The savior in Barbara

In the event where a calamity occurs, often it leads to loss of families, friends, property, and trauma to those affected. Following such events, Barbara Stokes decided to come up with Green Structure Homes delivered, a relief plan to those affected by a hurricane. It accomodat3es peoples of all kinds even the deaf and disabled for a short period of time and its designed to detect and suppress fire thus ensure the safety of the residence till the next group occupies. They work in conjunction with the government and other organizations in contracts. The houses are designed with techniques that ensure the resident are secure and still feel at home as if it was home away from home. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The contractor is based in Alabama. They offer engineering, art, and manufacturing designs. Barbara has worked tirelessly dealing with disaster issues for over thirty years. The organization was awarded almost twenty-nine dollars from FEMA as a contract following the support of Hurricane. This has then been able to come up with lots of job opportunities that they are currently announcing. They also partner with Skyline Corporation and other government agencies. Green Structure Homes was founded in 2008. Their customers consist mainly of the private sector ones. Barbara felt the need to start up this project since she found it thoughtful to come up with a useful technology in constructing safe houses to protect people from being burned by uncontrollable fire that leads to lots of deaths and damage. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Barbara works with a group of people who have proven great ability to lead in any disaster issue. She studied Biomedical engineering and physics and later graduated with the same at Mercer University in 2001. In addition to this, Barbara Stokes studied manufacturing and management, technical communications, thermodynamics and materials in the same institution. She was working at Boeing and pieces Corporation before she founded and ventured into Green Structure Home. She has ever since been contracting with the government of the United States and also FEMA while she led the same. Stokes delights in giving back to the community through volunteering at Huntsville community. Apparently, she is a wife and mother of three awesome kids.