Stem Cell Treatment for Emphysema and Other Degenerative Lung Diseases

Living with emphysema can be very difficult. It is one of many chronic diseases that can affect the lungs. These diseases can cripple a person’s daily routine. Finding quality treatment methods can also be difficult. Many treatment methods don’t address the root of the disease. Stem cell research is rapidly changing how doctors look at disease. This is because stem cell research attacks the problem from a completely different angle. The vast majority of diseases are defined by damaged or malformed cells. The body is capable of healing cuts and scratches. It has difficulty repairing large clusters of damaged cells. Doctors are still researching how genes interact with damaged tissue, but the body of known information on stem cells is fairly substantial. This is because the field has exploded in recent years. Many new doctors, scientists and institutions are looking to be on the cutting edge of stem cell technology.

Stem cells are very interesting forms of cells. They possess a unique trait that allows them to replicate any part of the body. They can infinitely replicate other cells. Stem cell therapy is essentially a natural form of healing.

The Lung Institute works specifically with stem cells. Their talented team of doctors focus on using stem cells to treat diseases like emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis. The treatment method is a lot more simple than people may think. Doctors can extract a sample of stem cells from the patient’s own blood or bone marrow. They use this sample to administer the therapy.

The Lung Institute’s team has had a 70% success rate ( with their treatment methods. The success rates for these forms of treatments should only increase over time. This is because the body of research about stem cells is being completed relatively rapidly. The Lung Institute is using this emergent treatment method to benefit patients that suffer from these debilitating lung conditions. Their treatments are extremely safe because they only use cells that come from the patient’s own body. The therapy usually only takes about three days. Lung conditions shouldn’t ruin people’s lives. Seeking treatment from The Lung Institute is one of the safest and most effective options.

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