Adam Milstein, Californian for Life

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American writer and real estate agent who has worked for much of his adult career to champion philanthropic causes that promote Israel’s relationship with the United States. He has also worked to promote Jewish causes, and his work focuses often on teens and adults that need to be helped on their life path.

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His philosophy is life path philosophy, and he feels that those who are vulnerable can benefit from his help. He is a native of Israel, and he came to the US in 1981. Soon after that, he earned a degree in real estate from USC, and he has been partner in his firm in Southern California since then, managing millions of dollars of space.

He donates much of his extra money to his philanthropic projects, and he and his wife, Gila, live in Encino, California, where they have three children and three grandchildren. His work has focused on many areas of life, including teenagers, children, and young adults, and his life path philosophy has made this happen.

He is also known for his service in the Israeli army during Yom Kippur War, and his relationship with the state of Israel is a good one, for he wants to maintain active ties between the United States and his home country. This has also been a large part of his philanthropic work to date. He has maintained strong ties with Israel, and he wants to see his chosen country, the U.S., do the same in word and deed.

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