Paul Mampilly Says To Invest In A Different Cryptocurrency Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is probably the most well-known cryptocurrency today and it made news when its market value surged upward in 2017. Stock investor and expert Paul Mampilly said in one of his Banyan Hill articles that he was amazed by that surge, and as he’s usually on top of most new tech and finance industry trends, he admitted he missed the chance to tell his readers about Bitcoin before 2017. But while he says that he might have recommended buying into Bitcoin in 2016, he’s saying to avoid it in 2018. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at

Mampilly says that Bitcoin has risen too high in its market prices and it’s now a bubble that’s going to crash. Like most other stocks or equity investments, prices that start small but grow with popularity are a good thing because you can buy low and sell later. But if they become too popular, they become too high and end up crashing before long. Paul Mampilly says in his article that this is what happened to early web-based companies back in the late 1990s and to the housing market’s prices in 2008. Bitcoin is undergoing the same price fall right now, but Mampilly says there is another cryptocurrency out there that you can buy that’s more stable and isn’t likely to crash, and he discloses what it is in his “Extreme Fortunes” newsletter.

Paul Mampilly’s career has transitioned from managing million-dollar and billion-dollar accounts in a high-end Wall Street office to now working out of his own home writing for an independent financial news site named Banyan Hill. He had moved to the US from India for college and completed his bachelor’s in finance at Montclair State University in 1991. Later that year he started in banking at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant, and the next several years saw him move to higher level positions at Banker’s Trust, ING and Sears.

Paul Mampilly really started making money when he started managing the portfolios of fortune 500 companies, institutional clients and Wall Street executives at a hedge fund known as Kinetics International Fund. Barron’s magazine had a piece on it which mentioned how Mampilly grew its AUM to $25 billion and clients saw investment returns around 26% annually. With his reputation also growing as an expert stock investor, Mampilly was asked to show what he could do with $50 million at a competition at the Templeton Foundation in 2008, and even though the recession was at its worst at that time, Mampilly still invested that money in the market without shorting stocks or gambling on a high-risk fund. More info at Stocktwits.

Mampilly completely left Wall Street in 2012 because he no longer wanted to put in day shifts that could last as long as 16 hours, as he later mentioned and he wanted to spend time with his young children. About four years after moving his family out of the city, Mampilly started writing for Banyan Hill because he still wanted to help people with investment advice. But instead of managing portfolios for the very wealthy, he made it about helping middle class people start their own portfolios and making sure they controlled them. His first newsletter “Profits Unlimited” picked up over 60,000 subscribers in less than a month, and along with that newsletter he also writes “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” today. Read more on Talk Markets:


Wise Advice From Geologist Turned Investment Advisor Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali maintains that The Disappearing Spoon, an odd collection of stories about the Periodic Table, is an entertaining and exciting book. Picking this quirky book underlines why his stock recommendations are so successful. As an investment advisor, Matt Badiali has a unique background. He has a Masters in Geology and taught at the University of North Carolina. While in this position, he was contacted by a wealthy investor. He soon left his post to travel the world assessing mining companies for their possible investment value. Already steeped in knowledge about natural elements, his years evaluating investments for his employer taught him about investment strategy. He put his background to good use and last year Badiali was named the number one stock picker for Goldman Sachs. Currently the editor of Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Publishing, Badiali shares his advice for those developing their investment strategy. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook

Future Lies in Electric Cars

Matt Badiali reminds his readers that the automobile is powered by technology that is over 150 years old. “We are on the brink of a major change in energy consumption. The shift toward an electro-centric world is huge” he predicts, “It’s as important as the shift from whale oil to kerosene.” Badiali believes investors need to look for all the things that go into making cars from widgets to software to where the materials are mined. Badiali notes that “the whole world wants to ride in cars” and when the shift occurs, investors will make their fortune.

Read Everything

Badiali coaches that investors must stay current. As it is now a global economy, it is not enough to be familiar with current events; a successful investor needs to know about changes that occur on the other side of the world. “Read. You simply can’t read enough” he explains, “I burn through The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Mining Journal, and others. Reading is critical.”

Invest in What You Know

After his many years scouting companies, Badiali says, “The best way to be sure an investment is safe, and correctly made, is to see it in person.”

Real Wealth Strategies

Matt Badiali shares his knowledge about companies and their investment potential through his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategies. Some readers offered these testimonials: Doug Patelli of Albany wrote “I’m up 84%. Thanks and keep up the great suggestions.” And Ralph Stevens of Junction City shared with him, “I like the idea of sitting back and collecting revenue streams…I’m up 335% so far!”

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One Planet Awards Gold Winner, Troy Mcquagge Drives USHeaalth Advisors, LLC to new Levels of Industry Success

Earlier this year, USHealth Group, Inc. President and CEO Troy McQuagge was announced the Gold Winner℠ of the 2016 CEO of the Year in the 100 – 499 employees category of the One Planet Awards.

The award recognized McQuagge’s exceptional leadership and the excellent organizational performance of USHealth.

McQuagge joined the firm in 2010 and was elected to serve as USHealth’s CEO and President following his successful efforts at rebuilding USHealth Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency, headquartered in Grapvine, TX.

Following McQuagge’s election to the executive leadership position, USHealth entered a level of never-before-seen growth and profitability in the individual health insurance market.

Troy McQuagge UShealth returned to the health industry from retirement with the goal of building a dynamic sales team at USHealth, amidst unprecedented changes within the health insurance sector. The move was supported by the company’s CEO Ben Cutler, who expressed his confidence in McQuagge to rebuild USHealth’s sales force to meet market demands.

USHealth Advisors, LLC was a recent recipient of the Gold Stevie® Award in the category of National Sales Team of the Year. The award recognized USHealth Advisors’ sales and customer service performance by its bestowing its top honors acknowledging the firm’s business development, contact center, customer service and sales activities.

With global recognition for its innovative insurance offerings and customer service, USHealth Advisors’ premium insurance products have driven the company’s brand distinction as an industry leader that places high value on meeting its customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

About Troy McQuagge

President and CEO of USHealth Group, Inc, Troy McQuagge has over 30 years of business management performance success in environments that have included start ups, business restructurings and with organizations in rapid growth sectors.

A graduate of the University of Florida, McQuagge earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Legal Studies in 1982.

Troy McQuagge is active in various philanthropic and charitable activities including HopeKids, Dallas, HopeKids, Phoenix, Phoenix of New Orleans, Trinity Habitat for Humanity and the Semper Fi Fund.

Prior to USHealth, McQuagge served as President, Agency Marketing Group for Health Markets Group.

About USHealth Advisors, LLC

Founded in 1959, USHealth Advisors, LLC is a division of USHealth Group, Inc, providing insurance plan options to over 15 million customers. Offering nearly 60 combined years of successful delivery of individualized insurance solutions, USHealth Advisors, LLC provides a broad range of select offerings, meeting the needs of a wide array of changing insurance product requirements.

USHealth Advisors meets the diverse needs of consumers and businesses with its Specified Disease, Sickness and Life insurance offerings.

As an underwriter of The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, the firm sells health insurance products and supplementary policies to entrepreneurs and small businesses, families and individuals. Learn more: