Scottsdale Futurist Jason Hope and the Value of Big Data

Jason Hope is a man who believes in big data. He understands that many things can be reduced to numbers, he knows that collecting all possible data can help humanity move forward, and he knows the value of information, technology, and philanthropy.

In many ways, data is what leads to Jason Hope’s predictions about the future and the way things are trending. It gives insight into the changes that are being made and the goals that are being set. You can look back at what has happened, extrapolate that data for the future, and see what is coming down the line. There are outside forces that sometimes change or influence things, but the data can give you a general idea — and, sometimes, an incredibly accurate picture of what’s to come.

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Hope also knows, though, that it’s crucial for the data to be accurate. People must be able to trust it. For the whole thing to work, they have to know that the numbers they’re reading are real and haven’t been misreported, either due to a mistake somewhere along the line or due to deliberate fraud.

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Jason Hope said as much on Marketwired last year, when discussing the Forbes article about the issues with Volkswagen emission reports. Basically, the cars were designed to give out false readings — intentionally — when they were being tested. This made it look like they had passed the emissions tests when they really had not. This data was trusted for a long time before the issue was exposed, and the backlash to Volkswagen was intense.

Hope writes that this really showed the danger of fraud. He said that the validity of data was critical, and this just showed how important it was. If people were going to trust the numbers, they couldn’t be wondering if the numbers were skewed. They couldn’t be nervous that someone had reported the numbers inaccurately, on purpose, to further their own gain. That threw the whole process off.

Worse yet, it could potentially make people doubt all data going forward. While perhaps justified, that could really hinder development because shared data and shared research would no longer be used in those cases.

Jason Hope knows how much technology can help humanity, but he also understands the challenges that presents. This is great insight from him, demonstrating that he’s not just blindly accepting tech and data, but really grasps how it is used and how it must be used to help people the most going forward.

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How to Manage Your Child’s Online Reputation and Protect Them Online

In today’s society, many teens and children are active on various social media platforms. Due to the fact that individuals are making an impression on the online world at such a young age, the concern of online protection takes center stage. Online reputation management is especially important in this context because once these children grow up there will be more online information that can affect opportunities. Opportunities such as jobs, professional connections, and examples of character can be potentially influenced by an online presence or post from years ago. Therefore, maintaining a child’s online reputation may be crucial to their success as an adult later in life. Posts on social media are permanently available on the internet, so online reputation management is a key factor in success later in life.

According to an article posted by BT, the idea of building a reputation online is important, regardless of age. In a world that is so technology-oriented, it is very easy for children to post status updates or comments that can easily be regrettable years down the road. Therefore, it is important that adults, as well as parents, stress the importance of online reputation management to younger age groups. There are numerous cases of professionals in various organizations that have ruined their own careers by posting one controversial opinion online.

In conclusion, a key concept is that the internet is always public. Information will always be accessible online, even long after it has been deleted by the original user. Online reputation management is a strategy that can prevent future crises in terms of potential harm to an individual’s career, and should be highly implemented, especially with today’s youth.


Lime Crime’s Latest Product Provides the Most Beautiful Lip Color

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of leading makeup brand known as Lime Crime. The brand had humble beginnings when it started it 2008, but eight years later it has become popular and taken the center stage in social media. The brand has become highly famous for its strong social media reach and presence. Today, its Instagram page is thriving with more than 2.2 million followers. Doe Deere is truly impressed by her efforts for she is believes that e-commerce is the future. She frequently engages with her social media fans through the social media page. Doe Deere values the steps the company has taken to be the success it is today.

One of the latest products by Lime Crime is the three new Metallic Velvetine products. These products include the Blondie, Mercury, and Lana. The Mercury and Blondie have become highly popular since they function as lip lighters or highlighters for lips. The velvetine shades are excellent when added with a lip liner as they give the lipstick a beautiful and glowing effect.

For makeup users that want a metallic look, then the Doe Deere suggests that you use the Metallic Velvetines. The give your mouth an incredible dimension and volume. For fans of an ombre look, the mix metallic is going to work perfectly well. Doe Deere advises that the best way to apply this product is by letting applying when wet and allowing the lips to dry to get the best results. The metallic Velvetines features are the most desired products on the market. The new shades a drop of fresh products on other collection of inspired romanticism. The eye shadow products will be highly complemented as they transform into liquid oil when mixed with water.

Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, has popularized the company largely because of her innovativeness. Having always loved the blend of bold and whimsical color with interesting names, she has made everything about the company become fantasy and desirable. Most of her colors are unique, and people love her world of uniqueness. The Velvetines products have experienced the most incredible success in the market.

Get In The Game

It is a psychological fact that we love to gamble. Even when we lose, the possibility of that big reward is what keeps us coming back for more. It is also a fact that we love competition and sports. When our favorite team wins, it is a victory for us. When you combine the excitement of gambling with that of sports, you get a can’t miss experience. Betting on a game raises the stakes. When we can personally win, or lose, every game becomes exciting. When we place a bet, we are “in the game”. NFL Football is one of the most popular sports so it makes sense that betting on NFL odds is a billion-dollar business. But betting is risky, even though that is part of its charm.

We don’t usually just pick a winner but we bet against a spread. Spread betting is wagering on the outcome of a game based on the odds. That means that the margin of victory in the game determines whether or not you win the bet. So, who sets these football odds? Bookmakers are the people who set the odds and collect the money. Their goal is to make money so they want to collect equal money on each side. They really don’t care which team wins as long as they have enough money to pay the winners.

Bookmakers study and use all the information available to them in order to set the perfect odds. They consider team history and trends, they calculate statistics, and review a team’s injury status. In order for you to beat them, you will need to be just as informed. This is difficult for you to do on your own, so why not use your own experts. One of these online experts is This site gives you expert picks, hot matchups, and consensus picks. It not only gives you the latest NFL football odds but also explains how and why each of those lines was set. experts give you the best times to place your bets based on the probable movement in the lines. You also get the best score totals to watch. If you’re looking for a special event, like Super Bowl odds, has that as well. So get in the game and place your bet today.

Wearing Bright Makeup From Lime Crime


Lime Crime is the home of bright makeup that women need to take advantage of. It will be something they can use to make a major statement about their style, and it can be something that they will grow to love because they wanted to have something different. They want to wear a color that everyone will see from a mile away, and the only way to make that change is to dive into the colors that Lime Crime has. It was started with that very special premise in mind, and the company has continued by even offering people the chance to wear hair color that will work for them.


There are many people who are going to want to go with these colors because they know that they can use them along with their favorite clothes. The clothes that women wear will look a lot better when they are pairing them with the right clothes. They know that they have to make changes to look their best, but they also have to make sure that they have picked up a color range that would work with anyone.


There are many people who will go for the basic eyes and lip color on their website, but they can do that easily because the colors all match each other. A woman can wear that color from the top to the bottom of her face. She can have that color in so many iterations that she will leave no doubt that she likes that color. The things that women are using from this company need to be perfect for them as women, and they need to provide a style that would work for anyone. That is why Lime Crime works the best. They have all the brightest colors that a woman can use all over her face.

Don Ressler And The Purpose Of Fashion

Some people have a basic view of clothing. Clothing was meant to protect people from the elements and keep them warm. However, that does not mean that there is no room for any pleasure and beauty. People, especially women, love great looking clothing. They also like to find clothes that they personally like because it makes them feel special. A lot of women want to be able to find their own style, their own trademark, and their own look. Fortunately, a lot of clothing stores offer a lot of variety to fashion for women. However, not all categories are varied.

One example of a category that is not as varied as other categories in women’s clothing are the athletic clothing. Pretty much every store has the same products in the women’s clothing aisle with no room for differences outside of the pricing. Everywhere people would go, there is the same exact type of clothes. The designs are the same, and the material is the same. The stores seem to have been run with the mentality that athletic clothing is to be merely functional. However, one person stood up in the face of that tradition. His name is Don Ressler.

Don Ressler has understood the desire of people to feel special. He also understands that a lot of women love to work out. Therefore, Don Ressler has taken the time to come up with a way for women to feel more special while they are getting their workout. Also, he wanted to take the time to design clothes that have a different look, but are made of the same material as athletic clothes. As a result, The LA Times wrote that Fabletics was born. Also, with Fabletics, the concept of ‘athleisure‘ clothing has come into the spotlight.

With athleisure came the type of clothing that women could wear for any occasion. While some of the clothes can be worn for physical activities, there are some clothes that are designed more for socializing and meeting with others. Don Ressler’s creation has turned out to be a truly successful deal. This is because he has consulted with others in order to make sure that what he has created was not just different, but aesthetically pleasing.

Adam Milstein, Californian for Life

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American writer and real estate agent who has worked for much of his adult career to champion philanthropic causes that promote Israel’s relationship with the United States. He has also worked to promote Jewish causes, and his work focuses often on teens and adults that need to be helped on their life path.

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His philosophy is life path philosophy, and he feels that those who are vulnerable can benefit from his help. He is a native of Israel, and he came to the US in 1981. Soon after that, he earned a degree in real estate from USC, and he has been partner in his firm in Southern California since then, managing millions of dollars of space.

He donates much of his extra money to his philanthropic projects, and he and his wife, Gila, live in Encino, California, where they have three children and three grandchildren. His work has focused on many areas of life, including teenagers, children, and young adults, and his life path philosophy has made this happen.

He is also known for his service in the Israeli army during Yom Kippur War, and his relationship with the state of Israel is a good one, for he wants to maintain active ties between the United States and his home country. This has also been a large part of his philanthropic work to date. He has maintained strong ties with Israel, and he wants to see his chosen country, the U.S., do the same in word and deed.

How A New Startup Has Revolutionized Home Cleaning Services

What Is Handy?

Handy is an online cleaning booking service that was created in 2012. The original name of the firm was Handybook before it was changed to Handy. The founders of Handy are Irishman Oisin Hanrahan and India native Umang Dua.

The story of the idea behind Handy goes back to the college days of Oisin and Umang. They were roommates and were studying business. One day Oisin said wouldn’t it be great if he could just order a maid to come up and clean the mess that his roommate had made. Roommate and future business partner said if such a service was available he would use it. Oisin Hanrahan also saw a need for being able to hire the services of handymen, electricians and other contractors quickly when he was working as a real estate developer in Eastern Europe.

Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan then took their idea while still in college and tried to develop an on demand, online booking service for cleaning in homes. It was to be the Uber of home cleaning service and maid service. While it is not as instant as Uber, it does provide you with a home cleaning professional to clean your home in as little as 24 hours. Oisin Hanrahan currently serves as CEO and was a co-founder of the company. Umang Dua is the present chief operating officer and was co-founder of Handy alongside Oisin Hanrahan.

How Does Handy Work? shares that to get a book for yourself using Handy you need to fill out a simple online form. The slogan of Handy is that you can schedule a cleaning for a home or office in as little as 60 seconds. All you need to do is select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your home or office has. Then, you select the number of hours you want the cleaning professional to spend at your location. Finally, you select a date and time when you want the cleaning scheduled.

The Advantages Of Using Handy For Home Cleaning

Some of the benefits of using Handy for home cleaning services include the fact that all cleaning supplies are included. You do not have to leave out any cleaning supplies. Nor, will you be charged extra for this, as it is included in the price. Each cleaning is insured and the employees at Handy are background checked. The company also offers a 100% money guarantee for every cleaning.


Igor Cornelsen Explains Why Brazil Offers Investors A Good Option


Igor Cornelsen may not be playing a major role in the Brazilian banking industry following his 2010 retirement, but the former head of some of the top banks in the country still remains active as a leader in the investment industry. The state of the investment industry and the chance to invest in areas of the world often under served by financial experts are all areas Cornelsen is looking to change through his work with Bainbridge Investments Inc.; Igor has been an active investment specialist with the company since 2011 when he established the Bahamas based company as a way of remaining an active investor despite his retirement.


Over recent years, Igor Cornelsen said on Facebook that he has looked to slow down the pace of his busy life by dividing his time between his homes in Brazil and the U.S. state of Florida where he originally hoped to spend his time playing golf and relaxing. For Cornelsen the pull of the financial markets proved too strong and his career as an investment specialist was launched in 2011 with the hope he would be able to help others find more unique and newer forms of investments from across the world.


Igor Cornelsen believes his own career as a banking specialist in Brazil has given him an advantage over other investment specialists who do not have the deep understanding of the Brazilian economy and other Latin American areas; Cornelsen has gone so far as to refer to Brazil as his secret weapon in finding investment success. The success of Igor and his own Bainbridge Investments Inc. has come after he spent a large amount of time exploring the many opportunities open to investors in Brazil, the world’s fifth largest economy; despite the position of Brazil’s financial options in terms of the global economy many investment specialists are failing to look at South America, which he believes offers an amazing set of opportunities every investor can enjoy. Yolasite paints a more complete picture of Igor, and it’s a great place to get a feel for what this famous investor has done up until now.