Kevin Seawright Unveils New Plan

Due to changes in industry and local economies, it is very possible for a thriving city to suddenly find themselves struggling financially. In many cases this can lead to a significant reduction in population, which will lead to a large amount of home vacancies. One city that has struggled with this in recent years has been Baltimore,Maryland. Baltimore has had some economic struggles, several different groups have formed companies that have helped to give the city a chance to thrive.

One individual businessman that has taken various steps to help Baltimore is Kevin Seawright. Kevin Seawright is a real estate investor and businessman that has spent his career working in various real estate focused roles in both the private a public sectors. His latest venture, RPS Solutions is looking to find ways to provide affordable housing solutions.

Kevin Seawright will be the principal of RPS Solutions, which is a joint venture that has raised a significant amount of private capital. The new joint venture will focus on acquiring and redeveloping vacant properties throughout Baltimore. These vacant properties will then be converted into livable real estate that will be used to provide citizens with an affordable housing solutions.

Kevin Seawright was recently interviewed by a local radio station and stated that his ultimate goal is to increase the home ownership rate in Baltimore. To do this he is reserving a portion on the assets that will be sold to qualified first time home buyers. The balance of the units that are not sold will be held as affordable housing units for renters. In most cases the units will be able to take advantage of local and state affordable housing programs.

Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation


A bad online reputation can cost your business money, and sometimes lots of money. There are various ways to fix a bad online reputation, but regardless of the source maintaining and directing the company can become hard. It may become harder to preserve and hire employees, gain and keep customers, and retain shareholders’ confidence. Putting a dollar sign on bad reputation and the long term effects is difficult, and therefore is nearly impossible to plan for in a budget. And though studies show that a bad reputation can be costly, studies also show that in many cases it could have been avoided. Companies with a bad reputation may not flounder (at least right away), but a business with satisfied employees, customers, and patrons will always be more successful!

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You might know and be confident in your current, glowing reputation. Great! But that doesn’t help you in the future if your business suffers a bad rap. The Search Fixers can help you keep tabs on your online reputation management.
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Whatever the case, seeking help and solving the problem as early as possible is in the best interest of your clients, employees, and your business.

Digital Superman

Status Labs is a public relations firm based out of Austin, Texas. Status Labs specialize in online reputation management and digital marketing. If it pertains to social media or Google search results, Status Labs will find a way to repair and maintain a strong presence. Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries worldwide. The man behind the growth and success of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs and he has previous experience as a political consultant and copywriter. He is responsible for the growth the company and has opened offices in New York, as well as Sao Paulo.

Darius Fisher is heavily experienced in all phases of digital hygiene. He can implement several methods that can rid the negative Google search results and replace them with positive subjects that show up on Google search engines. One of his clients was a businessman going through a difficult divorce. The press filled social media with the messy details about his divorce. Soon, several negative articles started showing up at the top of Google search results, defiling his reputation. Darius Fisher got involved and applied many proven techniques, such as showing off all of the clients personal interests and business success stories through different websites. Before long, there was absolutely no mention of his divorce at the top of Google search results.

Darius Fisher offers advice to everyone looking to protect there online image via a checklist. Darius recommends that you get rid of all your personal information online, such as your home address and phone number. He advises that you do this every three months to be safe. Darius advises that you set all of your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to private. Don’t post anything on your accounts that you would not want the public to see. Do not rely on the privacy settings alone, as information could still leak out and destroy your reputation. To remain safe, Darius Fisher recommends to change your passwords multiple times a year and to make sure your passwords are difficult to hack. Fisher advises people to google themselves often and see what shows up. If it’s negative there are ways to fix that such as obtaining a domain name and your own website. That way when you google yourself, chances are, that is what will show up.