Armani Switches To Fur-Free Fashion

Armani is a fashion icon across the world. They have long turned heads and made news when it comes to fashion. That’s because they are always the trendiest and are big on making the boldest moves. Often, their fashion lines shock people in the best way possible. It was recently that perhaps they made the biggest announcement yet. They have decided to stop using fur in their lines. He released a statement on Tuesday that basically said that using fur is cruel and unnecessary.

His announcement came with some shock value but overall there was positive feedback. The upcoming Autumn and Winter collection will be fur-free and many organizations were quick to chime in with their support. The Chairman for the Fur Free Alliance spoke of how this makes a statement that fashion icons can still make great clothing without resorting to using fur. The Humane Society International also chimed in saying that killing animals for their fur is never fashionable.

According to an article in Reddit, Armani is not the first to switch over to a fur-free fashion line. It’s actually a trend that has been catching on for a while. Although, it’s hard to say what brought this announcement about. It could be because other fashion icons have made the switch to synthetic long before and haven’t had much negative feedback. It could also be because of the countless protesters and letters that Armani received, asking them to switch. No matter what the reasoning, it seems that this is the way of the future for fashion tycoons. Now, it’s up to them to keep at this promise after the next two fashion lines debut.