Some New Developments In Dubai That’ll Make You Say WOW

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been on the limelight for some years now owing to its growing economy and the groundbreaking technologies that have been realized in the city. This has been possible under the able leadership of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, His Excellency Mohammad Al Gergawi. Gergawi was born in Dubai in the early 60s and to be precise in 1963. He was a bright student and he went through his primary and secondary education in Dubai. After his secondary education, Gergawi moved to the USA to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Eastern Michigan University. Although he had passion for business, he also had other overriding passions that led him to the position he holds today.

He was a pioneer in the newly formed executive council position in the Dubai’s governments. Al Gergawi was appointed the first secretary general in 2003 a position he held for three years before he was appointed the minister of cabinet affairs. His appointments in the government has helped him to grow and become more seasoned for politics and foreign policies. He has made numerous contributions to the business community while he served as the chairman of the senior executive board of Dubai Holding.

The news came in as a huge surprise to many people who anticipated to see just how the 3D office printing will look like. The technology is new and ground breaking making the oil rich country the first to exploit this technology. The will be a one-story building and it will be have a 2000 square feet floor. According to the officials, the building will be built in 3D and it will also include furniture’s built in the same technology. The first of its kind will be the proof of just how effective the 3D printing technology can be.

It is anticipated that the success of this building will change the entire shape of the construction industry as we know it. The materials to be used are of high value including reinforced concrete and gypsum which will also be reinforced with glass fiber and plastic materials according to Gergawi. Dubai has sought the expertise of a Chinese company, Win Sun Global to partner in the construction of this new technology on the face of the earth. The Chinese company has used this technology before in the construction of small houses and a record of 10 houses in less than 24 hours has been set. Therefore, with the experience that the Chinese company brings along, the project has greater chances of being successful.