MB2 dental gives dental students several options to explore when starting their career

Every year thousands of students graduate from various dental schools around the world. Most of these students graduate with either a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. If you are among this year’s grandaunts, congratulations! Pulling through dental school is no feat as it requires a lot of effort and dedication. For students who have graduated, it is both exciting and relieving knowing that you are done with school. You have finally closed one chapter in your life ready to move on to the next. However, some students may feel nervous about the world that lies ahead of them. Graduating from a dental school opens many opportunities, which make it challenging for a young professional to choose the right path to follow. Nowadays, dental students have multiple options to choose from. One can decide to start a private practice or even join an established dental practice. With all the available opportunities, it can be daunting to choose the path that best fits your needs.

MB2 Dental offers professional advice

MB2 dental was founded with the aim of helping doctors work in a corporate setup and yet achieve what they could not achieve if they went solo. MB2 dental, which was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueza primarily focuses on personal growth, autonomy and dentists supporting each other. Thus, all the MB2 affiliates commit to helping dental practitioners retain control over how they run their operations. The organization supports dentists by offering various services such as payroll, Human resources, legal issues, compliance, accounting, staffing, marketing and any other critical services needed by dental practitioners. The organization was founded by a qualified and highly experienced dental practitioner who worked both in the corporate world and private practice. He then established an institution that would help dental practitioners merge the two.

Dental practitioners get the opportunity to interact and support each other throughout their dental practice.Besides working with established doctors, MB2 dental also visit dental schools in various states where they get an opportunity to interact with the students. During such times, Dr. Chris and his team recruit and establish strong relationships with dental students. Every year MB2 dental meets and connects with hundreds of brilliant dental students from all over the country who are eager to scale the ropes in the dental industry. The primary goal of reaching out to these students is to educate them on opportunities they have after dental school. This goes a long way in nurturing future dental experts.

Dr. Villanueva Brings Attention to Dental Industry Issues

For Dr. Villanueva, the point of running a dental business is giving people a chance at success. He knows there are things he can do that help the patients get all the most positive parts of the business. He also knows there are things that will make a difference so people can use it to allow others the chance to keep doing their best. Dr. Villanueva knows what it takes and isn’t afraid to give people the chance they need to succeed. He also knows the patients benefit from all the best options he has for them. Depending on the hard work the dentists put into their patients, they know it’s necessary to give them everything they want. They also know there are things they need to do to provide them with the best care. It’s about more than just trying to help people succeed.

Dr. Villanueva knew this when he started the business. He keeps seeing all the options he has for success and that’s how he knows how to actually help others. There are things that allow Dr. Villanueva the chance to show people how it will all get better no matter what issues they have.  When he started MB2 Dental, he wanted dentists to come together to share expertise. If they all put their heads together, they could help more patients than he could alone or they could alone. He felt strongly about how he was giving more attention to people who were working on their own and that’s what allowed him the chance at making MB2 better than other dental businesses.

For years, he learned what people were doing and learned how to make things easier on them. The business was easy for people to work on since they all knew what they wanted.Now that MB2 Dental is successful, the patients are the ones who benefit from those results. They now they have someone who cares about the options they have and that’s what allowed Dr. Villanueva to feel good about the business. It’s also what helped him make all the right choices for success. Since he knew how to help other people and he knew what they needed, he felt good about the industry opportunities and the things that would allow him to grow the business. Dr. Villanueva likes giving people the chance at more success so they don’t need to worry about the issues they have to deal with.

Dr. Chris Villanueva: Revolutionizing the Dental Practice

Being a doctor is most young people’s dream career. When people look at doctors, they only see the alluring money that they rake in. It seems like they live the same kind of life as rock stars; driving fancy imported cars and living in the nice neighborhoods.Sure, a few people envy doctors for the impact they have on their patient’s lives and the fact that they get to bring people joy by healing their loved ones.What most of us tend to overlook is the amount of work required to become a doctor, and the enormous amount of work involved when you do become a doctor. In some busy hospitals, doctors have eighteen-hour shifts. A dentist is probably the most dreaded individual at a hospital. When we see a dentist, we involuntarily flinch maybe remembering a previous visit or a story we have heard about someone’s experience in a dentist’s chair.These are the worries patients have concerning dentists, but the dentists themselves have a harder time doing their job. On top of treating patients, dentists still have to do administrative work and everything else involved in running a business.Chris Villanueva set out to solve this problem by launching MB2 Dental, which is a dentist-owned company focusing on easing the workload that dentists face.


Villanueva’s motivation for launching his innovative company came from his own experience when he was starting out. After graduating, his first job was as an associate dentist at a clinic, which was managed by the owner’s wife.The owner was a dentist; the wife was not. Chris saw the challenges he had to face being led by someone who although well-meaning, did not have a working understanding of the business.He also understood the difficulty in treating patients while at the same time running the practice. He sought to solve this problem, and this is the main reason why he founded MB2 Dental.


Although Villanueva was born in Ohio, he spent most of his pre-medical school life abroad. He lived in both Asia and South America, completing his high school education in Venezuela.He held several jobs after becoming a doctor, all in the dentistry practice. His extensive experience was invaluable to him when he was setting up his company.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Clearly One Of The Top Texas Doctors

Dr. Jennifer Walden has shown that she is clearly one of the top Texas doctors by giving people the surgeries and procedures that they need to make sure that they look great. A woman who is trying her hardest to look good needs to have a nice resource in a plastic surgeon, and these women can get that when they are asking Dr. Jennifer for help. Dr. Jennifer knows what it takes to make sure that all women feel great, and she helps women see the potential in their bodies.

There are a lot of procedures that can be started today, and they can be handled by Dr. Jennifer in a short period of time. These women are going to come in to make sure that they can get the surgery done in the office, and they can recover in the office before they go home. This also means that people are going to be able to get the work done without going into a hospital. That makes life a lot easier for women who do not want to be laid up for that long, and Dr. Jennifer can tell all her patients how long or short the recovery is. The process is easy, and the office will be a nice place for any woman to come to recover before she goes home after she has her procedure done.

The consultations that she does are going to help people make sure that they are mentally prepared to recover, and it also helps women who are trying to make sure that they are going to be able to recover in the right amount of time. She also looks at how people are recovering to see if they will be able to go on that next trip or do that activity that they have wanted to do. All women are different, and there are some women who are trying to make sure that they have gotten the right results so they can recreate the image of themselves that they want. This is the customer service of Dr. Jennifer offers for every patient regardless of the procedure.

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Dr. Walden Does It All Well

Jennifer Walden is not just a beautiful woman who could easily grace the pages of any glamour magazine. She is also intelligent, compassionate, hard working, and a dedicated mother. Not only is she a mother, author, commentator, she also happens to be Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in the country according to Harper’s Bazaar in their April, 2014 edition.

Born in Austin, Texas to a dentist father and a mother who was a surgical nurse, she attended Anderson High School and majored in biology at the University of Texas. She then attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated as salutatorian.

After completing her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she received a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City where she studied aesthetic surgery under world-renown Dr. Sherrell Aston and several other internationally known surgeons.

When her fellowship ended, she remained in New York as Dr. Sherrill’s associate where she continued to learn new innovative techniques and implementing them as she built a remarkable reputation as a cosmetic surgeon in her own right.

However, in 2010, Dr. Walden gave birth to her twin sons, Houston and Rex and, as she wanted them to grow up near her family, Dr. Walden moved to Austin a year later. In 2011 she opened her own business, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Later, she opened a satellite surgery clinic in Marble Falls, TX.

Dr. Walden often appears as an expert in cosmetic surgery on such television programs as NBC’s Today Show, CBS’ The Early Show and ABC’s 20/20. Her comments appear in numerous magazines such as Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
As an author, Dr. Walden has received several awards for the research articles she has written. She also co-wrote and edited the award winning textbook, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Even though she is a busy mother and physician, Dr. Walden is involved in numerous philanthropic projects in New York and in the Austin area. She also travels to foreign countries such as El Salvador and Mexico where she operates on poor and underprivileged children to repair cleft palates and other deformities.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a remarkable woman who has successfully combined motherhood and a busy career. She does it all, and she does it well.