Androgeny and Transgenders Are Taking on The Fashion Industry

One of the constants of fashion is change. There are always some new trends popping up. However, there are certain kinds of change that are a little more notable than others. One of the most recent types of change is the transgender person being the face of fashion modeling. While some people are taken back by this change that seems so sudden to them, there have been signs of this happening in the fashion industry. For one thing, there are some stores that have been selling clothing for men that are more feminine. While there have been women’s clothing that have come from masculine inspirations, the type of clothes that men have been sold have been the same masculine designs.

Another sign of the transgender person getting ready to take over the modeling industry is that that the LGBT community has been making progress when it comes to their rights and recognition. Many people are giving them a lot of respect. Therefore, they are going to be granted plenty of opportunities. Another thing to look at is that the transgender model is able to enter into the project and not even be detected. Given the type of advancements in technology that have occurred in the medical and surgical industries, people are better able to have complete transformations. A lot of the models that are pictured could pass as women if they are not revealed as women. A lot of them have truly feminine faces and they are very pretty as well.

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