Wen by Chaz – a natural hair care system

Women love their hair. That is why cleansing conditioners are one of the closest things to the hair. Every lady that has unhealthy hair knows the problem associated with a bad hair day. However, Wen hair by Chaz is a combination of conditioner and shampoo used by women all over the world. It is a conditioner that treats the hair and maintains it in a healthy condition. Chaz Dean is a celebrity hair stylist behind the Wen hair care system. He created the product as a final solution for women that suffer from damage caused by shampoos.

Healthy hair will certainly make you feel better. Thick hair looks healthy and flows naturally. It accentuates the beauty of women and improves their confidence and appearance. The conditioner prevents hair from going flat. Anyone that has problems with their hair should consider using the Wen by Chaz cleansing agent as soon as possible. Unhealthy hair causes a bad hair day thus reducing one’s confidence throughout the day. Many that have bad hair days are always looking for a solution to their hair. However, it may not be possible with the use of shampoos. The Wen by Chaz is just the product to change one’s hair. The product does not come with harmful chemicals that may be harmful to your hair.

Wen by Chaz is a hair care system tested by many. According to users of the product, they used it for one week and reported powerful results on a daily basis. They experienced positive results with their hair each day. It shows that the hair care system by Chaz Dean is the best product in the market. Another benefit realized by using the product is that it makes the hair fuller and stronger. That means that the hair gets constantly rebuilt and will have a long-term effect to look better.

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Replacing Cow Leather With Mushroom Leather

There has been increased biotech attempts to replace leather from cattle with a more sustainable biotech alternative. Consumers are always attracted and addicted to the luxurious feel and durability of leather. Most of them do not know that cows are costly to feed and hide tanning is toxic. Modern Meadow Company has attempted to grow leather directly from skin cells.


Phil Ross is the founder of Mycoworks. His team has done a fantastic job by growing leather from mycelium, the dense root structure in mushrooms. Ross said that mycelium is the skin of the mushrooms. Ross and his team grow mycelia under varying conditions of humidity and temperature. He then tans the resulting fungal mat into leather that looks and feels similar to cow skin. Ross stated that leather from mycelium has a smaller impact on environmental footprint and needs less energy than cow leather. Moreover, the leather is also biodegradable.


Ross stated that an advantage of leather from mushrooms is that it has the plasticity that is not present in animal hide. Ross continued by saying that his work is more appreciated in the business world than in the art world. At the Indie Bio accelerator in San Francisco in July, the Chief Executive Officer of Mycoworks pulled out a six-foot leather hide on stage. Sophia Wong could barely hold it over his head. Ross and Wong are likely to start a company in the future. Wong has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California.


Top Mag Covers Still Excluding Women Of Color, Despite More Fashion Inclusion

If you were hoping to see more diversity in 2016 when it came to fashion magazine covers, then maybe 2017 will be a better year.


The world of high fashion has made excellent strides in the last few years, especially in plus-size fashion inclusion. Featuring beautiful women of color to grace these covers is still behind though, according to theFashionSpot.com.


The organization watches how the style arena is performing all year long, but apparently, major publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Paris, Vogue Russia and Love Magazine got a failing score. Not one of these top magazines put a non-white woman on a cover this year.


Yet, the fashion insiders have started to welcome models of a larger size into their style club. British Vogue has been receiving plenty of applause for featuring plus-size beauty Ashley Graham on its soon to be released January 2017 cover issue. However, the famous UK mag let readers down by displaying only one woman of color for its 2016 issues, and that was superstar Rihanna.


Some encouraging news, US actress and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o graced the covers of five fashion publications. In addition, designer and rap superstar Kanye West put all the veteran designers to shame. West’s Yeezy Season Four fashion show was recognized once again as the most diverse show of the four major fashion weeks around the globe. He used 97 percent models of color on the runway.


TheFashionSpot.com does a lot of homework in putting together its detailed diversity report.

How Beyonce Inspired the Most Searched Fashion Designer of 2016

It was the shot heard around the world. In Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade, she took aim at a potential mistress nicknamed “Becky with the good hair.” In just a few hours, fashion designer Rachel Roy had posted a picture on social media—curiously referring to her good hair. Fans took notice, as Roy had been implicated when the Knowles-Carter crew went to war during the whole elevator debacle at the Met Gala. Onlookers began to buzz that perhaps Rachel Roy was more than just friends with Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, and Roy’s reaction to Beyonce’s video did nothing to quell those rumors.


Online searches for Rachel Roy surged, and she was immediately deluged with negative comments on all of her social media accounts. After all, Beyonce is known for having the most loyal fanbase of any performer alive today. Affectionately referring to themselves as The Beyhive, Beyonce’s fans bashed all of Roy’s posts.


Some Beyhive enthusiasts even made mistakes, confusing designer Roy with chef Rachael Ray. Now even Ray had to contend with multiple negative comments on her Instagram photos of burgers and other food products. It is a good lesson to any fashion designer, chef or media personality; when Beyonce is involved, the people take notice in a rabid way that even celebrities can’t even understand. Although Rachel Roy was the target of many more online searches this year, there’s no reason to believe that her clothing line benefited as a result of the controversy.


Everyone Is Talking About These Leather Pants

People in politics are a lot like celebrities. This means that the wardrobe choices of politicians are open for public criticism. This is exactly what happened to Prime Minister Theresa May in Britain. Dubbed “Trousergate” by the media, all of the hullabaloo surrounds May’s decision to wear a pair of $1,250 leather pants. The pants were designed by Amanda Wakeley, and the public learned about the pants after a photo was released showing May lounging on her sofa at home wearing them.


Nicky Morgan, a former education secretary, was one of the first people to criticize the expensive pants. She said, “I don’t have leather trousers. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything, apart from my wedding dress.” Morgan also added that the Prime Minister’s sartorial decisions had been noted by the membership of the Conservative Party.


Presumably in response to the criticism, Mrs. Morgan was uninvited to a meeting at Downing Street where leaders were set to discuss the departure of Britain from the European Union. In turn, this made the Prime Minister seem petty and thin-skinned. The controversy over this simple pair of pants just won’t die down.


While the Prime Minister may not like the attention, the controversy has certainly elevated the profile of Amanda Wakely. Known previously for her evening and cocktail dresses, she is now being seen as the designer of leather pants for the wealthy and powerful.


What do you think about the leather pants? Do they deserve this much attention? Let us know below!



Christian Siriano Offers a Refreshing Take on Inclusivity in Fashion

Project Runway alum Christian Siriano has been a pioneer for diversity and body positivity in fashion ever since he’s been in the field. He famously made a dress for Leslie Jones after she was unable to find a designer to dress her for the Ghostbusters premiere. The result was a stunning gown that Jones sparkled in, and Siriano got a lot of praise for the move. He tweeted in response to this praise, “Congrats aren’t in order, a change is.” He’s taken that sentiment even further in an essay for Glamour.


Siriano movingly writes about feeling different when he was growing up in a military community in Annapolis, Maryland. He says, “I felt, at times, super different. I was young. Gay. Eccentric. A little guy.” He describes that this feeling made him feel connected to other people who were different. For him, embracing difference in fashion vital. He chooses to dress people, not based on their appearance but by asking himself the question, “Am I a fan?”


Despite growing up and feeling different, Siriano says, “I’ve found an exciting, new model of success.” That he is using his own differences and his own successes to help others create successes not just in spite of but because of their differences is an exciting thing. Fashion should be for everyone, not just those who wear sample size.


Lingerie Isn’t About the Men Anymore

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Lingerie is manufactured for women to wear. However, much of the purpose behind lingerie is to stir the fantasies of men. You only need to look at the advertisements of some of the biggest lingerie brands to see that most bras, panties, and accessories are designed to put men in a state of arousal. However, some of that might be changing. More and more lingerie brands are targeting their products with the message that men are optional when it comes to lingerie.


Some of it started with a woman named Heidi Zak. Zak realize one morning that she hated having to shop for bras. She quickly realized this was because so many bars were designed for appearance and not for comfort. She started a business called ThirdLove. ThirdLove sells basic undergarments designed by women for women. Run exclusively online, Thirdlove allows women to purchase bras and panties without all the hangers, fluorescent lighting, and annoying overhead music.


Zak’s brand is also reshaping the messages behind lingerie. Foe example, ThirdLove doesn’t view lingerie as a product for sexual fantasy. Instead, it show how lingerie can provide comfort, confidence, and empowerment. Perhaps this message is best communicated through the advertisements on the ThirdLove website. Traditionally, lingerie models have been photographed gazing sensually into the camera. At ThirdLove, the models gaze downward at themselves. This suggests the model is wearing the lingerie for her own comfort and not the for the pleasure of someone else. What a terrific message!


Pantone Released the Color of 2017

Pretty much everyone can agree that 2016 has been a very rough year for the world. Between politic strife, bombings and the loss of incredible entertainers, this year has been a doozy. However, the sun will still rise, and Pantone has released a new color for 2017.


Every year, the company takes part in this tradition, which gives us a way to focus upon the trajectory of humanity while also staying stylish. Simply by being anointed the year’s most relevant color, this hue will undoubtedly be included in more fashion lines and paint schemes. This year’s color is Greenery, which is a spunky shade of green with a hint of yellow thrown in. It’s meant to evoke rejuvenation and spring, heralding a new season. With so many people on the planet looking forward to the new year, it certainly seems appropriate.


Pantone has been tracking trends within the past year, and Greenery definitely stands out as a rebellious choice that defines the need for awakening. The color definitely captures a certain kind of passion for nature, as well as the joy of a new year. Since it is such a bold shade, experts are betting that Greenery will show up mostly in workout clothes and swimwear this year. Fashionistas will most likely use the color to accent their more neutral wardrobe choices, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of handkerchiefs and scarves in this remarkable shade.


People Are Asking If the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Culturally Relevant

With ratings that either dip or remain lackluster with each passing year, it would seem that the once glorious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is plagued by waning enthusiasm. For two years in a row, the famous fashion show has been hurting in the numbers department. Many in the fashion industry—and outside of it—are even questioning why the show exists. It does seem like somewhat of an anomaly these days. With all of the entertainment now available on the web, the fashion show is definitely less titillating than it once would have been perceived.


It’s not for a lack of star power, either. With top models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid hitting the runway as anointed Angels, one would think that the current generation would get into it. However, this has not been the case. Perhaps the supermodels of yesteryear—Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell among them—had something that translated with audiences in a way that this current crop of models can’t muster. In a world where it takes a lot to shock, the outfits that the models parade down the runway don’t seem surprising or even particularly fashion-forward. However, some viewers have complained to the FCC about the skimpy outfits.


In the coming years, it should be interesting to see if the network decides that this holiday mainstay needs to go. Although it has been fun watching the Angels take on the world in their princess-pink plane, one can’t help but wonder if it’s time for something new.


All Year Round Releases More High Quality and Affordable Women’s Wear

Maggie Winter and Jac Cameroon co-founded All Year Round (AYR) in 2014. AYR is an e-commerce clothing brand consisting of women’s wear with the major focus on denim. The company has its headquarters in New York City, and it lately opened a new store in Lafayette Street, Soho. The AYR, which is a brother company to Bonobos, launched Guideshop in April 2014. Later in September the same year, they collaborated with Shopbop in opening a wholesale shop.



Interview With Forbes



The two co-founders and co-CEOs started AYR with the aim of providing high-quality fashion brands at an affordable price. According to an interview with the Forbes magazine, Jac Cameroon stated that they are so many different brands in the market, but the challenge lies in the quality and pricing. The high-quality items are not affordable to everyone while the ones with a good price are not of high quality. Therefore, the two embarked on the journey to provide season-less quality women brands at fair prices.



Their bestselling items include the white poplin popover, the Robe that is a long Italian woolen coat, the powdery blues chambray shirts, and skinny jeans. The following essential covered all the seasons meaning that women will not have to spend more on getting different outfits with the change of seasons.



AYR as an Independent Company



When All Year Round began, they were operating under Bonobos. Before their launch, they had established some good contact with their manufacturing company in Los Angeles, which made them some pairs of jeans. Their first clients were friends who purchased the jeans from a lost in Garment District. In 2015, they had established their customer base, and they moved out of the incubation with Bonobos and started running independently.



Marketing the Brand



They have always relied on the press and word of mouth in marketing their brands. The Forbes fashion editor, their co-founder Max and expert in fashion PR, and the community have also played a vital role in the growth of their company. Their large client’s base includes some renowned figures such as Karlie Kloss, Crissy Teigen, and Leandra Medine. AYR intends to expand their business to include international shipping by 2017.