Women in Politics have Become Forceful Fashion Models

Fashion and clothing has taken its place of pride in political parlance, going by the recent developments in American politics. The women in politics or those close to the men in politics have become automatic fashion models. The dressing they have chosen to wear to occasions both private and public, the people that design it, and its label have become the points of discussion, creating both protests and tensions.


Sources of Fashion Models


The white pantsuits that Hillary Clinton adorned during campaign evoked the memory of suffragettes. Besides, the rainbow of matching ensembles that she dressed also inspired her fans into flashy mob dances. Her arch supporter, Mitchell Obama has also played the role of the First Model during her time at the White House, often drawing curious eyes to her designers and what they meant to portray through her dressing. Talk of what cloth her dresses were made of and how it suited her build and persona have been a point of discourse amongst many fashion conscious analysts.


Sources of Fashion Protests


Fashion analysts have closely followed the accessory and clothing that Melania Trump and her step-daughter Ivanka Trump have adorned. Their clothing inspired the distaste amongst the minorities, immigrants and women who have been the subjects of derogatory statements that Donald Trump issued during the recent campaigns. But the same clothing have been fully embraced by Trump supporters who have seen him as the champion of their voices.


The women in power have turned the red carpet as their moment of fashion show. Their dressing is currently given political undertones, serving as both the point of inspiration or derision based on the side of the political divide that the fashion analyst belongs. What cannot be taken away from these women in power is the new significant role that they are playing to promote fashion ideas not just in America but also around the world.




The Plus Size Industry is Growing Substantially

The average American woman is a size 14, so it makes sense that a lot of clothing manufacturers and fashion companies are finally recognizing this and providing the necessary products to meet these needs. Two decades ago, it might have been practically impossible to go into the mall and find cute, trendy clothing for larger sizes that didn’t cost a fortune. Nowadays, you can go into virtually any store, both online and off, and find an array of gorgeous clothes that range in size from XXS to 5X. Having the same styles as thinner women helps curvier girls feel better about themselves, giving them a chance to be just as fashion forward as the models you see on the runway.


In fact, there has been a recent resurgence in fashion bloggers who are plus sized. Women like Darlene Lebron Lopez, Kate London James and Sawsan are all popular fashion bloggers who have thousands of followers staying updated on all the latest looks and trends. You don’t have to be a size zero to look good, and the fashion industry is realizing this and making it possible for larger women to find clothing they actually want to wear.


Despite jeans and blouses being made in larger sizes, you can now find knee-high boots made with a wider calf to support plus sized gals. Plus size clothing stores like Torrid and Dia are bringing gorgeous fabrics in lingerie to keep you feeling sexy. Let’s face it, many of us can diet until the cows come home and still be in a larger size, so it’s nice to know that we can still look just as good now than we did when we were smaller. There is no size limit in the world of fashion, opening the doors to a plethora of styles for women wanting to look their best.


VillageLuxe Transforming the High-End Fashion Industry

Julia Gudish Krieger is the brilliant mind behind VillageLuxe, an Airbnb of sorts, only this time it has clothes, accessories and shoes that are for rent and not houses. It is based in New York and women gladly welcomed this brilliant idea. VillageLuxe deals with designer fashion items and the application and site enable women to borrow these items from other women at a small fee.


It is an invite-only affair and therefore not everyone gets to enjoy these services. Many women would like to be part of the network and many have signed up and are hoping to be accepted to join the network. These include the likes of Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Leandra Medine, who are big names in the fashion industry.


Julia has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and investment. What inspired her to start VillageLuxe was the realization that renting fashion items is an untapped business opportunity as it would be a cheaper option for women and they would therefore gladly embrace the concept. She got the idea from what Uber and Airbnb are already doing with taxis and houses respectively.


Julia had no prior experience running a business and therefore faced a few challenges along the way. Her biggest challenge has been being responsible for the wellbeing of the people working for her and ensuring that they are working in good conditions and being compensated well enough for their services. But all in all, the experience has been a rewarding one and she would not have it any other way.


Julia is proud of herself and is very impressed with how far she has come with VillageLuxe. She is a hardworking lady who is committed to excellence and looks forward to a successful future for VillageLuxe. Her love for fashion drove her to do what she loves and she has no regrets whatsoever.

Glamorizing The Winter Parka: Wardrobe Staple We All Need

The glam winter parka is a hot trend this year, and we all knew that fashion news was coming down the pike last August. In fact, Elle.com was reporting about couture parkas in over-sized street wear with lots of quilted padding and wonderful chic detailing.


If you live anywhere with dipping temperatures, biting winds, sleet snow or icy rain, then you need this winter fashion staple when the weather turns nasty.


Some women get bored wearing their winter parka, because it’s usually not too shapely a coat, can be bulky and simple-looking with a hood. You can, however, glam up this classic winter garment with some imagination.


On-trend celebrities like Angelina Jolie was recently photographed in Colorado on a vacation with her kids and staying cozy in a parka. The sexy star kept her ensemble all black, beginning with her $500 Burton Wiley Gore-Tex parka. She accessorized with trademark aviator shades, kept the shearling hood on and wore puffy pants and quilted boots. Underneath those layers, was a black lacy tank top peeking through.


You don’t have to have huge movie star status to make a winter parka come alive. These coats also look amazing with a dress and booties, a la Alexa Chung style. It works, although most women are used to wearing their parka with pants.


A lot of women around NYC enjoy wearing a cute beanie, instead of the hood on their parka. Keeping it casual means, jeans and a pair of Nikes, too.


The winter parka looks superb in over-the-knee boots or a pair of pumps. Footwear of many kinds is compatible with the parka.


To add another layer of warmth and sophisticated style, slip on a fur vest over your parka, faux fur, of course.


Baby, it’s cold outside, but you’re good to go.


Ivanka Trump’s Fashionable Presidential Style Wows Many

The daughter of President Donald Trump is certainly turning heads around the world, every time she steps out in a new stylish ensemble.


The only faux pas Ivanka Trump seemed to make, was back in November during a family TV interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes. The mother of three young children wore a pricey gold bracelet from her own jewelry line. Sharp-eyed television viewers called her out on it, accusing Ivanka of trying to profit from her father’s presidential campaign’s frequent media attention. The bracelet cost $10,000, and the daughter of President Trump has since apologized for sending journalists a “style alert” promoting the gold bangle.


All seems to be forgotten, because Ivanka has hit her stride when it comes to a polished, sophisticated style. She was recognized for hitting the mark during the busy presidential inauguration program by many fashion publications, including Vogue.com, who gave Ivanka Trump props for her dedication to fashion. The fashion Bible adores Ivanka’s style, claiming the First Daughter sends out a modern vibe.


Some fashion experts are calling Ivanka’s style an ode to the former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. When Ivanka arrived in Washington, D.C. pre-inauguration day, she wore a bold green Oscar de la Renta waterfall coat and matching green dress with nude pumps and cat-eye sunglasses. Her long blonde hair tumbled down in soft waves. She looked flawless.


The HollywoodReporter.com thought the waterfall coat and shades she was wearing, go back to the 1960s photos of Jackie in the Ron Galella paparazzi shots.


It will be interesting to see how much of an impact Ivanka Trump’s fashion choices have on the nation, as well as the world. Of course, people are also watching very closely how First Lady Melania Trump will continue to dress, once she’s in the White House.

Indigenous Canadian Designer Will Be Featured At World Fashion Week

The indigenous woman, Becki Bitternose, will be showcasing her latest designs at the World Fashion Week in Paris. With the financial aid of Sask Fashion Week and Power of Pink, she was given an opportunity to represent Canada at the show.


A group of women from Regina decided to create a fund raiser. Lois Vanderhooft and Kayla MacKay lead the fund raising efforts for Becki. Becki did not previously know these women prior to the fund raiser.


Becki was very emotional when donations suddenly came in to help her with the event. She received over $20,000 for the cost of materials and the entrance fee. The entrance fee for the Fashion Week even is $14,000 alone. She would have never been able to afford this without the help of donations.


Her passion for design began when she converted a Pendleton blanket into a jacket. She eventually went on to producing her PlayBuffalo clothing line. Her products were presented at the Couture Fashion Week in New York. She will go to Paris in February for the next fashion show.


The World Fashion Week will feature many unique collections from around the world. Their fashion week is to promote global unity, sustainable development, diversity and environmental responsibility.


Many underrepresented designers are brought to the event to showcase their products to international traders. It is also a network event for international media and trade representatives, opening up new avenues for worldwide industry. This event typically has over $200 million in orders per event.


One, Two, Three: Gigi, Bella And Now Brother Anwar All Top Models

Think about it. What are the odds of three siblings making it as top models in the cut-throat NY fashion industry?


First there was Gigi Hadid; then there was Bella Hadid and now baby brother Anwar Hadid.


The striking 17-year-old teen has hit the big time, securing quite the fashion feather in his cap. Anwar is now the handsome face of Hugo Boss Menswear’s HUGO line, according to publications like Elle.com.


His two sisters are the little darlings of the fashion runway, and Bella and Gigi are considered by some to have already reached supermodel status. All three good-looking siblings share the same lanky, appealing physiques that the industry relies on.


Anwar has already shot the campaign for the Hugo Boss HUGO line and shares the design spotlight with fellow model Devon Aoki, twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of band The Garden and other celebrity non-model faces.


He photographs beautifully, and fans like when they can see Anwar’s bold 1999 tattoo at the back of his neck. The ink is displayed quite prominently in the HUGO fashion campaign. According to Cosmopolitan.com, the glam and sexy shots were obtained by flying Anwar to the California desert to snap the images. Photographer Harley Weir shot the HUGO campaign, and Anwar is featured wearing three different fashion looks.


It can only get better for the youngest Hadid sibling and son of Yolanda Hadid, who is signed with IMG models. Anwar has been in this game since October 2015, when he made his modeling debut with Nylon magazine. Anwar has also walked the runway for both Moschino and Fenty Puma x Rihanna.


Anwar Hadid’s star can only rise higher. At the moment, he’s dating Transformers star, the actress Nicola Peltz. She’s a sultry older woman of 22.


Making Fashion Fun

Many people who only look at the surface of the fashion industry may consider fashion to be boring. However, people who look deeper into fashion will have a new world open up to them. They will see many different styles, fabrics and other aspects of fashion. The most important part is that they will use their creativity to put together some looks that they enjoy. On example is Janelle Monae. She has used her creativity to put together an outfit that not only she, but other people enjoy. As a matter of fact, she has earned the award of the most fun outfit in the event.


Janelle Monae is an example of fun fashion. One of the most important things about fashion is for one to understand herself. She has to understand the type of person she is. This will help her find the style that suits her best. One thing that more fashionable people realize is that fashion can actually have an effect on one’s mood. Therefore, it is important for the individual to find the type of clothes that she likes the most so that she could be in the best mood. Fashion also effects one’s own self esteem.


At its core, fashion and style is all about the individual. When the individual finds something she likes, it will increase his confidence. She will also feel more secure in herself. She will also learn that one does not have to wear a dress in order to look good. There are plenty of casual styles. If she looks deeper, she could find plenty of variations on the casual style that will meet her more specific tastes. The best thing she could do is look into some of the clothing stores she doesn’t normally visit.


Being Daring With Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it would be nice to have a style that is universally accepted. However, not everyone can play it safe. There are those that may feel restricted by what is accepted. Therefore, they may feel the need to experiment and break free from the norm. As a matter of fact, it is very important for there to be at least one person that challenges the norms. Otherwise, there would be no changes in the types of clothes for sale. Unfortunately, very few people are willing to step out of their comfort zone out of fear of ridicule.


There are benefits to actually stepping out of one’s comfort zone. For one thing, the person might achieve a similar effect to Janelle Monae. She has went with what she felt would work for her. This resulted in a lot of compliments. Among one of them was a remark on how she is out of her world. Her dress is inspired by her role in Hidden Figures. Women are encouraged to branch out when it comes to fashion. They get to explore many different styles, colors, and outfits.


Of course there is the other end of being daring which is ridicule. This is more likely to occur with men in that if they look more than just slight different, this will raise a lot of questions. This has been the case for more than a century with the Victorian era. Men had to “play the game” so to speak during those times. However, that is starting to change for men. Designers are starting to experiment outside the boundaries of menswear. The only thing is that men have to pick it up. in order for it to stick. A man could lead a horse to water, but the horse has to drink it.


Getting Comfortable With Vintage Styles

People who are into fashion know that there are as many styles as their are people. When it comes to styles, people do not have to keep up with the current trends. After all, these trends can be pretty sloppy. A better option is to look towards vintage styles. When people go vintage, they tend to find ways to stand out in the crowd. There are many vintage styles to choose from. One example of this type of style is Natalie Portman’s 60’s dress worn at the Golden Globes. Natalie was fresh off of her role as Jackie Kennedy when she wore the yellow dress. That is one good example of vintage styles.


There are plenty of other vintage styles that people could wear. There are people that use styles from the 70s, 80s, and other eras. However, one does not have to be strict to any of these styles. There are ways to be creative in using looks from different eras to craft one’s own style. One can do it in a neat and well coordinated way. One could even go all out and be sloppy. The most important thing is that the individual is satisfied with the look he put together.


Fortunately, there are plenty of stores that sell vintage styles. It is easy to find clothing that is inspired by past eras. Also, a common occurrence in fashion are returning trends. There are trends returning from decades of absence. The most important thing is to branch out and look into different stores. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with having a favorite store to default to. If the store has the style of desire, then it is a great place to shop .