The Trend of Feminism in Fashion

People look at fashion as many different things. Among the things they see with fashion is self expression. In this case, it is no wonder that there are going to be some clothes with fashion statements. Among the types of fashion statements that are being made is feminism. Given that feminism is a big thing these days, it is no surprise that there is going to be a feminism theme in fashion. However, the designs in feminism seem to consist of a t-shirt and different forms of skirts. The only thing different about these shirts seem to be the statements that are printed on them.


These outfits have statements such as “We should all be feminists” among others. Here the whole point is that the focus should be more on the message and the agenda as opposed to the designs. However, the only thing new about this is that they have become a trend on the runway. Feminists shirts have always been sold at retailers. While there may not be anything new design wise on the runway, they are bold in proclaiming their purpose on the runway. This is one of the reasons that the runway has gotten a little bit of attention this year.


However, men seem to be getting some of the more interesting pieces like the rompers that have been making the news lately. It is as if what is happening is like a reverse Victorian era where men are allowed all of the fun fashions. However, women still have a ton of variety when it comes to the available fashions in the industry. This is only one section of the industry that women can focus on. In the end, fashion is supposed to be about self expression. People should be allowed to be as bold as they choose to be so that they can feel actualized.