Edward Honig: The Right Choice For A Cardiologist in NY


Many people who are faced with the decision of seeking treatment from a cardiologist are filled with fear and anxiety. Since heart conditions can be fatal, it is important to choose a competent physician to attend to the specific needs of your illness. There are hundreds of professional cardiologists in New York which makes you spoiled for choice when looking for one to treat your condition. Here are some tips that will help you find the right practitioner.



Seek Your Doctor’s Recommendation



While consulting friends and family can go a long way in helping you identify a reliable cardiologist, your chances are better with a recommendation from your general doctor. Since your doctor is aware of your health and is well connected in the medical industry, they are best placed to recommend a cardiologist who is well versed with your heart condition.



Look at the Potential Candidate’s Credentials



According to Dr Edward Honig, apart from the normal medical skills, cardiologists have various specialties that should be considered bearing in mind your heart condition. Some common variations are interventional and nuclear cardiology. Many hospitals are equipped with online staff directories that you can use to check a practitioner’s certifications and specialties. You can also refer to the medical board in your state for a list of the reputable professionals in a particular field of cardiology. These databases indicate a doctor’s training hospital, medical school, specialties, and certifications. They also include details of any malpractice cases or other disciplinary issues associated with professionals.



Another important credential you should be keen to check is the “Fellow of the American College of Cardiology” also known as FACC. Heart specialists elected to this fellowship are chosen based on their contributions in the community, peer recommendations, and their achievements.  You can see what people have said about Dr. Edward Honig on RateMDs.






The area where a cardiologist practices is an important consideration. There are many hospital rating services like Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which give statistics on cardiac treatment. Although patients may be prone to choose doctors from big and reputable hospitals, a small practice should not be overlooked if it offers what a patient needs.






CrunchBase shows us that Edward Honig acknowledges the importance of a cardiologist’s experience especially in light of a specific procedure or technology. You should not hesitate to ask a potential candidate the number of times they have engaged in a specific procedure.






Women experience different heart disease symptoms than those experienced by men. This may be partly attributed to the fact that their bodies respond differently to risk factors like high blood pressure. It would be advisable to inquire whether a cardiologist has had special training related to women’s health. Women with heart conditions should be sensitive to a cardiologist’s knowledge on women’s health.






When choosing a cardiologist, you will want to hire a professional with whom you have rapport. Communication is important in issues related to heart conditions. You should feel free to air your views or opinions regarding your health. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the way the cardiologist responds to your questions. Do they use lay man’s language to help you understand or are they intent on doing their work without consulting you or keeping you informed? When there is good communication between you and your doctor, treatment becomes easier and more manageable.



With many cardiologists performing in New York, one is often confused when choosing the most appropriate practitioner for their needs. Dr Edward Honig, MD has years of experience in treating heart conditions. Honig practices in Glen Cove, New York, and is one of the highly reputable professionals in this field of medicine. If you are looking for personalized, committed, and quality cardiological treatment, Honig is your best choice.