The Stars of YouTube

YouTubers are the new rockstars. They write music, play games, and make videos chronicling their daily lives. YouTube is open to all, and thus ordinary people have been catapulted into the limelight as a result of their popular and entertaining content. And their fame is long lasting, resulting in book deals, worldwide tours, new companies, and even feature films.

One of the most famous YouTubers is Michelle Phan. Beginning as a makeup artist, Michelle quickly gained recognition for her transformations into pop culture artists and characters. Now, she is the author of her own book, founder and CEO of her own company, and creator of her own cosmetics line. She was named to Forbes 30 under 30 just this year.

Tyler Oakley has also made waves. A YouTuber who offers advice, does challenges, and in general is seen as an inspiration to people around the globe, Tyler has been on a few worldwide tours and done spots on television talk shows. He also has his own book and documentary chronicling his life over one year.

Another renowned makeup artist and YouTuber, Wendy Huang is based in Austrailia and founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. She is a blogger, reviewer, and marketing expert who constantly tests out the latest products for her viewers. She gives advice as to daily beauty and pampering routines and is currently on of the most subscribed channels in Australia.

Wendy a.k.a. Wengie has found huge success in speaking to the Asian community. She is able to give recommendations for the best products for Asian features and skin types, hitting a demographic that often feels lost in the beauty world. She experiments with circle lenses for her eyes, give tutorials on all her favorite looks, and blogs about her best routines and daily finds. She is accessible on multiple platforms, increasing her influence in the online world.

Television and movies simply can’t keep up with the phenomenon that is YouTube. With high quality content being produced in a relatively short time frame, it is no wonder these video stars are some of the most common household names.