Nike’s Profound Move in the Plus Size Community

Big is beautiful seems to be the mentality embraced by most in today’s contemporary affairs, but people will always demonstrate mixed emotions depending on exactly who is embracing this concept. The weekend of July 16, 2016, Nike launched a new ad that featured plus size model, Paloma Elsesser. While most shared sighs of contentment, others found it to be wrong of an exercise ad. Regardless of the opinion, there is no denying how fierce, strong, and healthy that Elsesser looked, which only further validated Nike’s reason for using her.

The ad was for a new line of sports bras for those with a bigger bust, so for women who have long awaited the popular brand to release sizes made just for them and their needs, this ad was spot on and exciting more than anything. However, others complained that the model’s bust was still not big enough but, still, Nike backs their campaign as well as their featured plus sized beauty.

Some of the positive feedback circulating the ad included:

  • “More of this; curvy women workout hard, too!”
  • “Thank you, Nike, for taking a step toward the change.”
  • “So glad to see Nike embracing women of all shapes and sizes.”
  • “I’ve never seen anyone who has looked like me in a major ad, until now.”

Nike’s response was overwhelmed with appreciation and disclosed that they are always working on improving their products, and those who represent them.

Chocolate Dresses In Paris

When you think of a fashion show, you probably think about traditional clothing, such as dressed, pants or even jeans. There is a fashion show held in Paris that features dresses that are made with chocolate. Each dress is of a different design, some that do use fabrics along with the chocolate. There are several pictures online of the dresses that were worn at the most recent show, some that take the cake and the icing along with them.

One design is a studded dress that has a chocolate body, a large pink heart on the front and small pink hearts along the base. The TV host who wore the dress doesn’t look that comfortable while wearing it, and she looks like she’s trying not to get close to it in case it melts. Another beautiful design is made entirely of chocolate on the exterior of a brown gown. Chocolate roses adorn the dress, strategically placed so that they look like they are moving with the flow of the dress. This ensemble seems a little more normal compared to some of the other dresses that were at the show.

One of the fun dresses looks like a candy bar with silver and gold buttons attached. There is also a large amount of red tulle at the bottom of the dress, which makes it look like something the Queen of Hearts would wear.

Melania Trump Makes a Splash With Her Dress at the RNC

The news has been rife with stories about Melania Trump recently because of her appearance at the Republican National Convention or the RNC. At the RNC, she was a keynote speaker who gave a largely publicized speech that many in the media are now criticizing.

They’re criticizing the speech because they say it too closely resembles the speech that Michele Obama gave when Barack was running for president. According to many sources, there are large parts of the speeches that are almost identical.

But there’s more news than just speech parallels here. Ms. Trump wore a terribly interesting dress to the convention. It was white and tight fitting with large sleeves that puffed out at the elbows. The news is interested in this dress because it was not from an American designer.

Her dress was from a designer who is from Serbia and based in London. Her name is Roksanda Ilincic. Interestingly enough, Roksanda has a story that is closely related to that of Melania.

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia. Both women are from countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. Both women left their respective countries to find a future in the big world of fashion. Melania Trump is a former runway model who has toured the world and been highly successful. Ms. Ilincic is, of course, a fashion designer who lives in London. Because Ms. Trump comes from the world of fashion, we can expect to see a lot more interesting pieces from her as the campaign moves forward.

Sean O’Pry Talks About Life After Being a Model

For about ten years now, Sean O’Pry has been gracing billboards and magazines with his striking blue eyes and chiseled features. O’Pry was even named the highest paid model by Forbes magazine in 2013–he earned $1.5 million that year. He’s also the leading man in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. These days, however, Sean O’Pry hopes to start creating a name for himself that isn’t associated with modeling.

During his time in the modeling industry, O’Pry has walked the runway for a number of famous brands, including Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. At just 27, Sean O’Pry is considered a veteran in his field. Sean even jokes that some of the newer models are especially fit and good-looking. For Fashion Week this year, O’Pry modeled clothing from Josephy Abboud, a fashion line that is known for its maturity and sophistication. Older male models were featured in the Abboud show (all the models were in their 20s, 30s or 40s).

O’Pry admits that he’s been wise with his money since he was young, and he collects watches and cars. He’s also invested in a number of businesses and properties, which will likely serve him well when he’s no longer modeling. O’Pry has also been taking acting classes, and hopes to be taken seriously for his craft instead of simply being known as the model-turned-actor.

Royal College of Art Students Design a Coat and Tent in One

Sometimes, a great design isn’t about beauty. Instead, it’s about usefulness. It’s about pragmatism. That’s the truth with a new design that was inspired by Syrian refugees. The students at the Royal College of Art, which is located in London, decided to design a coat that could be used as a tent, a coat or a sleeping back. They designed it will Syrian refugees in mind. In some ways, they call it a “wearable dwelling.”

Getting Ready to Hit Markets

Right now, this wearable dwelling is just in the prototype stage, but the students are hoping to release it soon in stores. They have already begun a Kickstarter campaign for the coat and dwelling, and they want Syrian children, men and women to be able to use it by the end of July in 2016.

The coat looks like a regular raincoat, and right now the color of the prototype is white. But when you take the coat off, it can turn easily into a tent. It has big pockets on each side that allow for this. The pockets can be used for storage when the coat is in use as a rain coat, but when you fold the coat out to be used as a sleeping back or tent, the large pockets come into play so that the surface area is much bigger.

The students at the Royal College of Art in London are extremely excited about their design, and they are currently taking donations for anyone who is interested in giving.

High Fashion Begins With Politics This Year

As the 2016 campaign for the White House ramps into high gear this summer, many fashion experts have taken a backstage to political campaign consultants in the cutthroat world of partisan politics. From the white dress Melania Trump wore during her recent speech to presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s widely publicized expensive new work clothes, Americans can expect to see some very high-powered ladies attire on display during the presidential race this year. How to remain chic while appealing to voters will likely tax some of Washington D.C.’s elites.

For instance, Melania Trump, the wife of candidate Donald Trump, addressed the Republican National Convention earlier this week wearing a white dress that showcased her fashion model proportions and narrow waistline. As reporters dissected her remarks afterwards and discovered her speech copied entire sections of one delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama a few ago, Glamour reported that the $2,190 high fashion outfit had sold out within the hour.

Secretary Clinton also turned heads with her tailored fashions recently. Her new daily wear includes some in-demand European haute couture items. She delivered a New York primary victory speech wearing a trendy $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket. The irony of the candidate lamenting income inequality while dressed in pricey designer threads did not escape The New York Post.

Even ordinary citizens attending the RNC Convention garnered some savage media criticism for wearing “ill-fitting” bright red skirts to celebrate a patriotic red-white-and-blue theme. This year, it seems politics concentrates on the essentials, ladies!

Nike Features Curvy Woman on Instagram

Last Thursday, Nike Women’s Instagram account posted a photo featuring a plus sized model. Paloma Elesser, a New York-based model from Muse Management’s plus sized division, is shown wearing Nike leggings and one of the brand’s new sports bra styles. Women of larger sizes are mostly absent from fashion campaigns and especially activewear ads, so this post is pretty groundbreaking.

The post was unique in that, unlike many instances of plus sized models popping up in “regular” fashion campaigns, there was no mention of the model’s size. The caption referred only to the product being modeled, as it should be. What’s more, the caption discussed how to know if you are wearing the correct size sports bra and included a link to further help on the topic. While the post obviously aims to sell Nike products, the post was actually helpful to its customers and shows that the company cares about their well-being, not just making sales. It was an overall empowering post for women of all shapes and sizes. This image will hopefully encourage the account’s 4.8 million followers, as well as women across the world, to accept and love their bodies while living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Aside from body-shaming haters, other complaints about the post come from fellow curvy women. They lament the fact that many of Nike’s sports bras including the one Elesser wears are only available up to a size XL, equivalent to a DD/E cup size. While there is still a long way to go for representation in fashion, this is a step in the right direction.

“In Between” in Women’s Fashion

A recent article on Racked discusses women’s fashion and the divide between sample sizing and plus sizing. The majority of American women actually wear sizes that are in between the two, making it hard to shop at many stores. Designers focus on dressing women in one of the two categories and rarely feature styles for the “normal” sized customer.

The “in between” sized woman is not only absent from representation in the fashion world, but in Hollywood as well. If female celebrities are larger than a size zero high fashion model, they are forced into the “plus size star” category, often without their consent. This was the case when Amy Schumer (a size 8) was named in Glamour‘s plus size issue and when model Robyn Lawley (size 12) was lauded for being the first plus size woman featured in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue. Women must either be model-thin or part of the “fat and sassy” club; designers and the world don’t like the women in between because, in the words of Mindy Kaling, they “lack the self-discipline to be an aesthetic, or the sassy confidence to be a total fatty hedonist.”

Most women I know fit into the “in between” category and it’s true, there is not much representation for average sizes, even for brands that stock them. It is hard to shop when the models do not share your size or body type.

Iris Van Herpen Merges Fashion and Science in Fall 2016 Collection

Would you wear a sound wave? At the July 4 couture shows in Paris, that’s what models did as they presented Iris Van Herpen’s striking collection for fall 2016. In the Eglise Réformée de L’Oratoire du Louvre, the models, clad in Van Herpen’s couture, moved meditatively to the accompaniment of Zen bowl sounds by Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya, creating an otherworldly fusion of visual art and music.

Designed as an homage to the field of cymatics, which is the visualization of sound waves as geometric patterns, Van Herpen’s high-fashion creations are delicate, strange, and beautiful in much the same way that patterns found throughout nature are. Though they don’t resemble traditional fashion items – indeed, it would be hard to pull off wearing Van Herpen’s sound-inspired garments anywhere outside a fashion show – the dresses are fascinating in their odd, intricate design as well as the technology used to painstakingly assemble them.

Van Herpen has a history of integrating cutting-edge technology into her fashion designs. To create her collection for fall 2016, Van Herpen used unusual materials such as thousands of tiny, hand-blown glass bubbles, translucent material made of Swarovski water drop crystals in silicone, and fragile Japanese organza woven from threads five times thinner than human hair. Arresting and memorable, Van Herpen’s fusion of geometry, sound, and ingenious craft will charm lovers of science and creative fashion alike.

Highlights From Men’s Fashion Week 2016

Now that Men’s Fashion Week has officially come to a close, many reporters are posting their review lists all over the Internet. In this short article we will take a look at what most fashion commentators saw trending in London, Florence, Milan, Paris, and New York for men this fashion season.

One thing that stood out to all fashion reporters this year was the popularity of cobalt blue. Whether the models were in workout clothes or casual wear, the main color designers used in all the major cities was a vibrant cobalt blue.

Another popular trend for black male models was blond hair. This may be because of the media influence of American Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson. Also, while on the subject of hairstyles, dread locks were definitely in this season. Across all of the major shows, there were many models rocking the dreads.

The major accessory this year was hats. Although hat sales for men have slumped in recent years, this accessory looks to make a comeback. All kinds of hats were used throughout this fashion show, including turbans, broad brims, and porkpies.

Another major trend this year was wide-leg trousers. This style of pants in men’s clothing actually comes from Japanese fashion. Japanese fashion shows have been known to feature many male models in khakis with a fuller volume. It was only this year that American and European designers have added this feature prominently into their wardrobes.