Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock-Based Loans

One of the companies in the financial market acknowledged providing stock-based loans and margin loans to clients is Equities First Holdings. This is one of the most innovative companies in the world. For the use of stocks as collateral to secure fast working capital, the company helps clients find a hedge between their problems and solutions. According to the founder of the company, they have struggled to make ends meet through this innovative ways to sustain the increasing demand for stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, the stock-based loans are now getting more traction amid this world economic crisis.

According to the founder of the company, Equities First Holdings has sought to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals and companies in need of fast working capital. For the companies, they can adopt the stock-based loans to secure fast working capital as a way of securing one of the most non-recourse featured loans. This means that they can walk away from the loan without getting any further obligation to the lender. For this reason, we are here to promote the services rendered by the company and gain traction on a massive scale.

One of the best features of this loan is that it provides a hedge between the lender and the loan. They also provide a higher loan-to-value ratio that lets you walk away from the loan without any further obligation to the lender. For this reason, you will always get more than you deserve from this loan as one of the best practices. When we look at the stability matters concerning stock-based loans, we find that they provide the lowest interest rates in the world. For this reason, we say that they are a hedge between the lender and the borrower.

The company has been in operation for more than 14 years. For all this time, it has completed more than 2,000 transactions to customers and clients. For Equities First Holdings, they view these transactions as part of their daily business. The company has also worked with stakeholders to provide more than $2 billion to its clients in the form of stock-based loans.

According to the founder of the company, most of their clients keep returning for more loans because they provide better services than any other financial solution company in the world. The company has gained specialization on the stock-based loans. This is the most useful type of loans that explores innovative traction members in the financial markets.

Way of the Future – Investment Banking

Investment banking provides the means for companies to raise funds in strategic ways to advance their business. If forward progress is what you are looking for through acquisitions and mergers, investment banking can find the creative solutions to make it happen. The broad swath that investment banking touches lends itself to any corporate or government that needs high-quality direction. If you have lofty expectations and goals, investment banking can provide the advice to ensure you are on a path to success.

Martin Lustgarten a prominent investment banker, located in the Miami area has true experience at thinking out of the box to enable his clients to be successful. Martin has dual citizenship in Venezuela and Austria. This enables to see clients in a different perspective when compared to single citizenship investment bankers. He is quite flexible and diverse with his clients and himself. Managing risk is a huge part of this trade. Martin understands this well, that risks need to be taken but also need to be considered with the long term goals and benefit of the initiative. If there is a will there is a way and Martin Lustgarten will find it.

On a personal not he enjoys history and collectibles. His favorite hobby is collecting vintage watches. Other items he enjoys is spending time in the Alps and skiing. Martin likes to work hard and play hard which keeps him grounded. Looking for Martin either in the office or on the slopes. Either way, he will put you on the path for the future.

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Jason Hope the Arizona Technology Entrepreneur

Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is an entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale Arizona. He is philanthropic and futuristic. Jason hope is interested in businesses that are related to technology. Jason grew up in Tempe and attended Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance. He also got an MBA from Arizona State University Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope has a big heart and gives money towards philanthropic causes. He supports good governance, and this has made him develop an interest in politics throughout Arizona and nationally. Jason Hope believes that technology is the future. Throughout his work in technology, his focus is on research and development where he takes tasks that involve mobile applications development, applications for gaming and development of desktop software. Jason Hope is committed to the creation of devices that ease connectivity with the aim of making a life for a human more comfortable and fulfilling. All the devices that he develops have an aim of ensuring that living conditions for all people on earth are improved. Jason Hope never stops studying new trends and structures in the technology platforms so as to get new knowledge on how to make life better.

As a futurist, business and individuals in Arizona and across the world seek Jason Hope’s advice to give them direction on the best ways to make the best and latest technology-related advancements to make sure their companies are not left out in the digital era that the world is in today. The technical insights that Jason Hope has developed for various companies in the world has seen them grow tremendously.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) believes that starting a company or launching a new product to a none existent market is not a smooth process, but an entrepreneur who embraces technology one can ease the process. For instance marketing through the internet is easier and less time consuming, and an entrepreneur will reach more prospective customers than using other avenues like person to person marketing.

Jason Hope also works with young entrepreneurs who are having brilliant business ideas but are stuck in raising capital to see their ideas become businesses. He supports such young people by giving them grants but to get the grant one has to convince him that the idea will work. It’s, therefore, vital for anyone seeking the grant to do thorough research to get convincing information that once funded the idea will be profitable. As a way of giving back to the community Jason contributes to organizations that fight aging effects, he believes that all human beings should longer and healthier lives.

Why Cleansing Conditioners Are A Smart And Economical Choice

Ever heard of cleansing conditioners? If you haven’t then you should seriously consider using one. Cleansing conditioners are a two in one product. They cleanse your hair just like a shampoo. Then, you may have guessed it, they also condition your hair. A cleansing conditioner eliminates the need to have both a shampoo and a conditioner.

It also simplifies your beauty routine. No need to shampoo your hair and then apply conditioner. Just use one product and your hair is clean and conditioned. Cleansing conditioners are also much more mild than your typical shampoo. Many use very mild detergents. Often cleansing conditioners use all natural products that will both cleanse the hair and condition it.

The mildness of cleansing conditioners make them ideal for people who have thin, coarse hair. They won’t strip as much natural oil from your hair thus helping you to maintain volume and shine. Cleansing conditioners will also condition fine and coarse hair at the same time giving you an added layer of protection against the elements. This again, can be very beneficial for coarse, thin and hair that tends to be dry.

So you want to start using a cleansing conditioner? What’s a good choice? One of the best and all natural cleansing conditioners on the market right now is a product called Wen. This product is in fact one of the first cleansing conditioners to be appear on the market. It was designed by Chaz Dean, a hair stylist and beautician who serves many actors and singers in California.

The Wen cleansing conditioner brand has a number of different formulas to choose from. You can try the sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate formulas for your hair. The sweet almond mint is said to be effective for all hair types including ethnic hair types and curly hair. Try Wen risk free for 60 days or you get a full refund. Wen uses natural vitamins and extracts to boost and condition hair. Wen products are available on Sephora cosmetics stores. The products are also available online via the Guthy-Renker website.

Subscribe to the Wen YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

Nano-tech Clothing Will Become A Real Thing

Scientists from the University of Central Florida were inspired by the self lacing shoes from the movie Back To The Future. They are developing a way for clothing to store energy to power nano technology without every needing to be plugged in.


Professor Jayan Thomas from UCF received a R&D 100 Award for his development of cables that can store energy like batteries. He then came up with the idea of using that similar technology to combine it with solar cells. He intends to later implement this technology to be used with high tech clothing just like in his favorite movie.


He and his team have been developing thin copper filaments that store energy. The filaments have both solar cells and energy storing layers. The were able to weave such ribbons into spools of yarn. This concept may be able to charge cell phones, connect health tracking devices and other tiny gadgets. This technology could prove to be very useful with electric cars, allowing charging and storing without relying on charging up at stations.


Thomas suggests that such an idea would be useful for military and police uniforms. Soldiers that are deployed in the Middle East are exposed in the sun for long hours, making it ideal to charge the solar cells. Lightweight solar technology will also reduce the need to carry around heavy batteries.


NBA betting means rich profits for pros

One of sports betting’s alluring aspects is that most bettors know that there are sharp players who, through superior knowledge and analysis, are able to become long term winners. This stands in stark contrast to most other games in a casino where virtually everyone who plays long enough is assured to lose. So how do these professional bettors do it?

In search of positive returns

Professional sports bettors, or sports investors as they sometimes preferred to be called, ply their trade by finding odds that are set incorrectly. For example if the NBA odds for one team are 2:1 but the bettor knows that team is actually a 4:1 favorite, he can take those odds and expect to make a very handsome profit because the team is being severely undervalued by the betting markets. Odds this glaringly wrong don’t normally occur, but they can.

In general if a sports bettor can win more than about 53% of his bets he can profit over the long term. The reason that figure is 53% and not 50% is because of the fee the house takes to book those bets, known as the “vig” or “juice”.

Pros love betting on the NBA

The NBA is one of the favorite seasons for professional sports bettors. The combination of many games being played most days and the rabid fan base means there are both frequently mispriced lines and many opportunities for them to occur. On top of that, the huge popularity of betting on the NBA means that big-money pros can get a lot of money down on any individual game without moving the lines.

Big bets moving the lines are similar to what happens in the stock market if a major shareholder dumps his position – the stock price quickly falls. Thus, the first chunk of shares he sells is priced much higher than the last chunk of shares. In some cases, such movements in price can be dramatic. This phenomenon is even more likely to happen in smaller betting markets and is a major problem for large sports investors. For more on NBA odds visit covers.com.

About covers.com

Covers.com is one of the longest running sports sites on the internet. Founded in 1995 by betting legend Teddy Covers, it’s provided readers with incisive analysis and the most up-to-date NBA odds of any site on the web. For more on all-things-sports-betting, please visit covers.com.

The Midas Legacy’s Health Expert Mark Edwards Reveals the Cure to Rejuvenate the Body

Mark Edwards, author of The Midas Legacy’s Nature Cures Column provides expertise about health, treatment, nutrition, exercise, and natural medicine. In his December 2016 article post, he shares with Midas members one easy technique to improve health by thorough research. If you’re losing sleep and experiencing anxiety, depression, anguish, and/or fatigue, the cure is sleep. He said research gave him understanding that it’s the only natural treatment to restore the body to its normal health. It’s the best possible health solution compared to over-the-counter medicines and pharmacy prescription drugs with a list of serious side effects.

According to Edwards, when you sleep all the cells inside are replace with new cells to rejuvenate vital organs. His advice to others is try it for seven days and observe the results each day to prove his point. He believes eight hours of sleep night or day helps to prevent and cure depression, fatigue, anxiety, and other related illnesses. Mark explains that while you are sleeping the new cells creation helps to burn fat, stay alert, and build muscles. Avoid the trap of becoming addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and receiving side effects for a quick fix of sleeping.

Consultant Firm, The Midas Legacy is a leading provider of research services to investors, business owners, and people seeking self-fulfillment. Become a Midas member and gain access to valuable resources, including retirement, natural health & remedies, finance, and real estate. Headquartered in Winter Garden, FL, the firm helps their members and clients achieve success by offering capital to members in finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Midas members are taught how to become successful by learning investment strategies for future retirement while living a healthy and active lifestyle filled with peace and joy.

The Midas Legacy’s experts and content contributors include Publisher Jim Samson, Chief Editor Sean Bower, and Natural Cures Columnist Mark Edwards. Samson brings 21 years of experience in the finance, real estate, trading, and entrepreneurship in three different columns. Bower contributes content in finance and the financial industry in the Wall Street Informer and Unlock your Secret columns. Edwards dedicates his life to educating and providing advice on natural health solutions to Midas members for treating various diseases and illnesses. Become a member of The Midas Legacy and receive a free bonus code guide, plus essential resources to help you retire while living a healthy life.

Mushrooms Will Be a New Source for Faux-Leather

While leather has been a fashionable material for centuries, its cultivation is growing more costly between the costs of raising cattle, the toxic tanning process for hide and the perception of slaughtering an animal. Inspired by these concerns and looking to keep the feel and look of leather en vogue, companies like Mycoworks have looked to mushrooms for alternative materials.


Phil Ross, artist and founder of the company, is working to “grow” leather from mycelium, the dense root portion of mushrooms. Much like cow hide, mycelium is the flesh of a mushroom. Through manipulation of temperature and humidity, Ross’ company has figured out a means by which to make substances that mirror the leather derived from cow, snake and ostrich. In addition to closely resembling actual leather, Ross’ approach costs less energy, makes less of an environmental impact and is biodegradable.


The mycelium is also free to be worked with while it is still growing. This flexibility means that designers can naturally add components like fish-eye rings and zippers without the need for stitching or changing textures. Ross remarks that his company is an example of how art can spawn an entire industry, quipping that many artists can survive if their work is more valuable to businesses than for their inherent artistic quality.


Ross has been crafting mycelia pieces for three decades. While initially drawn to reichi mushrooms for medicinal qualities, Ross soon learned that a diet of sawdust and other wastes could nudge their development into solid, workable materials.


The “Leather” That Vegans Can Wear

Vegans don’t wear fur, wool or leather, which somewhat limits their fashion choices, however, unless someone lives in a cold region of the nation, fur and wool are not really necessary. Leather is fun though, and until now, there were no synthetic substitutes that didn’t look like cheap plastic. Phil Ross, founder of Mycoworks, is redefining fashion for vegans with his new leather substitute made from mushroom skin.


Durable, water-resistant, breathable and as strong as leather, Ross’ new material, mycelium, has the luxurious feel of leather, yet it contains no animal products. Textures grow into the mushroom skin to give it the appearance of cow or ostrich skins; even features such as zippers are grown right into mycelium, giving it a definite advantage over leather.


Mycelium will appeal to more people than just vegans; anyone who cares about the environment understands that raising livestock is a resource–intensive process, while mycelium incorporates agricultural byproducts, such as pistachio skins, that would otherwise go to waste.


Ross isn’t just making faux leather coats and wallets for vegans, he found that he can grow mycelia in a mold to fashion biodegrade bricks for buildings that insulates against sound and heat, are fire-resistant and are strong enough to stop a bullet. Along with Ross, co-founders Sophia Wang and Eddie Pavlu are interested in making furniture and building materials from reichi mushrooms; there is already a tea room in Germany made mushroom bricks.


Older Women Have Just as Much Style as Younger Women

Being stylish doesn’t just have to be for the younger crowd. Many older women feel that once they reach a certain age, their days of caring about what they wear and how they look should be over. This may come as a shock to them. It may be a welcome relief. It may be something that makes them utterly depressed.


But it’s not true, and that’s what needs to be reiterated time and again. Even if women are not doing it to show men how beautiful they are, it’s important that women look their best no matter what their age. After all, many of these women have already found their life partners, and they’re in no mood to woo other men.


But it’s still important that older women put effort forth like everyone else because it matters for their sense of themselves. It matters for their confidence levels and overall self esteem. Looking good in clothes, makeup and hair styles is not just about presenting a specific image to the outside world so that everything thinks a certain way about it. It’s actually more about feeling like you look on the outside the way that you feel on the inside.


That’s no easy feat sometimes, and many women struggle with trying to have it all. How can you spend money and time on hair products when you’re trying to start a new company? But it’s vital that even in advanced years, we all put forth the fashion effort to look our best.