Put The Pom Pom Atop Your Head and Stay Warm This Fall/Winter

You’re either going to love this fashion trend or probably despise it, but whatever you think, consider the pom pom, ladies.


That’s right; the cute fluffy ball was all over the runways, adding a classic whimsy to the fall/winter fashion trends. Knitwear hats adorned with pom poms are really big this season and best of all, affordable.


Shops like Forever21 are wild about the look. We found 32 adorable pom pom hats in several styles at the popular fashion site.


At Forever21, the most expensive pom pom hat was $17.90 in an elegant, burgundy floppy felt style. The cheapest one was just $5.99 on sale. As you can see, these are super affordable and super adorbs.


Some of the other styles we found were colorful pom pom knit hats in beanie style, faux leather cap, French beret, owl trapper and veiled beanie. There are also cable knits, stripes, sequins, ribbed and marled knits and graphic, too.


Pom Pom hats seem to invoke a youthful playfulness and are perfect for when the weather gets cold, windy and crazy. The trend started picking up steam last autumn, and now it’s even more popular with bigger pom poms to boot. Other shopping sites that are featuring the hat trend include Asos, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Zara.


Celebrities also dig wearing a cute and sometimes goofy pom pom hat. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Ellie Goulding, Cheryl Cole, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rihanna are just a few who like to snuggle under some pom pom knitwear.


Even if the style looks kind of silly, the right attitude wears the trend so well. Think of beautiful Ali MacGraw from the famous movie “Love Story” with Ryan O’Neal. The model wore a beanie pom pom hat and looked so stylish. It’s a 70s vibe that has a cozy, sentimental appeal and feel to it. Designers like Anna Sui, Lanvin and Agnes B. are showing it big time for Fall 2016, according to VogueItalia.com.


Don’t worry, because you can wear a pom pom hat. We can all wear one, because they define cuteness.

Insane Halloween Costumes for This Strange Time

A list recently surfaced that shows the year’s worst Halloween costumes and how they coincide with the country’s recent state of turmoil. Essentially, modern times are fairly ridiculous, so what better way to let that be known than by wearing an absolutely atrocious costume? If you can handle the nonsense, take a look at this year’s ridiculous costumes:


Grass Skin Suit with Fanny Pack


As if dressing up as grass is not strange enough, the fact that this costume has a painfully obvious fanny pack just might be. So, if you have ever wanted to be a field of grass, your chance has arrived.


The Convicted Cutie


Certain things should never be glorified, including going to prison. This costume is exactly as it sounds–it is an inmate suit that has been jazzed up.


Teen Rapper


For over fifty dollars, you can purchase a faux sport’s jersey, exposed boxer shorts, and low hanging jeans. For no additional cost, they have thrown in a baseball cap to be worn backwards, of course.


Attractive Capitol Hill


In a rude attempt at mimicking Hillary Clinton, this costume is everything a business suit needs, except for pants. A mini skirt, hat, and miscellaneous accessories complete this outfit.


The Classic Poop Emoji


For some reason beyond understanding, this is the most popular emoji. What better way to support this strange fandom than by actually becoming that emoji?


Lady Luck


Who does not need more luck? Wear this flashy outfit complete with a money boa for a small fee at most local costume shops.


A Zombie Banana


The zombie craze has really become ridiculous, specifically for this reason. Get your scare on while concurrently embodying essential potassium.


An Earth Worm


Granted, there are worse costumes, but this looks fairly terrible when it is actually put on. One fairly hideous color pairs with one too many wrinkles for an outfit that will have people gawking or laughing all day long.


Bubble Wrap


Perhaps the most cost effective and potentially dangerous costume of the year is this bubble wrap get-up.

Recent news article about fashion and clothing news

Has Hillary Clinton found her designer?


It was nicely obvious that Hillary Clinton has stepped up in her fashion sense when she appeared at the second presidential debate on Sunday, October 9, 2016. Her navy wool pantsuit with a wide-lapel cream shawl collar and a cream wool top was a definite highlight and pointed out how a woman can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.


Delving into what Hillary has worn on other major televised public appearances, it is discovered that there has been one major designer, Ralph Lauren. He hasn’t hesitated to dress her in very colorful clothing with a red trouser suit at the first presidential debate and a periwinkle blue suit at her opening campaign rally. She also wore a more sedate ivory suit of his when she accepted her party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention.


Ralph Lauren is Mrs. Clinton’s peer as he is in his mid-70s, knows how to dress a mature woman, and has experienced the same political and social incidents that she has and can design accordingly to flatter her image. He is a man who was born in the Bronx, started out as a tie salesman, and became a major American success story.


With all that a President has to attend to and concentrate on, if Hillary attains that highest office, it will be important for her to be dressed appropriately and be able to depend on a designer who will fulfill the role of providing her with fashionable outfits and be of help in crafting a flattering image of the first female United States president.

Recent news article about fashion and clothing news

It seems as though the fashion world may have shot itself in the foot through its commitment to instant internet access, whether it be through online discussion or instantly posted photos and videos.

In a recent article for the New York Times, fashion and style reporter Vanessa Friedman ruminated on the outcomes of the recently concluded 2016 fashion month (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/13/fashion/fashion-week-kim-kardashian-marc-jacobs-social-media.html?_r=0) . The high-end shows, displaying the items that international fashion houses expect to see trending in Spring 2017, went off smoothly enough. The problem was the ensuing confusion and erratic behavior that seemed to be the result of too much instant internet coverage.

Take the brightly colored yarn dreadlocks seen on Marc Jacobs’ models, which almost instantly provoked a storm of Twitter and Instagram attacks on the designer for what was seen as cultural appropriation. No one seemed to interpret the dreadlocks in the aesthetic context of the show: the fashion world came off looking irresponsible and elitist.

The incident involving model Gigi Hadid at this year’s Milan show brings up similar issues. An independent journalist addicted to posting his escapades on Instagram grabbed and fondled Ms Hadid as she was leaving the show, then reveled in the loads of posts on the internet criticizing his unseemly actions.

And would Kim Kardashian West have been robbed of her jewelry at her hotel immediately following the Paris fashion week if she hadn’t been posting non-stop about her jewels and her own activities at the time?

According to Ms. Friedman’s New York Times article, the internet has facilitated far too much transparency in the fashion world. Because it’s now possible to provide instant access to the latest product by posting photos on any number of internet sites, consumers have become more demanding and the fashion industry has rushed in to meet that demand.

The problem is, once substance has been displayed, with what else can viewers be provided? Fashion’s elegant elitism is being threatened by the constant flood of meaningless and trite content. Those in whose care the latest fashion trends lie need to become much more selective and discriminating in what they post on the internet.

Six Cheap Purses Perfect for Faking Out the Crowd

Purses are an essential portion of life. Aside from adding some pizzazz to every outfit, the right purse can hold all of the things you never knew you needed to take from your home and put on the go. Unfortunately, though, purses are pretty expensive. Contrary to popular belief, an inexpensive purse will not necessarily burst at the seams the second you place your favorite lipstick in it, so why not appreciate something cheap once in a while? Of course, some handbags take the prize when it comes to looking like a designer purse on a thrift store budget. These accessories are cost effective, absolutely gorgeous, and easily found at popular retailers:


Faux Leather Shoulder Bag with Metal Handles


Forever 21 will forever be great, especially because of this piece. For only $25, you can own this perfect purse that looks like it belongs in a fancy boutique. Faux or not, it looks expensive and the metal handles add an interesting dynamic that has rarely been seen before.


Navy Blue Clutch


Face it–you need a clutch. The perfect size for a multitude of occasions, clutches are as sweet as they are practical. This navy blue one from Maykoo is only $17, is durable, and will get you through any event.


Envelope Cross-Bag


The opening of this bag resembles an envelope, hence the name. Stylish, professional, and somewhat zany, this bag is only $39 from Nordstrom.


Classic Tote


Perhaps one of the most popular purses of all time, totes are fashionable, pretty massive, and comfortable to carry and search through. This one from Mango is only $40 and is accented with a fancy tassel.


Bucket Bag


This bag is incredibly interesting, especially because of its pattern. Multiple straps allow this piece to be carried or thrown over your shoulder, which is ideal when considering versatility. For only $20 at Steve Madden, you can be the talk of the town.




If you have not figured it out by now, wearing animal skin is not exactly in anymore. Because of this, designers craft stunning faux pieces, which is the case for this $35 bag from Nordstrom.

Clothing: You Have Been Doing It Wrong

Clothing and fashion are not always great. New outfits lose their appeal before they are even worn, laundry days are few and far between, pieces become too tight, and fabric stains, unfortunate burdens in the world of fashion. Thankfully, there are countless hacks to make dressing yourself easier by saving you time, money, and a whole lot of patience.


Stretch Your Flats in a Flash


Though often cheap, new flats are difficult to break in. Chances are, you need these shoes the next day and do not want to deal with the pain that will come with wearing them so soon. The night before you plan on wearing them, put on your thickest socks, slip on the flats, and use a hairdryer to seal the deal.


Remove Pen Stains with Hairspray


If you have ever used a pen, you have gotten that pen on your clothing at one point or another. Instead of setting the stain in with water, pull out your hairspray.


Why Put Your Jeans in the Freezer?


Fashion gurus say that you should not wash your jeans after every use because they fade faster and the fabrics loosen. However, the thickness of the material results in some horrid odors being trapped in there from time to time. To put a stop to this nonsense, put your jeans into a ziplock bag and place them in the freezer overnight.


Save Your Old Tights


Have a deodorant stain? Use a pair of old tights to rub it away.


Add Something; Lose Something


Anytime you buy something new, consider donating something old. Chances are, you purchased this new piece to replace an old one and to spruce up your wardrobe, right?


Roll ‘Em Up


Rather than folding clothes, roll them before putting them into your drawers.


Vodka for Clothes


Again, laundry days are too far apart. If you need to pull something out of the hamper, spray it with vodka. This will destroy any odors and the vodka smell will not linger.

Robert Geller Spring Summer 2017

Robert Geller has recently rolled out his spring summer 2017 menswear collection, which can be viewed here . The collection continues to develop themes familiar to Geller fans, including his signature obsessions with youth culture of days gone by. He places less emphasis on his normally broody color palette, instead choosing to play up the optimism of the 1980’s german music scene and lifestyle. Bold splashes of blue, yellow, and other bright accents harken back to the youthful bliss of young German squatters living the authentic punk lifestyle.


Geller continues to explore elegant, draping fabrics, and several eye catching velvet pieces are sure to be popular this season. He features a variety of jumpsuits and other work-wear inspired pieces, reimagined in a more luxurious fabric and cut. There are a variety of animal prints in the collection, done up in a variety of tonal patterns. In this sense, the black-on-black leopard print is a a more toned down piece in the collection.


Some of the suiting looks are also heavily retro-inspired, with the wide structured shoulders and bare chests harkening back to the 1980s appropriation of tailoring by European youth. Icons like David Bowie and others are famous for taking this highly masculine cut of suit and contrasting it with more feminine silhouettes and details.


Geller is often renowned for his eclectic and historical references, and this collection is no different. Fans of Geller will be pleased, and his outerwear and denim is sure to be a staple in fashionable circles for years to come.

Fall Up with These Autumn Fashion Statements

Fall is a time for intense foliage, cooler weather, pumpkins, apple picking, baking, and fashion. Most will confess that they dress one million times better in the fall than they do in the summer, but this can be attributed to being comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold. Like anything, though, there are tips to elevate the style of fall that are inexpensive and totally stellar.


Tassel Earrings


These fairly daring accessories are stylish without being too over the top. Doubling as both a casual and dressy element, tassel earrings come in a plethora of colors, lengths, and volumes. Wear them with your favorite sweater and jeans or fall dress and scarf.


Fleece Tops


Designed to keep you warm but not too warm, these tops should be worn often. Coming in every pattern and color, these tops are ideal for any fall festivity.


Faux-Shearling Vest


Sometimes, an outfit is missing something. If you are wearing a plain sweater and slacks and do not want to overdo it with the jewelry, throw one of these vests on to add some sophistication to an otherwise dull outfit.


Graphic Tees


Though these can be worn at all times of the year, few things are greater than t-shirts full of pumpkins, witches, and catchy autumn sayings like “Fall into fall.”


Metallic Blouses


Metallic is huge this year and works well to add that glimmer to the season that is punctuated with some fairly dreary points.




Though once popular in the 90s, this piece of jewelry has made a huge comeback in 2016. Consider a black, red, brown, or burnt orange choker to add some flair to your seasonal ensemble.


Non-Hoodie Sweatshirts


Few people can get away with wearing a hooded sweatshirt each day, despite how comfortable they are. Consider buying a sweatshirt that does not have the hood attached to make your snug outfit a little trendy and a bit more acceptable to wear every day.

Secret Style, Zero Actual Effort

Being stylish does not come easy for everybody, but this gloriously modern time makes that quite alright. With so many designers understanding the need to produce affordable attire and accessories and that they must conform to fitting all body types, fashion is made simple. Surely some people are still fashion-impaired and do not know the first thing about dressing for their body type nor how to properly amp up their outfits, but BuzzFeed has compiled a concise list describing how you can trick the public into thinking that you know the difference between New York Fashion Week and Star Magazine.


There’s No Shame in Borrowing


The new trend is a subscription service that will send you new clothes each month for a fee. When you wear the outfit and receive your fill of compliments for the day, simply package it up, send it back, and wait for the next one.


Find the Perfect Jacket


A trendy jacket can make the most ridiculous outfit fashionable, specifically if it is leather. For the sake of being animal-friendly, opt for faux-leather.


Learn Your Prints and Patterns


Mixing prints and patterns is in, but only if you know how. Sure, polka dots do not necessarily work well with stripes, but they can if you balance it out correctly. Once you learn these fashion rules, you will immediately become fashionable.


Plan Ahead


Picking out your outfits the night before will make for a more put together ensemble the following morning directly because you will not cut corners to save time and patience.


Check the Weather


Be ahead of the crowd by checking the weather. While everyone is bundled up in preparation for forty degree weather, you can lessen the layers because you understand that today will be in the sixties.


Remove the Wrinkles


Ironing is out, but bringing your clothes into the bathroom as you shower is in. Removing the wrinkles from your clothes without investing any actual effort will make people think that you actually care about your attire, even if you do not.


Roll Your Sleeves Up


Learning how to roll your sleeves up can transform a professional outfit to casual; dressy to semi-sexy, too.

Hair Care Products Designed to Target Specific Issues

Women do a lot of different things to their hair in an effort to make themselves look better. Unfortunately, regular use of curling irons, blow dryers and styling products can leave hair in a damaged state. There are products that claim to help repair and restore damaged hair, but not all of them perform the way they claim. Most of these products also cost a lot of money, which could become expensive when trying to find the right product to counter the particular issues someone has with their hair. The best way to repair damaged is hair is to look for products made with ingredients designed to address the issue a person has.

Hair Care Products Designed to Repair Damaged Hair

The products available from Wen by Chaz contain ingredients designed to address specific issues. Each variety contains its own special blend of natural plant extracts to help resolve whatever damage a person’s hair has incurred. The QVC advertised Sweet Almond Mint version of WEN contains a chamomile extract that helps calm frizzy or unruly hair. It also has wild cherry bark and rosemary extract to help soothe and condition hair to make it softer and more manageable.

In addition to the natural ingredients contained within each version of WEN by Chaz, these products are also designed to perform the tasks of both cleansing and conditioning. Made without the use of harsh sulfates, the cleansing action of WEN will not strip hair of its natural oils. This helps preserve the integrity of each individual hair so it actually becomes stronger. The conditioning action of WEN helps restore body, shine and manageability to damaged hair. This unique combination significantly improves the look and feel of dry, limp, dull or over-processed hair. The combination of cleanser and conditioner also helps save people money over the cost of purchasing multiple products. Visit the WEN Twitter account and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/) for more info.

Click: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/