How Cotemar Is A Large Player In The Mexican Oil Industry

Cotemar is an oil industry company that was established in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico in 1979. They provide support services to offshore oil drillers. This includes the construction, modernization, and maintenance of the drilling platforms. They also haul materials, both large and small, out to the drilling platforms and offshore production facilities. Additionally, they provide accommodations, catered food, and entertainment to the offshore employees on board of their ships that have been specialized for this purpose. The company is 100% Mexican owned.

As an environmentally responsible company, Cotemar has sustainability initiatives that seek to limit the effect on the environment that is caused by their business activities. They also take their responsibilities to their employees seriously and have implemented the high safety standards that are required in order to keep everyone safe.

The Cotemar ships with catering and accommodation services are popular with the oil drilling teams. In addition to having a nice room to sleep in they are also offered laundry services and people that clean their cabins and common areas. There are a wealth of entertainment options on board including rooms with exercise equipment and a basketball court. There are also rooms that feature the latest movies as well as television rooms.

For many years the only company that could explore for oil and drill it was the state-owned company Pemex in Mexico. In recent years this has changed as the government is now starting to allow private company exploration and drilling for oil. Cotemar, as a company that has been highly successful in the oil & gas industry for many years, was one of the companies allowed to take part in this change.

There are a number of issues that are still being worked through in order to allow company’s like Cotemar a broader presence in the Mexican oil industry. There are land owning issues as well as societal issues that are being addressed. Soon, though, Cotemar is going to start exploration of oil deposits on their own and will be able to sink a pipeline in order to bring the oil to the surface.

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