Feminine Trends Making it Into Men’s Fashion

People that have been observing men’s fashion are aware of many things. Among the things that they are aware of is that certain “feminine” trends are making their way into menswear. For instance, there are “skirts” being sold for men. There is also the men’s romper craze of last year. When it comes to these trends appearing in menswear, the reactions to these trends are variable. Some of them welcome the trends into men’s fashion while others are appalled by the trends. Some of the people who are well versed in men’s fashion are not surprised at all about the upcoming trends.

One thing that can be said about some of the trends is that while some people may look sideways at the idea of a man in a skirt, there is a country named Scotland where men have worn kilts which are similar to skirts. Another thing to notice is that this is not the first time that men’s fashion has taken more “feminine” directions. The 70’s and the 80’s were filled with quite a few diverse and “strange” trends in menswear. It is in the 90’s that everything became monotonous in men’s fashion with most of the colors being reserved for feminine clothing.

Another thing to understand is that a lot of the items that are considered feminine were actually created for men when they first came out. Feminine items like high heel shoes were originally worn by men, and it actually served a function beyond its aesthetic. Even make up has always been worn by men throughout history.