Berkeley, California Right To Know Law for Cell Phones Sales

Did you know that carrying your cell phone in your bra or pants pocket exposes you to too much radio frequency? Not many of us did. That’s one reason Berkeley, California passed a Right To Know Law which requires retailers that sell electronics to warn all their customers about the potential danger.


The government has set federal guidelines for the amount of radio frequency exposure which is deemed to be safe for humans. Carrying a cell phone in your pants or shirt pocket or tucked inside your bra, while the phone is turned on and connected to a wireless network, causes the exposure to radio frequency to exceed those guideline limits.
Radio frequency has been determined to be a carcinogenic and can cause cancer and are particularly damaging to children. Sergio Cortes didn’t really know that until recently when checking LinkedIn. The Right To Know Law suggests that all cell phones be carried in a holster to prevent unwanted exposure to radio frequency.

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  1. We have the right to know that. Berkeley is the first one to pass the law and many other locales are expected to follow suit. I write my papers in a way that will interest people such as Berkeley and I know they will really like what I do too.

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