms live up to their expectations is Mr. Kenneth Griffin. Mr. Griffin is an American investor. He is the founder and the CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm. Mr. Kenneth Griffin has worked to see that his firm delegates its duties and be a world investment company that is well known.