The Many Financial Skills Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is that rare person who truly knows and cares about financial issues. He has done much to help provide assistance and step up the plate for his employees in order to offer them help each day. At present, he is the head of the highly respected Imaging Technologies Corporation.

Imaging technologies Corp is one of the world’s a leaders when it comes to developing highly useful color management software that many rely on each day. The company is also an integrator and service organization that offers various kinds of digital imaging hardware.

Such products have helped bring it to forefront of the global technological field and help create a group of highly satisfied clients both in the United States where the company is based in other parts of the world where officials hope to expand in the future.

An Important Evolution

The company’s transformation has been quite swift under the leadership of Brian Bonar. He is someone who has helped push it from being a developer and manufacturer into a new organization that is focused more on marketing services of all kinds that are based on the needs of their clients. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Bonar’s leadership has been very much behind this much needed change. He knows how important it is to use all the skills of the employees inclduing their expertise in imaging products and services that are related to this particular subject. It is with that aim in mind that he has helped create a series of strategic acquisitions that are all about being able to expand into brand new markets besides that of providing high quality imaging products for their clients.

Specific Practices

Bonar brings many years of management skills with him as he helps decide where the company should go next. He is a native of the United Kingdom where he received a thorough education in various important fields.

His earned both an undergraduate degree as well as multiple graduate degrees, providing him with a solid and firm foundation in fields that are related to the business he conducts now.

His expertise has long been focused on helping to create new and innovative companies that can serve the needs of the public and help make the world a better place at the same time. His has spent many years in the field, honing his skills in order to figure out how to add value to any company.

With his latest venture, he hopes to bring in new customers who can benefit from his brand of insightful communications. His work here has been about helping employees deliver products that are just right to the needs of the company’s many clients. They know they can count on him for help.

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Brian Bonar, The Hot Ticket on Wall Street

Brian Bonar was born a leader and continues to provide the best financial advice in the business today. He began his career working at IBM after receiving his Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering from James Watts Technical College and continued to refine his craft at Stafford University where he earned his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian’s experience with providing expert financial and investment advice allowed him to launch his own brand called Bezier Systems. His passion for his work makes him the best leader as well as financial collaborator on Wall Street. Brian’s collaboration with Delrada Financial Services, in particular, proved to be a pinnacle in his career. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This collaboration led him to become the chairman and CEO of the company. His talents for facilitating mergers and acquistions make him not only a great executive, but a respected mentor with every company he works with.

Among Brian Bonar numberous accomplishments in the field, he was named ‘Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The honor is bestowed to professionals who have excelled in their accomplishments in the financial world along with their acedemic achievements and leadership skills necessary for success!  Read more: Brian Bonar –

Since 2010, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Inc. (formerly Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.) in addition to overseeing Delrada Financial Services. The company assists other companies with human resource services as well as providing permanent staffing solutions along with employee benefits. Brian Bonar’s services in the world of finance and investment include:

  • Obtaining Building Permits
  • Contract Admin
  • Building Design
  • Design Elements
  • Overseeing Development
  • Market Strategy
  • Venture Capital
  • Merging & Acquistions
  • Employee Relations

    A company is only as good as it’s leader. Brian Bonar’s lives by this mission statement. His leadership skills and natural abilities to unite businesses together to where both sides profit is more of the business ethic we need in our financial and investment firms across the map. The goal is to be able to let businesses focus on their brand and let Brian’s services take care of the details. His expertise as a dependable colleague, mentor, and Chief Executive Officer make Brian Bonar the hot ticket on Wall Street.

Brian Bonar Does Finances And Food

Brian Bonar has become an expert at doing finances and food, and he is making sure that he will be able to get results that will make a difference to all his clients. He is the CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he is also a committed foodie. There are many reasons why his food is great, and part of his greatness is in the location.

The location that Brian Bonar has chosen is on the outskirts of San Diego, and he placed Bellamy’s in Escondidio in a nice suburban area in San Diego. He chose the name to make sure that it will fit in, and then he made sure to have a place for people to come where they would feel comfortable sitting at the bar or eating European bistro food. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The bistro food that is in his restaurant is great for everyone, and it is a nice thing that helps everyone remain comfortable and relaxed. He made the restaurant look great because he loves the way these old school bistros look and feel. He wanted everyone who comes out to enjoy it in the same way, and he also wants to make sure that people get a handle on his food brand. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

There are plenty of people who are going to like the way that Brian Bonar looks at food, and they are also going to appreciate the fact that he has created his own event space outside the city. It will be perfect for people who want to try out his favorite food in a big space, and it will even host parties and weddings.

The ranch is a good place for people to come, and it is going to help people enjoy the way that his food is prepared. Becoming a foodie has given Brian Bonar a new career.

Brian Bonar’s Career Bio Is Impressive

Brian Bonar is someone who likes to get involved in a great many different financial endeavors. Bonar is the quintessential highly-achieving entrepreneur. He does not limit himself to one enterprise or industry. Since he maintains involvement in scores of different ventures, he does not suffer from any limitations or other issues of concern associated with a particular market or industry sector.

Being involved with more than one enterprise is fairly easy. All one has to do is direct time and, more importantly, money towards a particular venture. Brian Bonar has done more than put money in. He has earned money – and acclaim – thanks to his ventures being successful.

Probably one of the most interesting businesses Bonar had gotten involved with was the North San Diego County restaurant named Bellamy’s. Brian Bonar came across a restaurant he felt was not living up to its potential. To rectify the situation, Bonar actually purchased the establishment and renamed it Bellamy’s. The restaurant quickly became known as a fine gourmet establishment with a fabulous restaurant.

The purchasing strategy proved a few things about Brian Bonar. One, he is someone willing to take chances and venture outside of fields he has the most experience. He knows how to take something and make it a success. Bonar never rests on achievements. He is always looking forward to do more and climb the next entrepreneurial mountain.

Brian Bonar’s personal career history is an interesting one. Bonar was born in Scotland and received a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Strathclyde and, later, he would gain an MBA from Staffordshire University. Bonar returned to Strathclyde to earn a PhD. Career-wise, he has been very successful in design and finance-oriented activities. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar would go on and win awards for his work in the business world. In 2010, while serving as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar was named “Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance”. Winning the honor was a very prestigious accomplishment. This example of past success shows Bonar professional resume is one filled with amazing performances.

Bonar’s capacity as a pricipal at MG2 is also noteworthy. The incredible design solutions completed by MG2 have Bonar’s handwriting all over them. In the years ahead, even more impressive works are sure to be coming from the desk of Mr. Bonar.

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