What it Takes For Young Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Panama According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Many people have the perception that entrepreneurship is a preserve for individuals who are in their middle ages. This is a totally misleading perception, because young entrepreneurs have all that it takes to succeed in business. Young people are tech-savvy and like taking risks. These are some of the attributes of a successful entrepreneur in the modern business world. Panama has widely been described as the hotbed of business opportunities in Central America.

Creating a successful entrepreneurial career in Panama

You should ensure that whatever you do is unique. This will go a long way in setting you apart from the rest of the pack. Remember there is wisdom in uniqueness, which fully explains why going with the grain may not be a wise idea. Be uncompromising and revolutionary, and success will come your way. You should also master the art of flexibility. In this regard, you should not dwell your focus on coming up with a pioneering idea. In retrospect, think of ways that can help you actualize that idea. Once your idea has been actualized, seek out like-minded people who can help nurture your dreams.

Avoid people who will pull you back. Network with people who have the potential to be your business partners. Choose people that you can trust with your ideas and resources. Pooling ideas and resources with another like-minded individual will give you the means of achieving twice as much as what you were initially intending to achieve. You should similarly endeavor to avoid all form of shortcuts. In as much as they might appear to be an easy road to success, short cuts are a major stumbling block in the long run. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Minimize your costs, set realistic goals and find a mentor who is well versed with the game.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Brief

Adrian is a highly successful young entrepreneur. The Panama resident is originally from Venezuela but chose the Central American nation due to the vast business opportunities that he identified. He holds senior positions in more than 5 Panama based companies, all of which are prosperous. Besides his corporate duties, Mr. Velasquez has carved a niche for himself by being one of the most prominent members of the business community in Panama. He has had a hand in the success of over 20 companies due to the insightful advice that he offers to young entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Panama.



Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa official site: http://www.adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com/

Dr. Walden Does It All Well

Jennifer Walden is not just a beautiful woman who could easily grace the pages of any glamour magazine. She is also intelligent, compassionate, hard working, and a dedicated mother. Not only is she a mother, author, commentator, she also happens to be Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in the country according to Harper’s Bazaar in their April, 2014 edition.

Born in Austin, Texas to a dentist father and a mother who was a surgical nurse, she attended Anderson High School and majored in biology at the University of Texas. She then attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated as salutatorian.

After completing her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she received a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City where she studied aesthetic surgery under world-renown Dr. Sherrell Aston and several other internationally known surgeons.

When her fellowship ended, she remained in New York as Dr. Sherrill’s associate where she continued to learn new innovative techniques and implementing them as she built a remarkable reputation as a cosmetic surgeon in her own right.

However, in 2010, Dr. Walden gave birth to her twin sons, Houston and Rex and, as she wanted them to grow up near her family, Dr. Walden moved to Austin a year later. In 2011 she opened her own business, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Later, she opened a satellite surgery clinic in Marble Falls, TX.

Dr. Walden often appears as an expert in cosmetic surgery on such television programs as NBC’s Today Show, CBS’ The Early Show and ABC’s 20/20. Her comments appear in numerous magazines such as Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
As an author, Dr. Walden has received several awards for the research articles she has written. She also co-wrote and edited the award winning textbook, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Even though she is a busy mother and physician, Dr. Walden is involved in numerous philanthropic projects in New York and in the Austin area. She also travels to foreign countries such as El Salvador and Mexico where she operates on poor and underprivileged children to repair cleft palates and other deformities.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a remarkable woman who has successfully combined motherhood and a busy career. She does it all, and she does it well.

Purina Dog Food Aims To Help The Community And Dogs Around The World

The Nestle Purina pet food brand has been one of the top companies in the world since two major pet care businesses merged in 2001. In most reports the brand is known as the second largest in the world, which is aided by the fact a wide range of brands are produced under the Nestle Purina that cover a number of budget ranges to make sure almost every pet parent can provide their dog with high quality food. The company is seen as one of the most impressive in the world for the way it works to protect the environment and make sure as many dogs as possible have a bright future.

Purina has also been looking to create a popular number of campaigns that are designed to raise awareness of the brand and allow pets and their parents around the world to become as healthy as possible. In recent years, the trend for overfeeding dogs and pet obesity have been amongst the causes taken up by the executives in charge of the company. Partnering with a well known human dieting Website gave Purina the chance to create a community based program that looked at the best ways of reducing the weight and increasing the fitness levls of dogs around the world. This comes as a large number of programs have been introduced that are designed to allow animals around the world to show their skills in agility courtses touring North America. Purina attempts to help dogs of all ages to get the most out of their fitness levels as they embark on competitions in a range of categories.

Purina has looked to make sure the largest number of dogs have the chance to remain fit and healthy into the future by embarking on the development of a number of dog food lines. Purina’s Beneful range is one of those that has grown in popularity since it was launched in 2001 to create a natural alternative to processed foods. The name Beneful has been described by some company executives as meaning full of goodness and has grown in just over a decade to become the world’s fourth most popular dog food line. Beneful is well known for the natural inredients that are included in the product line and has become well known for being one of the most nutritionally important dog food lines in the world. The need to keep animals fit and healthy is one of the most important aspects of the line, which has made a commitment to placing the needs of the pet at the top of its list of priorities.

Finding a Company to Invest In

A very important part of investment in Brazil is finding a company to invest in. For people that are looking for a company to invest in, it is important to look beyond the price. While, many investors start out investing money in order to make more money, there are plenty of other advantages to holding a stock in a company. When one invests in stocks of a company, he actually owns some of that company. This basically means that he has some say in how things are run in the company. Quite a few people can say what it is like to own shares in the company. One of the people that know about earning shares is Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen is one very knowledgeable investor who has gained many years of experience when it comes to owning shares in a company. He will advise many people on what to look for in a company before buying stocks. His advice is that it is better to invest in many small stocks from different companies than to settle on one company. He has plenty of words of wisdom for people that are willing to listen to him when it comes to making the right investments.

In order to find the right companies to invest in, one has to figure out what he or she wants in a company. One thing that is helpful in determining whether or not a company is worth investing in is whether the investor likes the company or not. When the investor decides that he is passionate about the company that he is looking to buy shares from, then he could make the investments. When he invests in a company, he can actually have a word in as to how the company is run. He can also get some regular earnings from dividends and yields depending on the company that he is investing in.

Joseph Bismark Lives a Simple Life


When someone gains great riches, most tend to spend that money on a luxurious lifestyle. If I were to accumulate great wealth, I believe that I would be tempted to live a different life than the one that I am living now. When it comes to Joseph Bismark, though, the riches that he has gained have not pushed him to live a life different than the one that he would live if he were poor. This man has chosen to live a simple life, despite the fact that he has gained great wealth and could be living in a big way.

On the blog Citizen Shame, it is shared how Joseph Bismark is living his life simply. This man who could be living as most of the rich do, has chosen to live a simple life.   This man is living a peaceful life, rather than living one that is wild and full of the kind of fun that most of the rich enjoy. This man lives a simple life when he doesn’t have to, and I think that we all should look up to him for that reason.

How to Create Effective Wikipedia Articles

In the last few years, people have turned to the internet as their first source of inforomation. Someone who wants to learn about the best way to travel from Seattle to San Diego will go online first. Another person who needs to find out the common colors of diamonds will also turn to the net for help. Fortunately, the net has been set up to help provide such information. A single search can often reveal many sources of information and allow the person searching to get a nearly instant response to their question. While many sources of information exist, some sources are considered better than others.

One such source is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the world’s biggest websites. The site consists of hundreds of thousands of pages on various topics. Readers are happy to use Wikipedia as a source of basic information on many subjects. Search engines will usually rank a Wikipedia page highly in any search. This is one of many reasons why people choose to write Wikipedia articles. Mos Wikipedia articles are written by the general public. Many writers have a specific love for the subject in question and wish to share that love with others.

Creating a Wiki page typically means following certain directions. The writer must be aware of the need to convey information to the reader in as clear a manner as possible. The writer must also be prepared to follow all written Wikipedia guidelines. Standard guidelines ask for the writer to be prepared to make sure that all sources are cited as well as provide accurate information on the subject that can be easily followed. The writer should also be prepared to provide the reader with information that can be traced to other sources as well in order to help make it clear where they are getting their own information on the topic.

Many writers also help the reader by providing them links inside of the article in order to help them learn about information about other subjects that are related to the main subject. This can help make the article more helpful for readers who are able to trace other subjects that may be related to the main article as they read it. Such links should be used whenever possible in order to make any article written for Wikipedia as well rounded as possible when it is placed on the site.

Creating a Useful Budget

One of the best ways to begin your journey of financial freedom is to create a budget. With the following steps (courtesy of Igor Cornelsen) you will be able to create a budget that will allow you to put your finances in order and get you closer to your goal of financial freedom.

Know your income
This first step is important. By calculating how much money you bring home each month will let you know how much money you have to spend. Your income amount includes the money you receive from your job, alimony, child support, social security, or even hobbies. When you are adding the money that you make from your 9 to 5 make sure to include your net amount and not your gross income.

Add up your expenses
One of the easiest ways to add up your expenses is by saving your receipts. Your grocery, gas, and miscellaneous items receipts will give you an idea about how much money you spend in those areas on a monthly basis.  Also, include your monthly bills such as your mortgage, car payment, utilities, etc.

Know your goal
Having a goal set will help you to stay true to your budget at times when you want to splurge. Are you trying to save for retirement, a new car, or maybe a new home? Whatever your goal is, make sure it is understood before you start living by your budget. Also, during this step be sure to create a time frame you would like to review your goal and to reveal your progress.

Once you know what your expenses are for the month, divide them into categories. For example, create a housing category that includes all expenses connected to your home such as utilities, rent, or phone bill.

Once you have categorized all of your expenses, take the time to list the amounts. For example, under your auto category you may list the cost of your car payment, insurance, and gas. After all the amounts have been determined for each category, add them together. The sum will be your monthly budget amount.

Keep track of your budget
There are many apps and software’s available that can help you to keep track of your budget. If you prefer a traditional approach, purchase a ledger book that will allow you to physically track your budget.

Extra tips
The budget you create today is not set in stone. Situations will arise that will cause you to have to make adjustments.  Also, make sure to include an emergency fund so just in case an unforeseen expense emerges, so that it will not completely throw you off your budget.

Online Dating Advice

An article appearing in Huffingtonpost had a few profound thoughts to share with those that are considering online dating. Everyone is aware that online dating is making it possible for people across the world to connect with each other. The article believes that this is not necessarily a good thing. There are numerous negative aspects that are associated with online dating. People should consider the negative aspects along with the positive aspects before venturing out onto the online dating pool.

Online Dating Warnings
Objectify People- It is interesting to note that the top warning is about looking at people like they are an object and not a person. All that availability makes online dating site users regard people like they are selecting a new designer shirt or a sports car. They want to know what’s under the hood and it certainly has to look pretty.

Too Selective – Online daters tend to become too selective and extremely critical. So much availability tends to cloud their minds and makes it difficult to select just one date.

Less Than Perfect Matches – They suggest that online dating sites do not take a personality under consideration. They do not have a clue how people might react to each other in person.

Other Warnings – The other warnings are something online daters might want to consider. They include the fact that people build up those expectations about their date. Often, they meet in person and are disappointed. Often, people on the site, simply lie about their background. Others are looking for trouble or are potential stalkers. Certainly, many of the people on the sites would not make good dating material in the real world.

Anastasia Date is an online dating site that is receiving a lot of positive reviews. This led me to the site. Now, I was like a lot of people. I was very hesitant to try the online dating sites, but something about this site seemed different. I’m a romantic guy and I was looking for a serious relationship with a woman. I must say that I’ve had only wonderful experiences since joining the site. It is a safe and secure site. The women are beautiful, intelligent, honest, and friendly. I believe that the site is managed by people that are committed to making the online dating experience very positive for everybody involved. I would highly recommend this site to any man or woman that is interested in meeting people online and starting a serious relationship or casual dating. Find more about Anastasia Date on their Instagram account! 

Kung Fury Released online

Kung Fury has finally been released online on May 28 as a result of a kickstarter campaign to get it going. The trailer promised a lot of over the top fun as the star takes on many different adversaries including arcade machines and Hitler “Kung Fuhrer” himself.

The short film itself more than delivers on its promise, at least in the eyes of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This film was done in the quality of a VHS tape. There are a few sequences where the tracking drops out during a part where the tape has obviously been eaten. It resulted in what looks like a couple of minutes total lost from the sequence.

There are other sequences that are very over the top fun. The acting is over the top and hammy in that 80s way. The director and star David Sandberg has teamed up with David Hasselhoff for the music video done in the retro 80s style.

Overall, this short movie does what it sets out to do and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It i great retro fun. Kung Fury is actually somewhat reminiscent of Axe Cop.