How to Choose the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body This Summer

When it comes to getting ready for the summer, there’s one thing that all women have to do, and it’s not very fun. We all have to pick out a brand new bathing suit.


If you’re getting ready for a summer trip or a spring break jaunt to the coast, you’ll want to find a bathing suit that flatters your body and makes you look great on the beach or at the side of the pool. These tips will help you!


  1. Get the Good Stuff


First, don’t buy a cheaply made bathing suit. You’ll want to save as much money as possible, and purchasing a bathing suit that is not made out of quality materials or one that is not properly put together will always make you look worse than you really do! With that being said, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on your suit.


  1. Thicker Material Is Better


In addition to purchasing a well-made suit, you’ll want to find one that is made of thicker material. This will help you hide flaws better.


  1. Look for Ruching on the Bodice of the Suit


Ruching is a style of folding material. The folds created on bathing suits can also help hide bumps and extra baggage. It will make your tummy look super flat!


  1. Go for Prints


Solid colors may make you look bigger than you actually are. Try prints that are large and colorful to avert the eyes from trouble areas. You might also try polka dots, but stay away from stripes as these will only attract attention to your stomach.


  1. Try a Tankini on for Size


Tankinis are like bikinis, but the top is longer. It usually meets at your belly button, or it might cover up your entire stomach. For people who are nervous about their stomachs, this can be great.


As you go shopping for your bathing suit this year, try to keep all of these tips in mind, and this will help you pick out a suit that you feel good about.


How to Find and Care for the Best Denim Jacket

Every woman should have a great denim jacket and her wardrobe of clothes. This is a great staple piece that you can wear with all different sorts of outfits, including jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses. Moreover, you can keep a denim jacket for years to come without it going out of style. This article will present some great ways to find an excellent denim jacket and a few tips for maintaining your jacket so that it doesn’t deteriorate or need mending.


How to find a great denim jacket


As you shop for a denim jacket, look for a piece that is made of high-quality denim. You might have to pay a little bit more for this, but it will be worth it in the end because it will last a long time. You should also make sure that it fits nicely and isn’t too snug. You should be able to make large circles with your arms when you have it on without straining fabric. In addition, make sure that the color of the denim is one that you like. Naturally, there are a range of denim shades to choose from. Pick one that goes with the majority of your clothing items.


How to take care of your denim jacket


You might think that all you need to do to take care of your denim jacket is to wash it every once in a while in the same way that you take care of your other precious clothing items. Actually, this isn’t true. You’re not supposed to wash denim jackets because they can become misshapen and shrink. Instead of cleaning your denim jacket in the washing machine and dryer, you can actually freeze it to get rid of any bacteria and build up.


Simply folds your jacket and put it into a plastic bag. Put it into your freezer for 24 hours. Once it has been in your freezer for a whole day, take it out and put it somewhere where it can thaw. That’s it! That’s all you need to do in order to clean your denim jacket once every few months and keep it looking great and in style.


Tips for Actually Dressing Like a Female Adult in Your 20s

In order to dress like an adult woman, there are certain steps that you must take because it doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to make it happen!


In your teens, you might have been used to dressing however you pleased in short shorts and short skirts or cropped tops. In your 20s, things change, and it’s important to change the way that you dress so that you look more professional in anticipation for a career. These tips should help you dress your best.


How to  Dress Like an Adult in Your 20s


  1. Don’t show so much skin.


First, make sure that you are dressing rather modestly. You shouldn’t be showing too much skin in the 20s. If you’re going on a date or out with friends, this is different, but even then, try to limit the amount of skin that you show. If you want to wear a lower top during a night out, that’s fine, but don’t wear a short skirt or dress as well. If you have a short skirt or dress on, make sure that your neckline is modest.


  1. Buy some staple pieces to keep in your closet.


Next, make sure that you have several staple items in your closet. You should have a little black dress for formal occasions, a nice classic trench coat for winter, a nice coat for spring and fall, a few pairs of nice fitting jeans and several pairs of shoes. In terms of shoes, it’s a good idea to have a quality pair of tan, leather flats as well as a pair of leather booths for winter and a classic pair of black heeled pumps.


  1. Take care of your clothing.


Finally, make sure that you’re taking care of the clothing that you have. In your teens, you may have been used to wearing your favorites tops or dresses until they were basically rags, but in your 20s, this isn’t the way you want to go. When something becomes deteriorated or has tears, either fix it or get a new one. You can keep these things to wear around your house, but don’t plan on wearing them out and about unless you want to look like a bum.


Mom Jeans are Back

Jeans are the perennial classic, both vintage and contemporary at the same time. Silhouettes and styles may change, but jeans themselves will never go out of fashion.


The one type of jeans that seemed universally hated was the dreaded “mom jeans.” These jeans had very high waistlines and somewhat shapeless legs. They were purely utilitarian. Many of us breathed sighs of relief when they fell out of style in the ’90s. This is when lower-waisted jeans with a slimmer fit through the thighs emerged as a more flattering cut, and mom jeans were virtually forgotten for about 20 years.


Something curious has happened recently, however. The editorial push toward effortless beauty dragged mom jeans back into the spotlight. Suddenly beautiful girls with perfect figures were photographed in baggy, high-waisted jeans, lit and positioned to convey the sense that they didn’t care about wearing flattering clothing. This overlaps with the enduring hipster trend, which favors clothing that is often adamantly unflattering. Fans of vintage styles are also wearing mom jeans, as high waists were the norm until relatively recently. This is underscored by the persistent interest in the fashion of the ’90s, when jeans were looser and baggy layers were popular.


High-waisted pants are a great way for thin women to show off their bodies, as one must be in pretty good shape to look in mom jeans. If you want to try this trend on for size, wear your mom jeans with a crop top and some short ankle boots.


Leslie Jones Gets a Dress

Leslie Jones is one of the biggest names in comedy right now. She currently appears on Saturday Night Live, and she stars in the upcoming Ghostbusters film. She is known for her big personality and fearless flamboyance. Despite her success and visibility, there is one arena she is struggling to break into: fashion.

Jones recently updated her Twitter account to report that no couture designers are willing to loan her a dress to wear to the Ghostbusters premier. The red carpet event should be a great opportunity for a label to promote its latest designs, yet no one wants to put his or her creations on Leslie. She speculates that designers don’t want to be associated with a black woman over 40 who is not a runway sample size. Some designers have spoken to the press regarding sizing in the fashion world. They claim that Jones should have known ahead of time that no one would have dresses in her size to loan out for events. They seem satisfied with this conclusion, but Jones is not.

It is true that Jones does not conform to the Hollywood ideal, and that is one of the many reasons why she has gained so many fans. Her fans want to see her enjoying her red carpet moment in a dress just as glamorous as the ones worn by her thin white costars. One of these fans is Christian Siriano, who has responded to Jones’ tweets by offering to make her a dress. He has refused to accept praise for doing something that he perceives as being a normal part of his job.

Kendall Jenner Still Dealing With Anxiety As She Stars In Paris Fashion Week

If you look closely at model Kendall Jenner walking the runway for Alexandre Vauthier at Paris Fashion Week show, you would never know the dark-haired beauty suffers from anxiety problems. In fact, she and fellow runway star Bella Hadid wowed the masses, displaying Alexandre Vauthier’s Spring/Summer 17 creations with a-list composure.


Kendall Jenner has been quite forthcoming to her fans about her anxiety issues and is learning breathing exercises that have helped her cope with the condition. She mentions all of her achievements of the last year at her website


With the start of 2017, Kendall Jenner appears to be very comfortable as a sought after model at age 21. She also walked for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 recently, joining Lily Rose Depp and Bella Hadid. All three women wore frou-frou fashion with lots of delicate and frilly layers, resembling beautiful, elegant cupcakes.


Kendall Jenner has many fans located around the globe, and they watch her every move, both fashion and beauty-wise. The model has been sporting shoulder length dark brunette locks for a while now, and it appeared that she had made a major hairstyle change with blunt baby bangs and red hot lipstick.


Faux or real, no one is sure, but most are betting that Kendall is just playing around with faux bangs or extensions. The bangs are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s but with a modern twist. By the way, Kendall Jenner idolizes the late Audrey Hepburn and even mentioned recently, that if it were possible, would have liked for the actress to play her in a movie.


Kendall Jenner made those comments at her website. She admires the late actress, not only for her fine beauty, but because Hepburn was “so chic and talented.”


Women in Politics have Become Forceful Fashion Models

Fashion and clothing has taken its place of pride in political parlance, going by the recent developments in American politics. The women in politics or those close to the men in politics have become automatic fashion models. The dressing they have chosen to wear to occasions both private and public, the people that design it, and its label have become the points of discussion, creating both protests and tensions.


Sources of Fashion Models


The white pantsuits that Hillary Clinton adorned during campaign evoked the memory of suffragettes. Besides, the rainbow of matching ensembles that she dressed also inspired her fans into flashy mob dances. Her arch supporter, Mitchell Obama has also played the role of the First Model during her time at the White House, often drawing curious eyes to her designers and what they meant to portray through her dressing. Talk of what cloth her dresses were made of and how it suited her build and persona have been a point of discourse amongst many fashion conscious analysts.


Sources of Fashion Protests


Fashion analysts have closely followed the accessory and clothing that Melania Trump and her step-daughter Ivanka Trump have adorned. Their clothing inspired the distaste amongst the minorities, immigrants and women who have been the subjects of derogatory statements that Donald Trump issued during the recent campaigns. But the same clothing have been fully embraced by Trump supporters who have seen him as the champion of their voices.


The women in power have turned the red carpet as their moment of fashion show. Their dressing is currently given political undertones, serving as both the point of inspiration or derision based on the side of the political divide that the fashion analyst belongs. What cannot be taken away from these women in power is the new significant role that they are playing to promote fashion ideas not just in America but also around the world.


Should Leather Evolve?

In the United States, cattle farming presents a heady amalgamation of ecological concerns. Cattle have been farmed for generations and continue to be an important cultural staple in many societies across the world. Herd animals can be conducive to healthy living on a small scale, but larger industrial farms have put quite a strain on the modern world.


While cattle farming has become more ethical over the decades, it still raises many flags for animal lovers. A large problem is that cattle farms are overcrowded, and that cows often don’t experience the chance to flourish in the outdoors. Injections of hormones and antibiotic treatments have manipulated cattle on a biological level, and the waste they excrete generates a hazardous quantity of methane emissions.


While some people are hard-pressed to eat veal, they may still be seduced by a fine leather jacket or supple purse, yet the leather industry is far from being ethically pure. The creation of leather itself is a very toxic process, producing carcinogenic chromium which can leach into the water supply.


Many people think of leather as being a by-product of the meat industry, but the truth is that a great deal of leather, especially high end varieties, are shipped from overseas. The animals used are often not a product of American slaughterhouses, and can be subject to cruelty. Calves are often used to create the most luxurious forms of leather, and cattle shipped from India are forced to forgo their sacred status to be processed for consumers in the West.


However, there are some creative fashion designers who are eager to use materials that aren’t animal-based at all. Phil Ross is an artist who created a novel line of products designed to mimic the texture and appearance of leather. The substitute is actually made from mycelium, which is harvested from mushrooms.


This mushroom skin is a part of the Mycoworks line, and Ross hopes to perfect the material so that it reaches a durability consistent with tanned leather. By experimenting with products and inventive ways of envisioning fabric, fashion designers may pave the future for both high-end clothing and animal welfare.



VillageLuxe Transforming the High-End Fashion Industry

Julia Gudish Krieger is the brilliant mind behind VillageLuxe, an Airbnb of sorts, only this time it has clothes, accessories and shoes that are for rent and not houses. It is based in New York and women gladly welcomed this brilliant idea. VillageLuxe deals with designer fashion items and the application and site enable women to borrow these items from other women at a small fee.


It is an invite-only affair and therefore not everyone gets to enjoy these services. Many women would like to be part of the network and many have signed up and are hoping to be accepted to join the network. These include the likes of Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Leandra Medine, who are big names in the fashion industry.


Julia has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and investment. What inspired her to start VillageLuxe was the realization that renting fashion items is an untapped business opportunity as it would be a cheaper option for women and they would therefore gladly embrace the concept. She got the idea from what Uber and Airbnb are already doing with taxis and houses respectively.


Julia had no prior experience running a business and therefore faced a few challenges along the way. Her biggest challenge has been being responsible for the wellbeing of the people working for her and ensuring that they are working in good conditions and being compensated well enough for their services. But all in all, the experience has been a rewarding one and she would not have it any other way.


Julia is proud of herself and is very impressed with how far she has come with VillageLuxe. She is a hardworking lady who is committed to excellence and looks forward to a successful future for VillageLuxe. Her love for fashion drove her to do what she loves and she has no regrets whatsoever.


The Best Tips for Looking Super Fashionable as a Pregnant Woman

There’s no reason to give up looking gorgeous just because you’re pregnant. Similarly, there’s no reason to feel that you have to constantly look amazing when you’re pregnant. You have an extremely difficult job, and it can be a real challenge to figure out fashion and beauty looks day in and day out. That’s what the advice below is all about. Use it to strike the right balance for you and help you find a fashion look that’s relatively fuss-free and makes you feel amazing!


Dressing for your changing body


As a pregnant woman, you’re in a bit of a bind where fashion is concerned. You have a protruding belly that will likely make it difficult to find anything too slimming or flattering in the way that you used to wear before you were pregnant. That’s naturally the biggest issue at hand.


To counter this, just go with the flow, and by this, we mean that you should go head first into maternity wear. As soon as you start showing, head to your local maternity shop and pick out some new outfits. The great thing about maternity clothes is that they will grow with you. They often have elastic ruching on the sides so that you can wear the same maternity clothes as your belly grows.


You’ll also want to make sure that your own true style shines through in whatever clothing that you choose. For example, if you like wearing dresses when you’re not pregnant, continue to wear maternity dresses. You can even wear pencil skirts and button up tops if you get them at maternity shops. Flared skirts, horizontal stripes and thick fabrics always look great on pregnant women as well. If you’re up for it, you can even wear your favorite pair of stiletto heels.