Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a prominent business leader who has established a track record of being among the top entrepreneurs in the financial services industry. Edens is also an active philanthropist who makes contributions to a number of charitable causes. He is the co founder of the asset management firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Along with being the co founder of the financial services firm, Wes Edens is also the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team. Over the course of his career, Wes has made a number of valuable contributions to both industries and the lives of people all over the world. One of his notable accomplishments has been his being able to build Fortress Investment Group from a small firm to a leading worldwide financial services company.

Over the last two decades, Wes Edens has made an effort to acquire businesses in multiple industries. He used his private equity business of Fortress Investment Group to acquire business interests in field such as finance, real estate, infrastructure, media and healthcare. One of his significant acquisitions was with infrastructure. Wes Edens has developed the Brightline passenger rail which will help improve the transportation system in Florida. One of the first routes ever established was from Miami to West Palm Beach. The next projects with this light rail system will connect from Tampa to Orlando as well as a route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Along with improving infrastructure, Wes Edens has been quite active in making contributions to the energy sector. He has looked to develop long term solutions for cleaner and more reliable energy. Edens established an entity known as New Fortress Energy which will focus on improving energy sources which will also help improve the environment. Wes Edens recently established the Florida East Coast Rail that is currently being built on liquid natural gas. This will help allow a valuable transportation source to run on alternative energy rather than fossil fuels. As a result, this will have a positive impact on the environment in the future. With an improved environment with using alternative energy, Edens will have yet another accomplishment to add to his impressive record.


Energy Shift with Agera Energy

When an energy company seeks to bring power to the energy world, one would think that they would only be interested in big business and financial numbers. Agera Energy doesn’t see power that way; they see power through their customers and what energy means to them. Agera means, “to take action” and that is exactly what this young but fast growing company has done for their customers by putting them first.

This business model is ground-breaking for an energy company but Agera Energy has found that doing this has led to big growth in a short amount of time. Formed in early 2014, Agera Energy says, they decided from the outset that they would be approaching the energy game with a different process than the other companies that were beginning to fold due to financial strain. By putting their customers first and serving both cozy homes and burgeoning businesses alike, they have since watched their customer base grow to 1.8 million strong.

A company operating with about 130 employees, Agera Energy has the ability to get to know their customers well and connect with them in various ways. Through the Agera Twitter account, they are able to connect with their customers in a more familiar way, sharing thanks and well-wishes for the holidays. A tight-knit group of colleagues, Agera Energy values both their employees as well as their customers. Located in southern New York, Agera Energy is just getting started and is hoping to electrify more homes and businesses all across America.

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/AgeraEnergy/

Agera Energy and Its Efforts to Become the Best Energy Company in the Country

Based in New York, Agera Energy is a leading energy solutions company providing electricity, natural gas, and utility invoice audits to commercial and residential customers in the United States. With over 700,000 commercial and industrial accounts, the well-established company has an ever-growing customer base in both residential and commercial sectors. It leverages best talents across the country to offer unmatched electricity services to the public.

Agera Energy has created a conducive working environment for its employees in an effort to not only increase their productivity, but also make their dreams come true. It offers great career development opportunities and it often sources best talents from across the country as it strives to excellence in service delivery.

With a very fair pay structure, Agera Energy company has managed to attract and retain best of class employees who are working to see the company achieve its goals. It specializes on the provision of wholesale electricity directly to consumers with best customer service.

James Dondero A Financial Specialist Who Cares

A recent article on dailyforexreport.com about James Dondero describes him as an expert in the finical field and a committed supporter of the community. It goes on to state he has earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in commerce, specializing in accounting and financing, from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. James Dondero is a highly respected and experienced finical manager who has work for finical institutions such as JP Morgan and American Express. He has a unique way of turning financial institution concepts into highly successful multimillion dollar world leaders. He demonstrated this in 1989 as the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life GIC Subsidiary. Mr. Dondero took this startup concept and turned it into a multibillion-dollar mega financial institution. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero took his experience in the finical field and expanded on his success by forming his own investment firm in 1993. His firm is called Highland Capital Management, L.P. where he is currently the president. This proved to be a great investment since he again was able to take a concept and turn it into a world leader. His financial firm specializes in alternative credit management such as collateral loans, credit hedge funds, and specialized personnel equity loans. This shows that Mr. Dondero is a highly skilled and experienced financial manager who can build on basic concepts and turn it into a powerful reality. Follow James on Linkedin.

James Dondero has his company’s headquarters located in Dallas, Texas where he also resides. He is very dedicated to the future of the city and feels it is important to provide educational experiences to people. One of the major projects Mr. Dondero and his company helped with is located at the Dallas Zoo. Highland Capital Management donated $1 million to help bring back a hippo exhibit that had been closed for almost 15 years. Through projects like this James Dondero is moving the community forward and making it a wonderful place to live and raise a family. This is what makes James Dondero such an amazing asset to his community and the finical industry.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394