Susan McGalla; Her Journey From Coaches Kid To Clothing Consultant

Susan McGalla grew up in rural East Liverpool, Ohio, once known as the “Pottery Capital of The World”. Her dad was a prominent football coach and she had two brothers who were known as the town football jocks. “I was immersed in all things football so naturally, to fit in, I participated in every sport possible.” Although Susan excelled at many sports she had secretly longed to be heavy hitter in the fashion industry. “My dad saw how talented I was at business. He encouraged me to follow my heart and go out and make my mark.” It took her only three years to complete her business and marketing degree and before the ink was dry on her degree she had received several job offers.
Susan was offered a position as a marketing consultant on for the Joseph Horne Company. Susan’s extensive knowledge in business management, retail positioning and fashion branding, helped her excel as a manager at JHC. Even though Joseph Horne had Susan’s heart, she knew she had hit the ceiling and would have to move forward. It was at this time she was asked to work for American Eagle Outfitters. When Susan initially came on board, the company was primarily focused on men’s sportswear. Susan’s ability for creative, outside-the-box thinking, however, changed the company’s focus to design women’s clothes and accessories as well. It did not take Susan long to become President and Chief Merchandising Officer. She was responsible for budgets, design, merchandising and marketing as well as global branding. Susan McGalla was one of the major players that helped American Eagle Outfitters become the global giant that it is today.
It was this time that Susan began to receive even more lucrative offers. Susan, who blames her down home roots, knew she needed some time to recharge and huddle. She left American Eagle and went home for some quiet and time to figure out her next step. Susan’s father will tell anyone “That girl has a great mind for business but when she feels she is being pulled in too many directions, she has the gumption to pull back, say no, and re-evaluate what is priority.” After a short time back home Susan knew what she wanted to do and that was to consult independently. She was hired as a private consultant for many retail and financial investment firms.
Susan has reinvented herself and renamed her consulting company P3 Executive Consulting. Susan will happily admit that the day after she designed her webpage her phone was ringing off the hook. “We had every CEO in the financial industry wanting to meet with us. It has been a very exciting, very surreal experience for all of here at P3.” Her company has a wide range of services, focuses mainly on branding, talent managements, marketing and product merchandising. Susan’s dad will be the first person to brag about her most recent client and that is the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. Susan laughs “Yes, Daddy couldn’t be more proud that we are working with the Steelers. However, I am still waiting on those season tickets.”