Joseph Bismark Lives a Simple Life


When someone gains great riches, most tend to spend that money on a luxurious lifestyle. If I were to accumulate great wealth, I believe that I would be tempted to live a different life than the one that I am living now. When it comes to Joseph Bismark, though, the riches that he has gained have not pushed him to live a life different than the one that he would live if he were poor. This man has chosen to live a simple life, despite the fact that he has gained great wealth and could be living in a big way.

On the blog Citizen Shame, it is shared how Joseph Bismark is living his life simply. This man who could be living as most of the rich do, has chosen to live a simple life.   This man is living a peaceful life, rather than living one that is wild and full of the kind of fun that most of the rich enjoy. This man lives a simple life when he doesn’t have to, and I think that we all should look up to him for that reason.