The Plus Size Industry is Growing Substantially

The average American woman is a size 14, so it makes sense that a lot of clothing manufacturers and fashion companies are finally recognizing this and providing the necessary products to meet these needs. Two decades ago, it might have been practically impossible to go into the mall and find cute, trendy clothing for larger sizes that didn’t cost a fortune. Nowadays, you can go into virtually any store, both online and off, and find an array of gorgeous clothes that range in size from XXS to 5X. Having the same styles as thinner women helps curvier girls feel better about themselves, giving them a chance to be just as fashion forward as the models you see on the runway.


In fact, there has been a recent resurgence in fashion bloggers who are plus sized. Women like Darlene Lebron Lopez, Kate London James and Sawsan are all popular fashion bloggers who have thousands of followers staying updated on all the latest looks and trends. You don’t have to be a size zero to look good, and the fashion industry is realizing this and making it possible for larger women to find clothing they actually want to wear.


Despite jeans and blouses being made in larger sizes, you can now find knee-high boots made with a wider calf to support plus sized gals. Plus size clothing stores like Torrid and Dia are bringing gorgeous fabrics in lingerie to keep you feeling sexy. Let’s face it, many of us can diet until the cows come home and still be in a larger size, so it’s nice to know that we can still look just as good now than we did when we were smaller. There is no size limit in the world of fashion, opening the doors to a plethora of styles for women wanting to look their best.


Chocolate Dresses In Paris

When you think of a fashion show, you probably think about traditional clothing, such as dressed, pants or even jeans. There is a fashion show held in Paris that features dresses that are made with chocolate. Each dress is of a different design, some that do use fabrics along with the chocolate. There are several pictures online of the dresses that were worn at the most recent show, some that take the cake and the icing along with them.

One design is a studded dress that has a chocolate body, a large pink heart on the front and small pink hearts along the base. The TV host who wore the dress doesn’t look that comfortable while wearing it, and she looks like she’s trying not to get close to it in case it melts. Another beautiful design is made entirely of chocolate on the exterior of a brown gown. Chocolate roses adorn the dress, strategically placed so that they look like they are moving with the flow of the dress. This ensemble seems a little more normal compared to some of the other dresses that were at the show.

One of the fun dresses looks like a candy bar with silver and gold buttons attached. There is also a large amount of red tulle at the bottom of the dress, which makes it look like something the Queen of Hearts would wear.

High Fashion Begins With Politics This Year

As the 2016 campaign for the White House ramps into high gear this summer, many fashion experts have taken a backstage to political campaign consultants in the cutthroat world of partisan politics. From the white dress Melania Trump wore during her recent speech to presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s widely publicized expensive new work clothes, Americans can expect to see some very high-powered ladies attire on display during the presidential race this year. How to remain chic while appealing to voters will likely tax some of Washington D.C.’s elites.

For instance, Melania Trump, the wife of candidate Donald Trump, addressed the Republican National Convention earlier this week wearing a white dress that showcased her fashion model proportions and narrow waistline. As reporters dissected her remarks afterwards and discovered her speech copied entire sections of one delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama a few ago, Glamour reported that the $2,190 high fashion outfit had sold out within the hour.

Secretary Clinton also turned heads with her tailored fashions recently. Her new daily wear includes some in-demand European haute couture items. She delivered a New York primary victory speech wearing a trendy $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket. The irony of the candidate lamenting income inequality while dressed in pricey designer threads did not escape The New York Post.

Even ordinary citizens attending the RNC Convention garnered some savage media criticism for wearing “ill-fitting” bright red skirts to celebrate a patriotic red-white-and-blue theme. This year, it seems politics concentrates on the essentials, ladies!

Donald Trump in Trouble after Being Sued by a Model For Breaking Immigration Laws

Republican Presidential aspirant has been very vocal concerning the United States companies using foreign workers instead of employing Americans. Trump pointed out that the culture was high on the skilled workers who had been brought to the US through the controversial H-1B program. Speaking on his site Trump said, “These are temporary foreign worker who have been imported from abroad for the main purpose of exchanging the American workers at a lower pay. I will stick to my words of removing this rampant and widespread H-1B abuse.”
Trump criticized the norm despite his own modeling taking advantage of the program for some years since the federal law categorizes modeling as specialized work. Double standards and lies is nothing strange in Trump’s campaign. This story has not gone well with a model though.
Alexia Palmer, a Jamaican top model moved to the United States while 17 years after signing contract with the Trump models. The agency which helped Alexia get H-1B visa to enable her temporarily come to the United States for work was founded by Donald Trump.
Palmer went ahead to file a civil law suit which alleged that the agency not only abused the visa but lied to the US government by falsifying the total amount of money she would be making. In the document, Palmer was promised $ 75,000 yearly and a total of $200,000 for the entire duration of the contract but she claims she only earned a few thousand for the complete duration of the contract. The amount she was paid was further taken out in portions for administration fees, out of work pocket expenses and agency commission fees
Currently, the law suit is awaiting judge’s approval and if more models from the same agency come out with similar claims, it could easily be turned into a class action suit. Trumps agency has managed to bring over 30 foreign models to the US under the H-1B visa program and more than half of them had a salary of $75000 a year indicated on their applications.
Most of the legal experts have agreed that the Trump’s agency was in violation of the immigration law. According to the experts, the agency is required to pay the exact amount that has been indicated on Alexia’s Visa
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Lime Crime Is The Best Cosmetic For Clowning Around

I started dressing up as a clown for fun at parties for my niece and nephew. Although it was a blast at first, I found that unless it was Halloween, I had a hard time finding the right cosmetics to complete my look. About the fifth birthday party that I attended, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking my act on the road full time. I thought surely he was joking; I was a grandmother and didn’t have the time or the energy.

Well, that crisp fall afternoon was the start of my clowning business. I tried to find vibrant colors and unusual items that would help me enhance my ensemble. However, I just had a hard time finding things in my local area that I could use in my act. I started doing some research and tried many different products. I needed vibrant colors and something that would stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t enough to just dress the part; I needed to be the part.

A friend of mine told me that I had to check out Doe Deere and the Lime Crime line on I had never heard of these cosmetics, but she told me they had an eclectic blend that she thought would interest me. What I liked was the owner’s story. She is always in character and calls herself the “Queen of the Unicorns.” She is a fashionable lady, but she has a unique talent. She reminds me a great deal of Lady Gaga, only instead of singing, she devotes her life to making the most stunning colors in makeup. She, like me, felt that the makeup industry was very bland and jaded by traditional colors and blends. She wanted to create a product line that screamed it was different.

I have been using Lime Crime for about a year now. What I love is that she incorporates so much glitter into her products. For a clown who loves to play around, glitter and bright hues work perfectly for my ensembles. I change up my look from time to time, and I can always count on Doe Deere to make something interesting that I wear for work or play.

I did some research on Deere, and I was surprised to find out that she is Russian, just like my husband. She is an avid animal lover, specifically to cats. She has three cats that she calls her children. Her business is one that has deep family roots. She brings her husband along to work with her, as well as her mother. Lime Crime is one of the best products I have found in years. Not only does she use all natural chemicals in her products, but she takes the time to develop each one personally. Lime Crime is way better than any of those large conglomerates; it’s just better.

Opinions About Tina Fey’s Dress Change

Last week, Tina Fey visited “The Late Show with David Letterman” one last time before Letterman retires. Like most celebrities who have recently visited, Fey gave Letterman a surprise for his retirement:

She then explained that she only dressed up and conformed to “gender norms” for Letterman out of respect for him. She told him that she wanted to give it to him and removed her dress revealing her bra and a spandex suit that had “Bye Dave!” written on the front and “#Last Dress Ever” on the back. The two of them then laughed about it and she gave him a brief hug.

Since the event, people have been sounding off all over the Internet with their opinions about it. Many comments have been positive or humorous. Some people stated that this was a fantastic “gift” for the 68-year-old Letterman. Some jokingly commented that they liked Fey’s white and gold dress more than her new outfit — referencing the white/gold-blue/black dress debate from earlier this year because Fey wore a blue and black dress.

Yet, there have been plenty of criticisms. What was the biggest issue?

Many feel that Fey’s send-off was inappropriatem but Christian Broda has not commented.

Wet Seal Failing to Deliver Fun Fashions

Wet Seal may be the next in line for inventory liquidation, just like their contemporaries, dELiA*s and DEB Shops. Many fashion retailers seem to be having some issues addressing the desires of modern women.

Wet Seal, a former staple of the 1990’s shopping mall, may be the next victim in this failing generation of clothing retailers. Bank of America, the company’s lender, has begun to carefully scrutinize their cash flow in the wake of reportedly low earnings.

The executive responsible for overseeing store operations issued their resignation on Friday, following a dismal 5 cents per stock-share closing price. It would be a prudent move for  Tom Rothman and Wet Seal to further rethink their staffing plans at the corporate level. Current executives are clearly out of touch with the climate of today’s fashion market.

The company recently settled a discrimination lawsuit, based upon evidence that they systematically transferred black employees to lower-volume stores. Wet Seal consented to pay $7.5 million in damages, an expenditure scarcely affordable.

Compared to their primary competitors like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russo, it’s clear that Wet Seal has some improvements to make. The company needs to embrace the fashion ideals of young women today: fun, diversity and individualism.

3-D Printing Poised to Revolutionize Fashion Industry

The design studio Nervous System has made a breakthrough in the use of 3-D printing technology in the field of clothing. We have all seen the YouTube videos of someone shooting a gun where at least some of the parts were 3D printed. Typically, any time 3-D printed products that are featured are hard and rigid in nature. The technology, however, is advancing. Until now, clothes made through this technology wore more like suits of armor than clothes.

Enter Nervous System design studio and their custom software called Kinematics. This software has refined the printing of the plastic used in 3-D printing to a sufficient degree that it can actually be used to make a dress. By dress I do not mean some rigid thing that just hangs off some poor model. A video of it shows that it moves and flows on and around her as she walks in it. An amazing step forward for the printing of clothing. At a current $3,000 a pop, though, sweat shop workers in Bangladesh can consider their employment safe at the moment. The technology will of course improve. That seems to be the one constant of technology in any field.

Will we soon all have the equivalent of “replicators” from Star Trek in our homes (obviously a joke, right Sam Tabar)? A device will contain some source material (plastic or something else) and when we tell it we need a spatula it just prints it out right there.