Women in Business Roles: What You Need to Know to Look and Feel Amazing

No matter what area of business you’re in, if you’re a woman, you’re going to have quite a difficult time striking the right balance between beauty and business. Fortunately, some key advice should help you achieve a look that feels comfortable, powerful and beautifully feminine all at the same time.


First, you need to understand the ethos of your workplace. Your attire will ultimately depend on what your workplace is like. In other words, even if you’re technically in the field of business, don’t wear a power suit to a workplace that generally condones and encourages casual dress as you’ll feel out of place. To be sure, these days, knowing the boundaries of dress can be more difficult than it was in past decades when professional dress was fairly standard. Many work environments want to have a more homey feel and will encourage their workers to dress down.


If you’ve recently gotten a new job, it can be even harder. Some good advice is to read the room and see what others tend to wear But before you do that, approach your superiors. Ask them what the dress code is, and always follow it. Business and your job comes before beauty where attire is concerned. Your job always comes first.


Use Makeup That’s Subtle and Fuss-Free


Makeup is a delicate matter where work is concerned. Not only don’t you want too un-made-up and frumpy or worse, like a clown, but you also don’t want to have to be fussing with your makeup all day. Having the right makeup makes you appear more competent.


For this reason, choose long-lasting makeup. Silicone-based foundation, cream blush and a long-lasting lip color will be your best options. Furthermore, go easy on the eye makeup, always cover blemishes and make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed.


Striking the perfect workplace and womanly fashion and beauty balance is tough, but by using these tips and tricks, you can hit any business meeting and feel both completely competent at what you’re doing and truly beautiful.


The Secret behind Whalebone Clothing’s Success

Whalebone Clothing was started by Jesse Joeckel back in 2010 with money he had saved from doing many odd jobs. He started off by designing and selling comfortable t-shirts with cool prints and logos. But Jesse soon realized that his business was only performing well in the summer and that immediately after Labor Day, sales plummeted. This was very difficult for him as he barely had enough money to open shop again in summer. He therefore decided to make Whalebone a year-round business.


His first attempt at this was setting up an online shop but this did not do much to boost sales during off-season as he did not have good marketing skills and was operating on a very tight budget. Montauk, the beautiful beach town where Whalebone is located, started becoming a favorite among tourists and this made the demand for Whalebone’s products skyrocket. Although this significantly boosted the shop’s revenue, Joeckel still felt like there was more that could be done. He therefore joined hands with Eddie Berrang and Bronson Lamb, who were both tech-savvy and very good at marketing, to re-strategize and improve the brand.


They revamped Whalebone’s online shop and made it more user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices. They also started making a digital magazine, Whalebone Magazine, to advertise the products and tell Whalebone’s story. Whalebone started making other products that could keep it in business all through the year. Their products now include specialty items and winter gear in addition to the cool t-shirts. In just a year of adopting these new strategies, Whalebone’s revenues have increased tremendously and it is looking forward to even more growth and expansion in the coming months.


Success in the fashion industry is about more than just having a great product. As is evident from Whalebone’s story, marketing plays a major role in boosting sales as it makes more people aware of the product. Thanks to their marketing efforts, Whalebone’s products, including the magazine, are now in demand all over the US and Joeckel hopes to go beyond the US borders soon.

The Key Points You Need to Know When Dressing Snappy as a Working Woman

Women in business have been confronted with an extremely difficult situation. The situation that we’re talking about has nothing to do with whether or not they can get a great job as a woman in a man’s world or rise up in the ranks when they’re competing against men. We’re not talking about the matter of work moms versus stay-at-home moms and whether or not women can “have it all.” What we’re talking about is beauty.


Feeling beautiful at your job can be tough when you want to look great and feel beautiful as well. It’s about striking a balance between feeling powerful and feeling feminine. To achieve this, use the tips listed below.


For most traditional businesswomen, a suit, dress pants and a dress blouse, a skirt and a dress blouse or a business-appropriate dress is best. Everything that you wear should be pressed and clean. It should also fit well. Not only do you present yourself as weaker when you’re constantly tugging at your attire, but it can make for some inappropriate situations if you’re clothes don’t fit properly.


Make sure that whatever you wear is appropriate for the work place as well. This means that you should not be showing cleavage, and your dresses or skirts should be at or past the knee.


Finding the Right Heels Is Key


Why are heels so important to your business attire as a woman? There are several reasons. First, women tend to be shorter than men, and in the business world, this is a disadvantage. Even men who are slightly on the short side tend to fair worse where earnings are concerned. For this reason, you’ll want heels with height.


Second, you’ll want heels that read right. Don’t go cheap non-leather. Only leather will give you comfort, class and longevity. Shoes are expensive, and you want yours to last. Finally, find a pair that straddles the line of sexy and powerful. They shouldn’t be too low, but they shouldn’t be too high and glamorous either. Choose black, navy, grey or dark brown only.


Hollywood Actresses Who Missed Fashion Mark At 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

When it comes to all the wonderful winter awards shows in sunny warm Hollywood, most of us enjoy watching the signature red carpet parade of fashion. Some of these elegant gowns come right off the runway and tailored to fit the exquisite silhouettes of our favorite stars.


Most stunning celebrities nail the look every time, where a few others totally miss the mark. It seems like we’re all fashion critics these days and expect the ultimate best from our favorite stars.


The 2017 Golden Globes showcased several amazing dresses on parade with famous faces like Reese Witherspoon, elegantly attired in a yellow strapless Versace. Emma Stone bedazzled us with metallic silver stars adorning her Valentino.


Then there were the sorry some with a posse of stylists from head-to-toe, who caused us to ponder why they chose that gown with odd embellishments, poor fitting and/or fabric overload. E! news dared to call out the bad ones, and we had our own list of the “not ready for prime time viewing.”


Hollywood’s finest females should always hit the red carpet exuding glamour and luxury wearing vintage frocks or fashion-forward pieces. Unfortunately, our list names three of the worst fashion offenders of the evening.


  1. Sarah Jessica Parker. For a woman celebrated by the media as a fashion maven, her white number failed, especially when it came to the weird-looking, off-the-shoulder drop sleeves and strange Princess Leia hairdo.


  1. Priyanka Chopra. The exotic beauty was dressed to the nines in Ralph Lauren, but somehow, the look was unsuccessful. The long-sleeved, deep v-neck gown was colorfully striking, but too tight and proportionately off.


  1. Carrie Underwood. She is rarely unnoticed, but this time, recognized for a bizarre, pale pink gown. The decolletage ruffles appeared on steroids, swallowing up her tiny frame.

This Is How to Find the Absolute Perfect Pair of High Heels

All women want to be able to wear high heels. You probably want to wear high heels to work, on dates and out with your friends on the weekends. Perhaps you even want to wear them to the grocery store! But there’s just one thing that’s slightly bothersome about wearing high heels. If we are truthful, it’s actually a fairly large problem.


The problem is that high heels can be extremely uncomfortable. If you want comfortable high heels, they’re usually frumpy and boring. But this rule guide will help you choose high heels that are both cute and comfortable.


Rule #1 – You’ll need to pay a little bit more for better heels


The first guideline that you’ll need to follow if you want to find comfortable and sexy high heels is that you’ll need to be prepared to spend a little bit more money. Nicer high heels that conform to your feet and fit well are simply more expensive.


Rule #2 – You’ll need real leather or suede.


First of all, high heels that are not made out of real leather or suede are not going to be comfortable. Man-made leather is not comfortable because it does not stretch and conform to your feet throughout the day or over time. You’ll need to get real leather or suede shoes. And these will cost more.


Rule #3 – You’ll want broad-based heels that are at least three inches tall.


Skinny stiletto heels are sexy, but they wear out quickly, and they’re usually going to be way too uncomfortable. Instead, choose a high heeled shoe that has a medium-sized broad heel, and always choose heels that are at least 3 inches tall.


If you follow all of these rules, you’ll be sure to find a pair of high heels that are comfortable, cute and sexy for any occasion.


Versace’s Glamour on Display during Obama’s Final State Dinner

For President Obama’s final state dinner hosted in honor of Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy, Michelle Obama, the first lady donned a custom made Atelier Versace rose-gold chain-mail gown. It consisted of a slinky gown that had an asymmetrical neckline slithering down her hips and torso like liquid metal. The shimmering display of fashion has been compared to raw Hollywood glamour.

The Versace Brand


The gown comes from the rarest corner of the renowned Versace brand. This is a collection that gets displayed on the runway as a component of the Paris haute couture season, what Hollywood stars wear when they walk down the harrowed red carpet as they go to collect their Oscars. Donatella Versace, the designer is a fan of the Obamas too, once having used President Obama as the inspiration for a special Versace menswear collection.


Homage to Italian Fashion


Of course, the choice was a way of paying homage to Italy, among the most famous fashion capitals of the world. The 14th state dinner was the final one for the Obamas at the White House and was in honor of visiting PM of Italy Matteo Renzi. The country is famous for its luxurious fabrics, exquisite tailoring, capable of transforming a sexy frock into a unique piece of high art.


In attendance were plenty of other American and Italian celebrities, but for all the exciting events of the night, many cannot still get over the way the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) was brightly sparkling during what was her final state dinner as the nation’s First Lady.




In the past, Michelle Obama has been known to go for a variety of designers having some connection to the theme of the particular event. The first lady’s gown for her final state dinner at the White House will be something to be remembered. In a statement, designer Versace said she was honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity of dressing FLOTUS.




How Having a Colorful Wedding Dress Can Take the Cake

Most women who are about to get married are ready to look for a brand-new stark white wedding dress. That’s because traditionally, brides wear bright white on their wedding days. But trends have recently been changing. No, were not talking about off-white or cream-colored wedding dresses. Were talking about colored wedding dresses.


It may seem nontraditional, but many women are choosing wedding dresses with pops of color this year. This is a great way to show your individuality and brighten up your big day. If you don’t want to choose a wedding dress that is completely another color, you can simply add small areas of color to your white or cream-colored wedding dress.


One way that women are doing just that this year is by incorporating ombre styles into their dresses. This is mostly done at the bottom of their dresses. For example, your dress might be completely white or cream-colored at the top, and as the dress gradually descends to the bottom hem, that white color changes to another bright color. Women with this style of wedding dress have been seen with purple ombre, blue ombre and green ombre at the bottom, but you can naturally choose whatever color you want. If you would like more than one color, this is a great way to incorporate a super bright look to your big day as well.


If the ombre style doesn’t appeal to you, there are other things that you can do to incorporate more color into your wedding dress. For example, you might consider putting a colored ribbon around your waist or a colored bow in the back or front of your dress. Similarly, small colored flowers can be added anywhere on your bodice or skirt. These may be fabric filers, flowers made of sequence or real flowers that you get from your florist.


Fashion Could Inspire And Encourage

Fashion at its best is very creative. People can be inspired with fashion. For one thing, people who look closely at fashion will find tons of very interesting and elegant outfits. Even menswear has some really interesting items that could capture the imagination. Fashion and style could be enviable, beautiful, weird, and even fun. Most importantly, fashion can be used to represent one’s personality. As a matter of fact, fashion can have an effect on one’s personality. When someone wears something that clashes with her personality, the results could be catastrophic. However, when someone wears clothes that represents her personality, then it actually brings out her personality even further.


One thing that people may have to put up with when they are exploring their own style are the self appointed fashion police. There is the chance that one is going to have something to say about what people are wearing. However, no thought should be paid to them as long as it does not violate any dress codes.


For people that don’t know where to start with fashion, there are magazines that showcase the different styles. Also, one could visit some events like Los Angeles Fashion Week when she gets the chance. This is where one could check out all of the creativity that designers put into their clothes. Going to fashion shows can be like a glimpse to the future.


When one actually looks at fashion, then she could find inspiration for her own style. One thing that could be exhilarating is actually wearing the favorite outfit she has seen on the runway. This could definitely bring out good feelings of confidence and self worth.


Moonlight Men Heat Up The Planet In New Calvin Klein Spring Underwear Campaign

The handsome leading men of Moonlight haven’t been able to catch their breath, but that’s alright, because they’ve sky-rocketed to another universe altogether. Life is good these days, when you’re Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders and Alex R. Hibbert.


The four actors star in the 2017 Best Picture Moonlight, but achieving the immense success had a bizarre twist on the eve of the Academy Awards event. It’s being called the biggest Oscars blunder in years, as the best picture award was mistakenly given to La La Land – when in fact the real winner was Moonlight.


None of that really matters anymore, because Ali, Rhodes, Sanders and young Hibbert have become the four faces of the iconic Calvin Klein brand. The quartet are featured in the huge Calvin Klein 2017 Spring Underwear Campaign. Willy Vanderperre took the photos, working under the direction of the brand’s new chief creative officer Raf Simons.


The series of stunning black and white ads is titled Revelation and shows off the crazy beautiful physiques of Ali, Rhodes and Sanders modeling famous CK briefs, boxers and tee-shirts. The younger Hibbert is adorable, modestly posing in the brand’s tees.


The men are photographed in black underwear, namely in the Cotton Stretch Trunk, Cotton Crew-Neck T-Shirt, Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief and Cotton Stretch Hip Brief. You can see the underwear and pricing here.


Mahershala Ali also won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Moonlight) and recently picked up an international modeling contract with Calvin Klein.


It’s been a crazy ride for the Moonlight men thus far, and more amazing fashion and acting avenues will surely open up for the four.


To see those gorgeous photos, visit CK.


How to Find the Best Swimsuit for This Summer

With swimsuit season coming up, it’s time to shop for this season’s bathing suit! This can be a big decision for many women who love to hang out at the beach or pool, but most women dread trying these items of clothing on at the store. Fortunately, with a little help, this year’s bathing suit decision won’t be too hard. Use the following guide to make your final choice.


Two Piece or One Piece


The first thing that you’ll need to decide is whether or not you want a two or one piece bathing suit. This should be a fairy easy choice as it has most to do with how comfortable you feel in either of these types of suits. For example, if you feel comfortable in a two piece, go for it! Many women want to cover up more, so they’ll opt for a one piece or a tankini, which covers more of the abdomen. If you have a pear shaped body, a bikini can look amazing, but if you have an apple shaped body, you might want to go for a one piece.


Color and Design


The next factor that you’ll need to consider is the color and design of your bathing suit. You’ll want to pick a color that flatters your skin tone. Those with olive colored skin tones may look good in bright oranges, corals, pinks or reds. Those who have a lighter skin tone with pink undertones might consider going with something a little cooler like blue or green.


If you hate trying bathing suits on at the store, consider ordering your bathing suit online this year. Simply shop online and put a number of your favorite bathing suit styles and sizes on a credit or debit card and return whatever you don’t like.