Agera Energy and Its Efforts to Become the Best Energy Company in the Country

Based in New York, Agera Energy is a leading energy solutions company providing electricity, natural gas, and utility invoice audits to commercial and residential customers in the United States. With over 700,000 commercial and industrial accounts, the well-established company has an ever-growing customer base in both residential and commercial sectors. It leverages best talents across the country to offer unmatched electricity services to the public.

Agera Energy has created a conducive working environment for its employees in an effort to not only increase their productivity, but also make their dreams come true. It offers great career development opportunities and it often sources best talents from across the country as it strives to excellence in service delivery.

With a very fair pay structure, Agera Energy company has managed to attract and retain best of class employees who are working to see the company achieve its goals. It specializes on the provision of wholesale electricity directly to consumers with best customer service.

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