Embroidered Patches Are Making a Comeback

Many of the clothing pieces we consider wardrobe staples first became popular in the military. Items like the bomber jacket, chinos, the peacoat and cargo pants were uniform staples for individuals serving in the Armed Forces. The patch also has military roots, and it’s making a fashion comeback this season. Here are a few companies offering trendy patches for you to add to your clothing.

Ball And Chain Co.

This company started with just one patch, but has grown into a thriving label that now offers pins, as well as headwear and clothing. Ball And Chain Do. offers both iron-on and velcro patches with ironic and sentimental sayings. Some of the favorites include one that says “Growing Old and Moving On.”


This accessory brand is based in Canada and the patches the company sells are 100% embroidered and inspired by pop culture. Halfpatch recently introduced the “Emoji” collection, which translates popular social media emoji into patches. Other catchy patches include ones with phrases like “In Pizza We Crust” and “Kanye West 2020.”

Tough Times Press

Tough Times Press, a streetwear label based in New York, is designed by Maurice Blanco. Blanco manages the brand with his girlfriend. Funny and sassy patches are what Tough Times Press is known for, and their products feature phrases like “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” and “Go to the Beach.” The patches are also easy to iron onto clothing.

As you can see, it’s easy to get in on the embroidered patch trend. All you have to do is choose the patches with colors or sayings that appeal to you, and iron or sew them onto your clothing. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your wardrobe pieces one of a kind.