Aldi to Sell Only Toxic-Free Products

Consumer products laced with toxic chemicals in one form or another, all in the name of fast, cheap and disposable, have become the norm over the last few decades. That is finally changing, due to public outcry after the discovery that fast, cheap and disposable is making us sick. Aldi has heard that cry for change and has responded by promising to sell only toxic-free products in their stores.
The German-based supermarket is growing rapidly and has made its way to Australia and the United States. As one of the top ten retailers in the world, what Aldi does will be noticed and watched closely by the rest of the retail world. Aldi has made the public commitment to remove all the hazardous chemicals from the textile products they sell within the next five years.

Brad Reifler ( has learned that Greenpeace, an organization committed to the elimination of chemical usage in consumer products, is also asking retailers to rethink how products are made and used to help further push the detox movement forward.