Online Dating Advice

An article appearing in Huffingtonpost had a few profound thoughts to share with those that are considering online dating. Everyone is aware that online dating is making it possible for people across the world to connect with each other. The article believes that this is not necessarily a good thing. There are numerous negative aspects that are associated with online dating. People should consider the negative aspects along with the positive aspects before venturing out onto the online dating pool.

Online Dating Warnings
Objectify People- It is interesting to note that the top warning is about looking at people like they are an object and not a person. All that availability makes online dating site users regard people like they are selecting a new designer shirt or a sports car. They want to know what’s under the hood and it certainly has to look pretty.

Too Selective – Online daters tend to become too selective and extremely critical. So much availability tends to cloud their minds and makes it difficult to select just one date.

Less Than Perfect Matches – They suggest that online dating sites do not take a personality under consideration. They do not have a clue how people might react to each other in person.

Other Warnings – The other warnings are something online daters might want to consider. They include the fact that people build up those expectations about their date. Often, they meet in person and are disappointed. Often, people on the site, simply lie about their background. Others are looking for trouble or are potential stalkers. Certainly, many of the people on the sites would not make good dating material in the real world.

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