Rebel Wilson’s upcoming movie, isn’t it romantic

Rebel Wilson was born in March 1980 in Australia. The successful Australian actress graduated from the Australian theatre of dreams in 2003. When Rebel Wilson was growing up, she was outstanding mathematics, and she thought of having a career that was mathematical oriented. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson spent a year in South Africa when she was the youth ambassador for rotary international. It was at this time that she got infected with malaria and had malaria-induced hallucinations. In her delusions, she saw herself as a famous actress who had even won an Oscar. The hallucinations made her change her career choice from mathematics to acting.

Rebel Wilson is not just an actor but also a writer and an excellent producer. She has starred in many famous movies among them pitch perfect, and the bachelorette. She also starred in Bogan, a film which she wrote and directed. Her role in Pitch perfect was widely appreciated since it landed her several nominations for different awards.

Although most of her movies are filmed in America, the actress is yet to be a US citizen. Rebel Wilson attributes her success to the fact that she is very different from other actors and actresses. She goes to state that the first time she walked in her agent’s office, they told her that they had never seen someone like her. They then went on to sign her up the next day. Rebel Wilson has experienced a lot of transformation since she was once a shy little girl who was almost having a social disorder.

Currently, Rebel Wilson is starring in a romantic comedy named isn’t it romantic. She will be working alongside other prominent Hollywood stars. The movie directed by Todd Strauss is set to release in 2019. In the film, Rebel Wilson plays the role of Natalie who is an Australian architect who resided in New York.

Natalie has a belief that what she sees in romantic comedies is a complete fantasy until it starts to happen to her after being knocked out at the subway station.After she passes out, she becomes aware of her presence in the world and fights very hard to avoid any cliché’ for her to fall in love and finally get married.

In the movie, Natalie believes that by doing this she will snap back to reality. When promoting her new movie, she posted a video on Instagram where she urged her fans to come and watch the movie on 14 February which is Valentine’s Day. She went on to add that she has never had an actual date on valentine day and urged people like her to see the movie as their valentines date.

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