Wearing Bright Makeup From Lime Crime


Lime Crime is the home of bright makeup that women need to take advantage of. It will be something they can use to make a major statement about their style, and it can be something that they will grow to love because they wanted to have something different. They want to wear a color that everyone will see from a mile away, and the only way to make that change is to dive into the colors that Lime Crime has. It was started with that very special premise in mind, and the company has continued by even offering people the chance to wear hair color that will work for them.


There are many people who are going to want to go with these colors because they know that they can use them along with their favorite clothes. The clothes that women wear will look a lot better when they are pairing them with the right clothes. They know that they have to make changes to look their best, but they also have to make sure that they have picked up a color range that would work with anyone.


There are many people who will go for the basic eyes and lip color on their website, but they can do that easily because the colors all match each other. A woman can wear that color from the top to the bottom of her face. She can have that color in so many iterations that she will leave no doubt that she likes that color. The things that women are using from this company need to be perfect for them as women, and they need to provide a style that would work for anyone. That is why Lime Crime works the best. They have all the brightest colors that a woman can use all over her face.

Next Accessory Trend: Mermaid Crowns

The past few years, teen and young adult fashion has been rife with flower crowns. Aspiring hippies strutted around summer music festivals wearing everything from simple daisy chains to elaborate headbands as large as bouquets. They were so popular they even showed up as a Snapchat filter. Now, though, a different hair accessory has emerged.

Mermaid crowns are suddenly everywhere on Instagram and Etsy, with demand on the most popular Etsy shops being almost more than the artists can handle. These crowns are more like tiaras than the flower crown halo shape and are made of shimmering shells, jewels, crystals, beads, chains, and baubles, most with pieces that dangle down onto the forehead. The crowns are usually tall and ornate and rival the tiaras won by beauty queens. Many wearers pair them with body glitter and paint to complete the magical look.

Mermaid crowns have come on the scene in the midst of a strong mermaid trend in fashion and lifestyle choices. Swim classes where participants learn to take to the water wearing tail fins are all the rage. Cute knitted mermaid tail blankets and cool hued mermaid hair dye jobs have taken over Pinterest and Instagram. Whether it is the influence of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” on this generation’s childhoods or a world full of sad events that draws young people to the sea, it seems that mermaids are here to stay.