Men Learning About Different Looks in Fashion

When thinking about men, one of the words that people would not associate with them is fashion. It is the women who are the more fashionable types. Men are not known to care about fashion. At least this is the common perception of men. When looking at the story of a man’s relationship with fashion, they will find something that is a little more complex. One thing is that they will find that a lot of men do care about fashion, it is just many attempts to try something different are met with ridicule, shaming and even insinuations about a certain character.

Men have been limited to the suit and tie for a good look. However, there are occasions when men are trying something new in the fashion industry. This is what takes them to fast fashion retailers like H&M and Zara. For one thing, these companies have become very popular and is even the go to for a lot of men who are looking for something that they can look good in without having to spend tons of money. The only thing with fast fashion is that there are a lot of problems that are being brought with it. Among the issues is the environment.

Men are encouraged to look to retailers that are creating and selling clothes in a more ethical manner. Among the retailers are Levis and other companies. The only thing is that they may not have some of the more interesting designs that are found in some fast fashion stores. However, it may be worth it in the long run for the environment.

Gigi Hadid Praising Power Of Women In Fashion World To Come Forward With Mistreatment Claims

She is certainly revered as a model and someone who wears all the latest fashion quite well, but Gigi Hadid is also seen as a strong woman who is proud of her sisters in the industry coming forward about the abuse some models endure.

The runway model spoke out at the recent Jeremy Scott show where she took to the catwalk in a chic purple bob wig and matching purple cropped top and skirt-overall bottoms. It’s New York Fashion Week, and Hadid is more than vocal about the mistreatment that occurs for the women who take to the runway.

According to an item in the Business Insider, Hadid says it was her mother Yolanda, a former model herself, who taught her children to be brave and speak up when something or someone is making them uncomfortable.

Hadid loves the wild unexpected ensembles that appear at every Jeremy Scott show, and his playful, futuristic “The Jetsons” themed clothing was fun to model, she says.

Meantime, Hadid is busy on the catwalk for the next few days as NYFW continues its style reign across the world. She’s known for her lanky 5’10” model’s frame, but she also doesn’t take too kindly to the abuse on social media that she’s been enduring.

Hadid went on Twitter Sunday to blast the critics slamming her for allegedly doing drugs to stay super slim.

The blonde beauty defended herself and explained that a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s disease has changed her body from a once curvy silhouette. She admits she’s a bit too thin but also says she’s receiving proper medical care and feels good in her body. She scolded Twitter users who claim otherwise, saying that drugs are not her indulgence and that people should learn what empathy is about.

Avaaz Leveraging Technology to Redefine Activism

The advent of the internet has enabled activists from all over the globe to join forces in advancing progressive causes. Avaaz, a civic organization based in the U.S, now boasts of over 46 million members across the world. Because of the group’s online registration mechanic, people from all walks of life can access Avaaz’s website and sign up to become members. And with such an enormous following, Avaaz can influence governments, corporations, and other relevant bodies to make decisions in the interest of humanity.The most progressive thing about Avaaz is a feature that allows all its members to start a petition (s). Any member of the group, including non-members, can initiate a petition(s) by visiting Avaaz’s website. With many people able to launch a petition(s), Avaaz’s team of specialist moderates petitions from members, picking only urgent petitions at a time. Selected petitions are emailed to 10 thousand Avaaz’s members, and their inputs determine whether a petition can be pursued further or neglected.

Avaaz is a principled civic organization hell bent-bent on promoting global activism and is a headache to corporations, which are unwilling to tore the line. Take Monsanto, for instance, a multinational agrochemical manufacturer, whose glyphosate-based herbicides are “probably carcinogenic,” according to the World Health Organization. Based on the WHO’s conclusion, Avaaz called for a total ban on glyphosate-based herbicides. Avaaz’s petitions, media push, multiple meetings with relevant authorities, etc. , created a huge debate concerning the use of the herbicide and its detrimental effects on human health. It was at the height of the discussion when Monsanto was seeking to renew licenses permitting it to market glyphosate-based herbicides in Europe. Avaaz’s push, however, led to many EU countries refusing to back the relicensing of Monsanto.

Were it not for the EU commission, which allowed the use of glyphosate-based herbicides until a new scientific review is complete, Monsanto would have lost its bid to continue the production of glyphosate-based herbicide.Avaaz’s leadership, made up of forward-looking professionals, has been instrumental in promoting activism in progressive causes. The organization is currently under the stewardship of Ricken Patel, who is also a member of the board consisting of Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt. Ricken Patel, alongside Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, and David Madden among other professionals advocating for good governance are the founding members of Avaaz. Organizations such as, Res Publica, and Service International Service Union also played a part in establishing Avaaz.

Why Daniel Taub Is Among Israeli’s Best Ambassadors Of All Time

In November 2013, Daniel Taub who was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom came up with a brilliant idea that there should be new alliances in the Middle East between those who have a history of working together and opposed to war so as to counter a threat that was posed by Iran in its nuclear ambitions.

Daniel Taub also added that his country adheres strictly to the Geneva accord and would try level best within its means to contain Iran’s threat. He also expressed sentiments that Israel was considering slowing down Iran’s progress when matters related to the acquiring of a nuclear weapon were concerned.

Speaking on the same location about the opposition of Shia alliances in the Middle East, he again expressed the need for nations to cooperate. He said that looking at the region, there was an axis that runs between four affected regions (Tehran, Damascus, Gaza and Beirut).

He added that his nation was not feeling isolated when it came to worrying about the nuclear threat since the other nations were affected as well.

He expressed confidence that if all and sundry rose above their paradigms and immediate differences, they would form a very stable security block that would be unshaken by no enemy. Asked whether he believed that such changes and alliances would work, he expressed hope and confidence saying they would work because it is in everybody’s interest.

However, he said that despite there being not many solid relationships between the neighboring countries, Israel’s relationship with the West was as healthy as ever. He added that his country and the West share major security concerns when matters related to nuclear weapons are concerned.

Born in 1962 in Israel, Daniel is a renown diplomat who has served in the Israel government in different capacities before. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He is also a writer and respected international lawyer who has a very good grasp of the law and how it applies on different international fronts. He served as ambassador between 2011 and 2015.

He was born in the United Kingdom, raised and schooled there as well. Soon after graduating from university, he moved back to Israel and started working as a combat medic officer for the nation’s defense forces.

He would later get other jobs in the government that included being a speechwriter for the President and a reserve officer for international law matters in the country’s defense forces.

Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

One Planet Awards Gold Winner, Troy Mcquagge Drives USHeaalth Advisors, LLC to new Levels of Industry Success

Earlier this year, USHealth Group, Inc. President and CEO Troy McQuagge was announced the Gold Winner℠ of the 2016 CEO of the Year in the 100 – 499 employees category of the One Planet Awards.

The award recognized McQuagge’s exceptional leadership and the excellent organizational performance of USHealth.

McQuagge joined the firm in 2010 and was elected to serve as USHealth’s CEO and President following his successful efforts at rebuilding USHealth Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency, headquartered in Grapvine, TX.

Following McQuagge’s election to the executive leadership position, USHealth entered a level of never-before-seen growth and profitability in the individual health insurance market.

Troy McQuagge UShealth returned to the health industry from retirement with the goal of building a dynamic sales team at USHealth, amidst unprecedented changes within the health insurance sector. The move was supported by the company’s CEO Ben Cutler, who expressed his confidence in McQuagge to rebuild USHealth’s sales force to meet market demands.

USHealth Advisors, LLC was a recent recipient of the Gold Stevie® Award in the category of National Sales Team of the Year. The award recognized USHealth Advisors’ sales and customer service performance by its bestowing its top honors acknowledging the firm’s business development, contact center, customer service and sales activities.

With global recognition for its innovative insurance offerings and customer service, USHealth Advisors’ premium insurance products have driven the company’s brand distinction as an industry leader that places high value on meeting its customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

About Troy McQuagge

President and CEO of USHealth Group, Inc, Troy McQuagge has over 30 years of business management performance success in environments that have included start ups, business restructurings and with organizations in rapid growth sectors.

A graduate of the University of Florida, McQuagge earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Legal Studies in 1982.

Troy McQuagge is active in various philanthropic and charitable activities including HopeKids, Dallas, HopeKids, Phoenix, Phoenix of New Orleans, Trinity Habitat for Humanity and the Semper Fi Fund.

Prior to USHealth, McQuagge served as President, Agency Marketing Group for Health Markets Group.

About USHealth Advisors, LLC

Founded in 1959, USHealth Advisors, LLC is a division of USHealth Group, Inc, providing insurance plan options to over 15 million customers. Offering nearly 60 combined years of successful delivery of individualized insurance solutions, USHealth Advisors, LLC provides a broad range of select offerings, meeting the needs of a wide array of changing insurance product requirements.

USHealth Advisors meets the diverse needs of consumers and businesses with its Specified Disease, Sickness and Life insurance offerings.

As an underwriter of The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, the firm sells health insurance products and supplementary policies to entrepreneurs and small businesses, families and individuals. Learn more:

Troy McQuagge And The USHEALTH Group Functions Core Values Based On Giving Back To The Community

Troy McQuagge is an inspiring philosophy at USHEALTH Group, which can be seen in his efforts on H.O.P.E., which stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This program is the core of what the USHEALTH Group is about. The team at USHEALTH Group do their utmost to impact their colleagues and communities lives in a positive manner as well as others to create a better environment for everyone. This positive impact through H.O.P.E. is what Troy McQuagge intends to expand on to help build a better community for tomorrow.

Troy McQuagge started up the H.O.P.E. program back in 2010, not too long after he became president of the company. Since Troy’s leadership has taken effect, the company has seen a great deal of growth selling their health insurance products to consumers. After Hurricane Katrina, H.O.P.E. saw the green light to be put into effect seeing what happened to New Orleans. Troy McQuagge, along with various other business associates, formed a partnership with Pheonix in New Orleans. Through this partnership, they were able to rebuild many homes that were damaged badly by the storm all over the city. Hundreds of hours of volunteer work went into this rebuilding effort, with help coming from all over to replace lots and homes to rebuild the community.

In 2011, the H.O.P.E. initiative was able to shine again in when there were babies in need of supplies in Scottsdale and Pheonix Arizona. The Crisis Nursery, aptly named, ran out of supplies for the babies that they take in, so Troy and his associates donated many thousands of dollars in various products for babies to the nursery. This included items such as diapers, clothes, baby formula, shoes, and more.

Troy McQuagge US Health has described companies as having souls that define what they are actually about, what their core values are so to speak. When it comes to H.O.P.E., Troy has stated that there is nothing as important as helping others and creating a better community at large, which is what his company is focused on. More than just the profits that are made in order to keep the company expanding and impacting more lives, the lifeblood of the company is the community that they serve. Visit: