Edward Honig; Prolific Cardiologist With A Heart Of Gold

9/23/2017 Update:
Read life-long Mets fan Edward Honig’s breakdown of the recent season, and also his thoughts on the Met’s future on Skyscraper Sports. A fun read if you want to know more about this brilliant cardiologist, when he’s away from the office.

Edward Honig is a leading American consultant in the field of internal medicine, specializing in cardiology. He is a dedicated teacher and cardiologist with a passion for exceptional music, beautiful and expressive art forms, good food, as well as intellectual, political conversations. As a cardiologist, Edward Honig is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


With over fifty years of experience practicing cardiology, Edward Honig touched the lives of many patients through his kind and caring nature. In the span of this period, Dr. Edward Honig served as the Director of Electrocardiography at the St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn and as the Director of Cardiology at the Glen Cove Hospital in New York.


Cardiology is described as a branch of internal medicine that handles matters touching on abnormalities and diseases of the heart and the circulatory system. This includes the medical treatment and diagnosis of heart diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmias, and congenital heart diseases, among many others.


Dr. Edward constantly recommended a visit to the cardiologist every once in a while so as to avoid the potential danger associated with undetectable heart disorder such as heart murmurs. He reiterated that such conditions might lead to long-term complications that bring about chronic illnesses, or even death.


A cardiologist does not undertake any surgical procedures but is involved in procedures such as inserting heart valves and pacemakers. In the process of diagnosis, a cardiologist will conduct a physical exam that will concentrate on finding defects in the heart. Some of the tests carried out include blood and stress tests, echocardiograms, electrophysiology, and cardiac imaging.


Cardiologists also deal with conditions pertaining to valvular heart disease and diminished oxygen carrying capacities such as hypovolemic shock and anemia. There are several categories of cardiologists including pediatric cardiologists, who deal with heart diseases in children, cardiothoracic surgeons, who specialize in cardiac surgery, and adult cardiologists, who deal specifically with adult heart defects.


Cardiology has many sub-specialties such as nuclear cardiology, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, and cardiac electrophysiology. In the U.S, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology are some of the leading associations for cardiologists.

Adam Milstein, Californian for Life

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American writer and real estate agent who has worked for much of his adult career to champion philanthropic causes that promote Israel’s relationship with the United States. He has also worked to promote Jewish causes, and his work focuses often on teens and adults that need to be helped on their life path.

Find more about: Adam Milstein

His philosophy is life path philosophy, and he feels that those who are vulnerable can benefit from his help. He is a native of Israel, and he came to the US in 1981. Soon after that, he earned a degree in real estate from USC, and he has been partner in his firm in Southern California since then, managing millions of dollars of space.

He donates much of his extra money to his philanthropic projects, and he and his wife, Gila, live in Encino, California, where they have three children and three grandchildren. His work has focused on many areas of life, including teenagers, children, and young adults, and his life path philosophy has made this happen.

He is also known for his service in the Israeli army during Yom Kippur War, and his relationship with the state of Israel is a good one, for he wants to maintain active ties between the United States and his home country. This has also been a large part of his philanthropic work to date. He has maintained strong ties with Israel, and he wants to see his chosen country, the U.S., do the same in word and deed.

Kyle Bass: The Genie That Turned Villain


Kyle Bass, the manager at Hedge Fund, has found himself at the receiving end of criticism, as financial institutions continue to rack in losses thanks to his ill-advised decisions and predictions.


The hard economic times experienced by Kyle Bass date back to March 2015. It’s believed that Bass sought advice from none other than the legendary Dallas-based energy guru T. Boone Pickens. It’s thought that Pickens told him that the capacity of energy storage would not be overtaken by the supply of oil domestically. Not to be the one to be outwitted, Bass decided to come up with his “own” price range something that backfired badly on him. Companies which believed him have felt the full force of his wrong predictions.


The Hayman Capital Management Fund owned and managed by Kyle Bass has also fallen pretty badly when compared to the market in general. Financial experts believe that the overall capital fund of the company has hit rock bottom by around 7%. This decrease is well below the previous 1.3% gain in S&P 500 that the company had earlier recorded. If these figures are to be trusted, this will mark the third straight year that the company has recorded losses.


With all of these problems breathing around his neck, Kyle Bass has remained firm on his decision, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2008, Bass successfully made money to a good number of investors by buying credit default swaps during the subprime mortgage crisis. During this time, Brass had successfully predicted the shift in the mortgage market. So when this came to pass, many investors saw Bass as the genie when it came to predicting markets, little did they know what was coming next.


Apart from his wrong decisions based on the oil and energy sector, Kyle has been quoted as saying that the economy of Japan will crush. The funny thing about his “predictions” is the fact that he has been saying so since the year 2010. Six years down the line, the economy of Japan is still growing by ten-folds while his predictions keep turning on him. As time progress and the economic trends change, it will be fascinating to see just what comes of him.

A Good Return On Investment For Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team which was initially owned by Bruce Levenson and a group of other businessman including Michael Gearon Jr was recently sold to the highest bidder at an auction. The highest bidder was non other than billionaire Antony Ressler the cofounder of Ares Management. After months of back and forth the deal was finally sealed at $850 million which was slightly less than what was promised to Bruce Levenson when he hired bankers from Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs. They predicted a sales value for both the team and the operating rights of the Philips arena at $1 billion. This might have oversold the team slightly and scared off other potential bidders from entering the race. However the businessman and UCG Founder Bruce Levenson are happy with the way the deal turned out.
Antony Ressler also told the ESPN news that he was excited to be the new steward of the Atlanta Hawks and wishes them the best of luck in the playoffs. The owner of the private equity firm tried to aquired the Los Angeles Clippers last spring however was up against 2 other bidders and lost out on the race. Steve Ballmer won this sale at $2 billion that he submitted. The Atlanta Hawks were only valued at $425 million earlier in the year by Forbes but the sale of both the Bucks and the Clippers restructured the market and pushed the price up.

Bruce’s keen business sense has allowed him to not only excel at his business information company but also set his sights on various philanthropic engagements. He is helping a number of prominent organizations and is one of the founding donors of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. which opened in 1993. For more info, check out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson


How Danilo Diaz Granados Impresses in Miami

There is a lot of talk about Toys for Boys. This is a high profile company that is getting buzz because of what founder Danilo Diaz Granados has managed to do with his company. He has lavish properties that are up for sale. He also expensive things like watches that are sold in auctions. The thing that has made people take interest in Granados and his company is the amount of time he put into promoting the new venture.

There is no better way to attract a large crowd than by pulling out all the stops. That is what Danilo Diaz Granados does when he brings out people to party. This is some really nice out of the box thinking when it comes to promoting this brand. Toys for Boys has become a staple in Miami, and the founder has put the stamp on luxury for Latinos.

Danilo Diaz Granados has been able to build a company that will actually stand out from the other luxury companies because he promotes so well. There will be champagne bottles popping, and there will helicopter rides. When he promotes the brand he makes people want to get an invitation to this over-the-top party. One might assume that they are witnessing a party that is being thrown by a celebrity. This is just how creative Danilo Diaz Granados has become in bringing his parties to life.

Toys for Boys is something that focuses on luxury, and it is obvious that there is a demand for this in Miami. Danilo has a degree in economics, and he knows that there is a demand for this type of luxury. That is the main reason that this company has been able to survive. He has put forth the effort to get people interested in this company, and he is getting a heavy spotlight on his company because he has managed to make people know his name.

Granados has made luxury items from Toys for Boys stand out with customers. He has made luxury goods quite come to life in the Miami area. People know his name and his brand.

What it Takes For Young Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Panama According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Many people have the perception that entrepreneurship is a preserve for individuals who are in their middle ages. This is a totally misleading perception, because young entrepreneurs have all that it takes to succeed in business. Young people are tech-savvy and like taking risks. These are some of the attributes of a successful entrepreneur in the modern business world. Panama has widely been described as the hotbed of business opportunities in Central America.

Creating a successful entrepreneurial career in Panama

You should ensure that whatever you do is unique. This will go a long way in setting you apart from the rest of the pack. Remember there is wisdom in uniqueness, which fully explains why going with the grain may not be a wise idea. Be uncompromising and revolutionary, and success will come your way. You should also master the art of flexibility. In this regard, you should not dwell your focus on coming up with a pioneering idea. In retrospect, think of ways that can help you actualize that idea. Once your idea has been actualized, seek out like-minded people who can help nurture your dreams.

Avoid people who will pull you back. Network with people who have the potential to be your business partners. Choose people that you can trust with your ideas and resources. Pooling ideas and resources with another like-minded individual will give you the means of achieving twice as much as what you were initially intending to achieve. You should similarly endeavor to avoid all form of shortcuts. In as much as they might appear to be an easy road to success, short cuts are a major stumbling block in the long run. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Minimize your costs, set realistic goals and find a mentor who is well versed with the game.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Brief

Adrian is a highly successful young entrepreneur. The Panama resident is originally from Venezuela but chose the Central American nation due to the vast business opportunities that he identified. He holds senior positions in more than 5 Panama based companies, all of which are prosperous. Besides his corporate duties, Mr. Velasquez has carved a niche for himself by being one of the most prominent members of the business community in Panama. He has had a hand in the success of over 20 companies due to the insightful advice that he offers to young entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Panama.



Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa official site: http://www.adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com/

Brian Bonar Does Finances And Food

Brian Bonar has become an expert at doing finances and food, and he is making sure that he will be able to get results that will make a difference to all his clients. He is the CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he is also a committed foodie. There are many reasons why his food is great, and part of his greatness is in the location.

The location that Brian Bonar has chosen is on the outskirts of San Diego, and he placed Bellamy’s in Escondidio in a nice suburban area in San Diego. He chose the name to make sure that it will fit in, and then he made sure to have a place for people to come where they would feel comfortable sitting at the bar or eating European bistro food. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=185634&ticker=DFCO

The bistro food that is in his restaurant is great for everyone, and it is a nice thing that helps everyone remain comfortable and relaxed. He made the restaurant look great because he loves the way these old school bistros look and feel. He wanted everyone who comes out to enjoy it in the same way, and he also wants to make sure that people get a handle on his food brand. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

There are plenty of people who are going to like the way that Brian Bonar looks at food, and they are also going to appreciate the fact that he has created his own event space outside the city. It will be perfect for people who want to try out his favorite food in a big space, and it will even host parties and weddings.

The ranch is a good place for people to come, and it is going to help people enjoy the way that his food is prepared. Becoming a foodie has given Brian Bonar a new career.

Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Expertise

Michael Zomber is a man who loves antique weapons along with antique armor. His expertise is strongest from the sixteenth to nineteenth century. His collection contains pieces from parts all around the world and includes European, Islamic, Japanese, and American arms.

As a world renowned antique arms and armor collector he has been seen sharing his knowledge with the world, as he’s been featured on shows such as the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series which included several different episodes. Michael has been collecting these antique for more than 30 years. He loves to share this passion with the world and is often known for his love of storytelling, with several novels for sale on Amazon.

Michael Zomber is not only an antique collector but also has several screen plays and novels. Some of his work includes Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, Soul of Samurai and several others.

Most of his work is focused on the negative consequences of war where he tends to have the most knowledge of these subjects. Michael Zomber tends to supports the work of many peaceful organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Global Exchange.

Graduating from the University of Illinois with degrees in English and Psychology, he finished out his masters of English Literature at UCLA. Michael is also a family man. He and his wife have two children together and currently live in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

Michael’s wife was the one who encouraged him to start writing screen plays which is what lead to him writing novels. This is when they formed their film production company Renascent Films, just one of the many projects they have collaborated on. If you are looking to research antique arms and armor Michael Zomber is the person to look to for his vast array of knowledge in this area.

Sam Tabar: Attorney, Businessman, COO, Venture Capitalist

A news release from prnewswire.com reports that “Sam Tabar has been named Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund. As COO, Tabar will be responsible for the company’s fund management strategy.” Tabar has had a career in overseeing budget strategy and previously was the Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America. While employed at Bank of America, Tabar provided fund managers for institutional investors. Even before Tabar worked at Bank of America, he served as Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group. These are only a few of the many achievements by Sam Tabar.

In addition to his career in overseeing budget strategy, Tabar also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University with honors and a Masters of Law degree from Columbia Law School. During his career as an attorney, Tabar worked “for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom as well as Schulte, Roth & Zabel.” It should come as no surprise as to why Tabar was named COO for FullCycle Energy Fund, considering his distinguished career in both law and business.

In conclusion, FullCycle Energy Fund has named Sam Tabar as the COO. Tabar’s extensive career in both law and business makes him a great addition to FullCycle Energy Fund. In the words of Tabar himself, “I am excited and honored to take on the role of COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. I look forward to partnering with our talented senior leadership team to deliver our mission of moving away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels.” Tabar’s experience and knowledge in his fields of expertise arguably make him the best person for the job. Only time will tell if Tabar will deliver on his words. However, based on his career and achievements, Tabar just might make good on his word.  To see another side of his charitable side, be sure to check out Sam on GoFundMe.

What Makes the Manse on Marsh Different?

Manse on Marsh is a Multi award winning Community development home that has been in existence for over 15 years. The facility is located in California. Some of the awards that have been won by the facility are; Builder of the Year that was awarded to the owner Chris Skiff in 2000 by the HBA Central Coast, 2001 Best Commercial Remodel, 2001 Award of Commendation by Obispo Beautiful Association, 2003 and 2004 Best Retirement Community by the Tribune Reader’s Choice and 2007 Outstanding Contributions Award by Central Coast Parade of Homes.

The success of the facility is attributable to the values on which the facility is built and the commitment of the staff members. The facility seeks to provide service that is compassionate and one that seeks to enrich the lives of the residents. The staff members are passionate about helping the elderly and ensuring their safety and comfort. The facility has staff members who are qualified in different areas. This ensures that a holistic service is given to the residents. The Manse on Marsh is tailored to meet the needs of the community. The services are also further tailored to meet the individual needs of the residents.

The facility also has diverse living options. There are single rooms, studios, cottages and adjacent homes. The residents and their loved ones choose the option that best suits the needs of their loved ones. The residents inform the facility of the services that they required. Manse on Marsh seeks to provide uniform but tailored service for all the residents.

The facility also ensures the safety of the residents by employing a hands-on approach. There are discrete check-ins five times a day. This ensures that the facility is in the know about the status of each resident. Although there is close supervision, the facility operates in such a manner so as to respect the privacy of the residents. It seeks to normalize their stay at the facility. Manse on Marsh also provides housekeeping services for the residents and they are also provided with food three times a day so as to ensure that holistic care is provided for the residents.  Check out their official blog for updates on the facility as they are released.