Teaching Your Daughter How (not) To Dress

How would you define modest dressing? What are the exact parameters that separate ‘modest’ from ‘immodest’ dressing? Parents, especially those raising teen daughters must each be having their own answers to these questions. Modesty varies with culture, thus can be hard to define, modest dressing in the western world can be scandalous in Arab countries and cultures differ on the ‘strict dress code’ scale.

Interesting facts

One family however, is taking a different approach – by not enforcing any ‘modesty code’. Meet the Weber family. Mr. and Mrs. Weber are raising 6 daughters with ages from 5 -18. Jessica Weber’s answer to enforcement of a family dress code for her daughters is simple: They neither have any modesty standard, nor teach or try to enforce any( https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/why-this-mom-wont-teach-her-daughters-to-dress-modestly_us_59395838e4b0c5a35c9cd890?utm_hp_ref=clothing). They simply adhere to dress codes demanded by the places they visit otherwise she finds modesty standards subjective and undermining bodily self -autonomy. A point supported by the change in what can be termed as modest dressing through fashion history; miniskirts would not have been modest fashion in the 1800’s.

Weber modesty guideline

Her guidelines to her daughters on how to choose a modest dress are simple;
Practicality: Is what you are wearing practical for the weather or the activities that they will be taking part in i.e. can they comfortably engage themselves without worrying about their dressing.


Communication: What does your dressing communicate to others in the same setting as you, does your dressing fit to the societal norms of where you are or are going?
Protection; Are your genitals and other parts considered private protected from accidental public exposure.


Comfort ability: this is in regard to the daughter’s personal feeling with having whatever part of their bodies that are showing being seen by others and if they will be comfortable with whatever someone might say about it.
So, parents, what are your modesty standards?

Diversity Arriving to Fashion in a Multitude of Ways

If there is one theme that is taking over in fashion, it is diversity. There is a lot of diversity that is coming to fashion. Diversity is also being promoted. For one thing, designers are beginning to realize that there are a multitude of tastes in the fashion industry. There are also many different sizes in the fashion industry. Many designers and fashion shows are thinking about bringing forth models of different sizes. This makes it a lot more inclusive for people that are looking to upgrade their wardrobe and feel better about themselves.

One of the best things about runway shows thinking about using models of various sizes is that it is breaking open the modeling industry. For one thing, the industry has always been using extremely thin models. Often times, this brings forth unrealistic standards of beauty which can bring about discouragement in individuals. Fortunately, runway shows are going to show models that are bigger and in different physical shape. This coupled with the fact that more designers are making clothes for larger people is a hopeful sign that fashion is starting to become all inclusive for people. After all, a large chunk of people are outside of the current size limits.

To make things even better, diversity is coming in the designs to menswear. As designers experiment with items for men, they are bringing forth some interesting results. Admittedly, this change is being met with some resistance in the form of social media. However, there are people that are on board with the change. It is only a matter of time before society sees such a change in the world where people are encouraged to be who they are and express themselves with fashion in the way that they want to express themselves without worry of any backlash.

Vic Mensa’s close call

Leading up to the debut of his new album, Vic Mensa is shedding light on his own personal demons. The Chicago-born rapper has just released his new riveting music video “Rage.” In this video it appears that he is battling his inner self as he is involved in a plane crash and then suddenly plunges into the ocean. As the ocean is engulfed in flames Mensa manages to swim to shore. The symbolism of the video is to showcase the trials and tribulations of his personal life and how he has been able to overcome them as anyone should. The rapper states that “Rage” really set the vibe for the album The Autobiography which comes out July 28 featuring an insane lineup of artists including Pharrell, Weezer, Pusha T, the-Dream and Ty Dolla $ign. The rapper has stated that alliances with fellow rappers Kanye West and Jay Z helped jump start his career to what it has become today. In this week’s Highsnobiety.com article Mensa states “I think one of my biggest tools in my music is to be able to wake people up,to get motherfuckers thinking. Thinking in radical enough ways that they start acting. I want to get people to start thinking about everything. Thinking about themselves. Asking themselves questions about how they live and how people around them live. I don’t have any answers. All I can do is pose the question.” So what do you think? Will artists like Vic Mensa sir up conversation or controversy?

Is Menswear Becoming too Feminine?

The fashion world is ever changing. Among the areas that are changing in fashion is menswear. There are plenty of new designs that are emerging for menswear. They can be very exciting and even beautiful to behold. The only drawback is that these items might seem a little feminine. Therefore, some men might be a little intimidated at the idea of wearing these outfits. For one thing, masculinity does have a very tight space. If one steps beyond that space, then they will risk being met with ridicule and other forms of backlash. The only issue is that fashion has been struggling for a while to attract men and one of the easiest ways is to come up with different designs.

Also, when it comes to whether or not men’s fashion is becoming too feminine, one does have to look at the history of men’s fashion in order to see what is really happening. For one thing, the suit and tie has not always been the iconic men’s suit. There have been tons of items that men wore in different eras and centuries that are not considered feminine products. Men have dressed in ways that were as varied as women were. It wasn’t until a relatively recent era that menswear has started becoming more uniform and monotonous.

Now, there are efforts to really bring menswear out of its monotonous state. There are designers that are experimenting with new designs for menswear. There are also different colors on these outfits. Among these designers is Palomo Spain which admittedly designs clothing that does not look typical of what men wear. Even Beyonce herself has bought one of these items from the men’s collection for herself to wear. It does seem to be getting to the point where menswear and women’s clothing are going to be interchangeable.

Fashion Choices Affect the Wearer Too

When people look at fashion, they always think about the effect one’s clothes has on other people. However, there is one thing that people need to realize. It is that the type of clothes that people wear has an effect on the wearer too. As a matter of fact, people’s moods can be influenced by the type of clothes they wear. Some clothes can bring about an anxious mood while others bring about a great sense of peace. Then there are clothes that bring out a sense of productivity. However it goes, people who are into fashion understand the kind of subtle effect that it can have on the individual.


This is not to say that other people have reactions to what certain people wear. There are some people who react badly to certain people wearing bathing suits. This often results in shaming. There are plenty of reasons behind the shaming. Fortunately, if one makes sure that he has the right reasons for dressing up, then he is going to be happy with his choices in fashion regardless of what others have to say.


While people should be able to wear the clothes they want, there has to be a maturity and an understanding about what he is going to be risking once he dresses in outfits that he likes. He is going to get attention depending on what he wears. However, the shift in the mentality is very real and it is going to have a subtle effect on his behavior.


Oops! Are You Inadvertently Ruining Your Clothes?

If you have clothing items that you hope to keep for a long time, you naturally want to take good care of them. But many people are inadvertently ruining their clothing items in several different ways.


First, many people dry clean clothes too often. Dry cleaning is absolutely necessary for certain materials and some types of delicate clothing. But if you get your dry-clean-only clothing dry cleaned more than necessary, you could be wearing down the fabric and causing premature decay of your clothes.


Next, some people aren’t dry cleaning their clothes enough! In other words, they aren’t washing clothes that should be going to the dry cleaners in their washing machines at home or at the Laundromat. When a clothing item says that it is dry clean only, you need to follow this guidance. It’s there for a good reason, and washing your clothes at home can be detrimental to the overall structure of those items. Furthermore, you shouldn’t even be washing dry-clean-only clothing at home on the delicate cycle. Again, professional dry cleaning is absolutely necessary for specific types of materials.


Lastly, many people use iron settings that are too hot. This can ruin thin and delicate material that may melt or become misshapen when strong heat is applied. Always keep your iron on a low setting at first. If you need to turn the iron up to a higher setting in order to get out wrinkles and creases, you can do so, but don’t start on the absolute highest setting possible.


Make sure to heed all of the warnings tags on in the inside of your clothing. By doing these things, you will keep your nice clothing looking good for as long as possible so that you don’t have to go shopping for new clothes every single season!


Nano-tech Clothing Will Become A Real Thing

Scientists from the University of Central Florida were inspired by the self lacing shoes from the movie Back To The Future. They are developing a way for clothing to store energy to power nano technology without every needing to be plugged in.


Professor Jayan Thomas from UCF received a R&D 100 Award for his development of cables that can store energy like batteries. He then came up with the idea of using that similar technology to combine it with solar cells. He intends to later implement this technology to be used with high tech clothing just like in his favorite movie.


He and his team have been developing thin copper filaments that store energy. The filaments have both solar cells and energy storing layers. The were able to weave such ribbons into spools of yarn. This concept may be able to charge cell phones, connect health tracking devices and other tiny gadgets. This technology could prove to be very useful with electric cars, allowing charging and storing without relying on charging up at stations.


Thomas suggests that such an idea would be useful for military and police uniforms. Soldiers that are deployed in the Middle East are exposed in the sun for long hours, making it ideal to charge the solar cells. Lightweight solar technology will also reduce the need to carry around heavy batteries.


Mushrooms Will Be a New Source for Faux-Leather

While leather has been a fashionable material for centuries, its cultivation is growing more costly between the costs of raising cattle, the toxic tanning process for hide and the perception of slaughtering an animal. Inspired by these concerns and looking to keep the feel and look of leather en vogue, companies like Mycoworks have looked to mushrooms for alternative materials.


Phil Ross, artist and founder of the company, is working to “grow” leather from mycelium, the dense root portion of mushrooms. Much like cow hide, mycelium is the flesh of a mushroom. Through manipulation of temperature and humidity, Ross’ company has figured out a means by which to make substances that mirror the leather derived from cow, snake and ostrich. In addition to closely resembling actual leather, Ross’ approach costs less energy, makes less of an environmental impact and is biodegradable.


The mycelium is also free to be worked with while it is still growing. This flexibility means that designers can naturally add components like fish-eye rings and zippers without the need for stitching or changing textures. Ross remarks that his company is an example of how art can spawn an entire industry, quipping that many artists can survive if their work is more valuable to businesses than for their inherent artistic quality.


Ross has been crafting mycelia pieces for three decades. While initially drawn to reichi mushrooms for medicinal qualities, Ross soon learned that a diet of sawdust and other wastes could nudge their development into solid, workable materials.


Michelle Obama in Final Vogue Cover

Michelle Obama will be our first lady for only three more months. But until we say our farewell, there’s still a lot to compliment her on, and as always, her iconic, sleek style and bare arms are favorites in the fashion world.


Obama will feature on the cover of Vogue in a white dress with those bare arms soon. The gown is by Caroline Herrera, and the first lady was shot by none other than Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.


A newcomer will be entering the White House as first lady in January. As the foreign wife of President-Elect Donald Trump, Melania Trump is also extremely beautiful. But even though she’s a knockout too, fans of Michelle will be sorry to see the switch.


Throughout her tenure as first lady, Obama has campaigned tirelessly for the health of children and all of the citizens of the United States. She has grown a beautiful garden on the lawn of the White House and promoted physical fitness and eating right more than any other first lady.


In this issue of Vogue, we see Michelle Obama at her most beautiful. Annie Leibovitz has done a stunning job making her look as fantastic as she really is. You’ll see Obama at the White House in several different couture outfits and dresses.


People who have met and spoke with Michelle have called her as kind, intelligent and likable in real life as she looks through the media to the citizens of the United States.


The Booming Market for Plus-Size Fashion

Plus-size fashionistas rejoice. There’s a growing boom in the fashion industry for plus-sized clothing and designs.

For years, trendy retailers and designers have ignored the plus-size market, leaving bigger women to shop at expensive specialty stores or to resign themselves to wearing frumpy, dowdy clothing.

Now, however, high-profile designers like Christian Siriano are creating fun, fashionable items for women of all sizes. Siriano, who won the fourth season of “Project Runway,” recently collaborated on a line of clothing with retailer Lane Bryant, which focuses on women who are sizes 14 and up.

Other retailers, such as Igigi, Eloquii and Kiyonna have spent years conquering the online market for cute plus-sized clothing.

Several big retailers are joining in. In 2015, Target launched its own line of trendy plus-size clothing with Ava & Viv. In department stores, shoppers can now find plus-size offerings from the likes of Anne Klein, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta and Tommy Hilfiger.

Why the sudden rush to tap into this previously ignored market? Money, of course. The size of the average woman in the United States is now a 12, with half of all women over 20 a size 12 or up. Many of these women are younger professionals who want the same fashion choices as their thinner compatriots. That hunger has created a clothing industry worth $17 billion — and growing — in yearly sales.