An Epic Thor

To describe someone whose lineage descends on both sides of his family from near royalty, it might sound like the God of Thunder, however, in this case it is a different Thor being discussed, Thor Halvorssen. Born and raised a patriot of Venezuela, Thor has become very active in the political scene and is very passionate for human rights.

Thor was raised by parents who were also involved in different aspects of political activism and supportive of human rights. His mother Hilda Mendoza was involved in a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela when part of the National police opened fired on the crowd, and Hilda was shot. She survived, but this gave Thor an opportunity to write about it and have the story published.

Another part of Thor’s upbringing is from the resolve of his father Thor Sr., who was arrested in Columbia as a terrorist, even though he was only in the country to try and stop drug trafficking. Thor Sr. was tortured before his eventual release.

Thor Sr. is a descendent of the king of Norway’s consul, and his mother is descendant of the first president of Venezuela. The noble blood of Thor’s parents and ability to fight for human rights runs in his blood. Not only does Thor participate in human rights movements, but he also has to his credit the skills to produce movies as well as has been involved in published works.

Thor has been involved in writing opinion pieces for many renowned newspaper agencies and other magazines, including the story of his mother being shot. He has also produced multiple films that often emanate the human struggle.

More importantly than the published works, and filmography is his different foundations he has founded or helps run. Some of those include the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Human Rights Foundation, both of which are dedicated to human rights.


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