Fall Up with These Autumn Fashion Statements

Fall is a time for intense foliage, cooler weather, pumpkins, apple picking, baking, and fashion. Most will confess that they dress one million times better in the fall than they do in the summer, but this can be attributed to being comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold. Like anything, though, there are tips to elevate the style of fall that are inexpensive and totally stellar.


Tassel Earrings


These fairly daring accessories are stylish without being too over the top. Doubling as both a casual and dressy element, tassel earrings come in a plethora of colors, lengths, and volumes. Wear them with your favorite sweater and jeans or fall dress and scarf.


Fleece Tops


Designed to keep you warm but not too warm, these tops should be worn often. Coming in every pattern and color, these tops are ideal for any fall festivity.


Faux-Shearling Vest


Sometimes, an outfit is missing something. If you are wearing a plain sweater and slacks and do not want to overdo it with the jewelry, throw one of these vests on to add some sophistication to an otherwise dull outfit.


Graphic Tees


Though these can be worn at all times of the year, few things are greater than t-shirts full of pumpkins, witches, and catchy autumn sayings like “Fall into fall.”


Metallic Blouses


Metallic is huge this year and works well to add that glimmer to the season that is punctuated with some fairly dreary points.




Though once popular in the 90s, this piece of jewelry has made a huge comeback in 2016. Consider a black, red, brown, or burnt orange choker to add some flair to your seasonal ensemble.


Non-Hoodie Sweatshirts


Few people can get away with wearing a hooded sweatshirt each day, despite how comfortable they are. Consider buying a sweatshirt that does not have the hood attached to make your snug outfit a little trendy and a bit more acceptable to wear every day.