Why are premium dog food sales increasing

The trend towards higher quality dog foods is very noticeable in the marketplace with sales that have grown by 45% in the past five years and now encapsulate $10 billion of a market space of about $25 billion. This growth is clearly clearing the way in the space and many large dog food manufacturers like Beneful are releasing high quality foods to gain traction in this market. This article will provide some insight into why are premium dog food sales increasing and how manufacturers are adapting to reach those customers in the space.

Dog food owners are increasingly concerned with not only their own diets and the ill effects that our mass-produced food culture has on our health, but also on their health of our best friends, our dogs. It is this concern that is driving the trend towards premium dog foods. Beneful even came out with a website that allows pet owners to select the individual ingredients in their dog’s food and to, along with their vet’s advice, formulate a special diet for their dogs that will help them to be healthier.

Individuals also have more disposable income than in the past and are having children later in life which is also contributing to the trend towards mothering your dogs and spending more on them. Premium dog food makers are capitalizing on this trend and it is leading to additional sales in a growing market space.

Better science is also expanding on what foods are good for dogs and brands are able to scientifically design diets that are more healthy for pets and provide them with a more balanced diet than the traditional dog food options. Dog food makers are increasingly attempting to enter into and expand in the premium dog food space as a result and are increasingly releasing products to do so. Examples are Beneful’s new medium grade triglyceride fat product to appeal to owners with older dogs and other brands that are releasing premium dog foods that are designed to fit into a paleo diet. This is leading to a healthier dog food and of course pet.