Fashion’s Effect On Mood

When people think about fashion, one of the things they think about is the idea of dressing to impress others. However, it is not just other people that a person’s clothes has an effect on. One thing that few people realize about fashion is that the clothes they wear have a deep effect on them. When people put on a good and stylish outfit, they will notice that they feel a lot better about themselves. At the same time, there are certain outfits that can inspire people to perform better in their field.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of fashion is body autonomy. This is where people get to wear the types of clothes they want and put together a look of their own. This allows them to express themselves and who they are. They also get to wear the clothes that they feel look great.


One of the best things about this type of body autonomy is that not only will people feel good, but they will also gain compliments from others. For one thing, compliments mean more when it is on something that they themselves like. On the other hand, when someone gets a compliment on an outfit they don’t like, it does not have as much meaning. In some cases, it may make them feel worse about themselves. This is one of the reasons why it is important for people to always use fashion as a means for self expression. People have to be themselves before they can be happy with themselves.


Fashion as an Effective Tool For Self Expression

People have all kinds of ideas when it comes to fashion. This is especially the case when thinking about women’s fashion. A lot of people seem to think that women dress for men and that men are entitled to whatever they want from them. Women often have to put up with some kind of discomfort partially because of these assumptions. The truth is that women dress the way they do for a variety of reasons. Not all of them have anything to do with men. Therefore, it is not wise for men to assume that the well fitted outfit that complements her figure was picked out for them.


Among the different reasons that women dress up the way they do is self expression. Women like to wear the clothes they wear simply because they like it. They often think mostly about themselves and how they would feel in the outfit of their choice. Some women just feel the need to express themselves so that they can feel better about themselves. This takes it to another reason that some women dress the way they do. They want to feel a certain way. Different outfits can make people feel different.


Fashion is definitely an effective tool for self expression. As a matter of fact, it also has an effect on the psychology of an individual. Therefore, people who are able to dress in ways they want are going to experience a lift in their spirits in the case they are feeling a little depressed.

Larkin & Lacey

There is a place where people who care about the current events in the world of civil rights, especially where matters of immigration are concerned. Actually, there is more than just a place. But, one place in particular is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. And, this particular online site acts as a link in a chain of networks that fight injustice on sociopolitical fronts across the United States.

Lacey and Larkin do this by distribution of information in current events, when it comes to the political actions of officials like Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and president Donald Trump. But, there is more going on in between the lines of the Frontera Fund than simple whistle blowing. There is valuable advise on what to do in the event that a major or significant immigration case is reopened.

More than that, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund stays current on Supreme Court Decisions whether they are on the state or national level. This remains a constant from the organization, even if the noise on immigration reform seems to almost always come from the state’s arenas. Unfortunately, the news to report is not always on the sunny side, as when new bills are projected to make systems even more corrupt than they are now. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

And, then there are other push backs to inform the public on. Such as in cases where courts reverse decisions that resulted in progress for beneficiaries of the DREAM Act and their rights within the state of Arizona. Not to mention, there are still phenomenon such as excesses in force against volunteer groups that need to be read and heard in mass. All these stories and more can be found on the home page of the organization that Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin Co-founded together.

The home site of is a rich source of a who is who and what is what in the way of statewide civil rights characters working for reform and justice.

At the top of this network, there are names like 1070, Aliento and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Arizona. The range of networks and organizations on this site’s list include the aforementioned and more like the Tuscan Samaritans / Los Samaritanos, Trans Queer Pueblo, and The Young Center. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Facebook

In between those most impressive names, there are other power players for the force of good like the Arizona Justice Project, Arizona DREAM Act Collation, American Immigration Council, Puente, Raul Castro Institute, and Si Se Puede. Of course there are many other organizations connected with the projects Mike and Jim focus on in their professional practice. But, they all have the same goal of protecting and in many ways supporting immigration rights and practices within the US in common.

Fashion and the Dressing Modestly Fallacy

Both men and women are being shamed in different ways when it comes to fashion. However, women are being shamed in a way that is similar to censorship. There is this idea of dressing modestly where girls and women are often being looked down on because they wear skimpy clothing. However, there is one family that has done away with this idea. Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber is the family that has adopted a different approach to how people in their family will dress. Their approach is based on body autonomy.


There are a few reasons why there are no lectures on dressing modesty. Among the reasons is that modest clothing has proven to be subjective. Jessica has noticed that any clothing that is worn by her and her daughters can be considered unacceptable. She has decided that dressing modestly as a concept is an attempt to control the bodies of women.


As the champion of body autonomy, Jessica wasn’t always so adamant about fashion modesty. She has tried to teach her children about why they should dress modestly. However, a tragic event occurred that has changed her outlook on what modest dressing is. Another interesting phenomenon with her children is that they always pick respectful outfits anyway. One thing that they mention is that their fashion is a form of self expression. They wear what they think is representative who they are and how they feel. This is one of the best ways for people to explore and eventually learn to love themselves.


Men Can Find Unique Items In Fast Fashion Stores

There are a lot of differing opinions on fast fashion. However, this seems to be the only way for many men to find some unique items. Stores like H&M often carry some of the most unique items of stores in the malls that they operate in. They also have a wide variety of items that extend beyond the color and the print. While many stores that sell men’s fashion try to use silly sayings in order to pass it off as unique, H&M instead looks towards the way they cut the fabric. They make sure that they provide unique shapes in shirts for men.


Among the differences in designs that H&M offers are clothes that are far removed from the boxy styles of most men’s clothing. For instance, there are some t-shirts that are longer in the back then at the front. Also, the bottoms of some of the t-shirts are rounded out as opposed to being flat.


Most men are still a little nervous about branching out. One thing they should know is that they don’t have to go all out in what they wear. They can add a bit of uniqueness to their outfit like Justin Trudeau did with his fun socks in an other wise conventional suit and tie. It is amazing what something as small as this detail could do in order to bring forth some kind of personality. The key to fashion and clothing is for one to find items that make him feel the best.


GAP’s New Ad Focuses On Diversity But Misses One Mark

Diversity has long been a big issue when it comes to playing fair in the fashion world. Often times, too few women and men of color are used to model top designs. GAP is trying to change that with a brand new TV ad that visually and effectively brings a lot of famous folks together in every sense of the word in the iconic brand’s jeans and white tees.


There’s just one major flaw that many have noticed, and that pertains to the issue of size. Where is the diversity in different body images in the “Bridging the GAP” campaign?


The famous faces and figures dancing in the ad feature stars like Wiz Khalifa, Adwoa Aboah, Jasmine Sanders, Fernanda Ly, Christie Brinkley, Priyanka Chopra and others. They’re all happy and rockin’ out to the classic song “Sunny,” and it’s a feel good moment:


Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain. Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.


You can catch the one-minute, eight-second GAP commercial here on YouTube.


The campaign was directed by Edward Enninful who is British Vogue’s editor-in-chief. He believe the stars in the ad embody American culture today.


Wiz Khalifa is also featured in a behind-the-scenes GAP moment video where he chats about being an individual and doing his thing when it comes to personal style. If he wants to tattoo his face, he can, etc.


So, why didn’t the fab commercial include people of larger size?


If plus-size women represent 67% of the female population and identify with that body shape, then why the heck was this diverse body size not given a presence in the brand’s ad?


GAP has tried answering the question. A spokeswoman for the brand says the ad celebrates individuality with diverse backgrounds.

Courageously Bringing Change to Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion has been at a stand still for more than a century with very few people attempting to bring change. While there has been attempts in earlier eras such as the 70s and the 80s, things have quieted down in the late 90s. Fortunately, there has been efforts being made to bring diversity to men’s clothing. There have also been efforts made by men to express themselves with fashion. More men have been taking an interest in fashion. Not all of them want to be dressed conventionally well. There are some men that want to step out of the comfort zone and bring forth something that is very unique to their tastes.


Among the people that are actually daring to put a little more effort into their appearance is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He wears unique socks which are on display. He is one of those people that are bringing a lively image to the political arena. He is stepping out in courage and trying to bring forth some kind of self-expression into his work.


One thing that can be frustrating for men that are into fashion is that it can be rather hard to find something that is unique and that they like. For those that do find a store that has what they like, there is still the possibility that it might close on them. It takes a lot of effort to find a store that offers anything other than the same old suits and ties.


Men’s Troubled Relationship With Fashion

As one would see, men are not supposed to be the more fashionable types. Therefore, there are fewer styles for men than women. While most men are satisfied with what they have to offer, there are some people who are aching to see some variety. Among the people that want variety are people who want to find a unique style of their own. Even when they find something that is unique for men, they are often shamed for wearing these items. For men, it is often very important to develop thick skin when wearing items that are not typical of men.


One of the reasons that men have very limited selections in fashion is because of the shaming of men when they show anything that is not typical of masculinity. The interesting thing is that the limits tend to close in a little bit. This shows in fashion as men are not offered that much in styles. This is especially the case with men that are very big and tall. Shorter and smaller men are offered plenty of choices as if to say that one is not masculine if he is short and small.


Fortunately, with the advent of men’s rompers, there is getting to be some form of diversity for people of all cultures. Clothing stores like The Gap are starting to show some effort in bringing something unique to both men and women. There are different cuts for different types of people. They could also enjoy clothing in different colors.


How Fast Fashion Has Even Brought Men Towards Fashion

For the longest time, men’s fashion was the same old tired suits. However, fast fashion has brought a change to this. For one thing, when companies like H&M and Zara emerged, there has come to be some new styles being brought forth for the casual and urban crowd. These styles range from the t-shirt with a subtle twist to the more outlandish clothes for men. One thing that these stores have proven is that style and self expression is about way more than labels and crazy sayings being printed on clothes. It even goes beyond the color. With stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, there is a challenge to bring their best game.


One thing that could be said for fast fashion is that there is a lot of imagination that is brought towards the areas of fashion that are treated like an afterthought. Men’s fashion has especially seen some amazing creations. As men looked at all of the items, they have gained a lot of curiosity. One thing that they have found is that as they have bought and tried on these items, they have also gained a lot of respect from their peers.


One of the best ways to have a successful social life is to dress the part. Often times, people that are very popular are often dressed in ways that are unique. Fast fashion companies understand how helpful it is to be unique. Abercrombie is therefore looking for ways to update their selections so that they will be able to help men be more unique.


The Impact Of Fast Fashion On U.S. Retailers

One of the things that many businesses have to face is that the customer is looking for the best it can get. Therefore, if one company is not offering the best, then the customer is going to find another company that will offer what he is looking for. For the fashion industry, a lot of companies that are U.S. based have been hurting as a result of fast fashion. For one thing, fast fashion has brought forth something that has been lacking in U.S. stores. One example is that with U.S. based stores, people have to wait a few months until the trends that have been shown on the runway are interpreted. Also, not every trend is brought forth from the runway to the stores.


Fast fashion has changed the face of fashion. For one thing, stores like H&M have offered new trends almost as fast as within two weeks of them being shown on the runway. Also, they have managed to bring these trends out to people for prices they can afford. To make it even better, they really push the limits of fashion where other companies have played it safe for far too long. Stores like Abercrombie have stuck with the old formula. Fast fashion has decided to use their creativity in order to bring something new that actually challenges people.


Now, other companies like Abercrombie has decided to try to adopt some of the practices of fast fashion in order to bring out more new designs to customers. One thing about fast fashion is that it is very popular among people. A lot of people are dressed in impressive ways from stores like Urban Outfitters, Zara, and H&M. Abercrombie is hoping to become one of the companies that are filled with elegant clothes.