Insane Halloween Costumes for This Strange Time

A list recently surfaced that shows the year’s worst Halloween costumes and how they coincide with the country’s recent state of turmoil. Essentially, modern times are fairly ridiculous, so what better way to let that be known than by wearing an absolutely atrocious costume? If you can handle the nonsense, take a look at this year’s ridiculous costumes:


Grass Skin Suit with Fanny Pack


As if dressing up as grass is not strange enough, the fact that this costume has a painfully obvious fanny pack just might be. So, if you have ever wanted to be a field of grass, your chance has arrived.


The Convicted Cutie


Certain things should never be glorified, including going to prison. This costume is exactly as it sounds–it is an inmate suit that has been jazzed up.


Teen Rapper


For over fifty dollars, you can purchase a faux sport’s jersey, exposed boxer shorts, and low hanging jeans. For no additional cost, they have thrown in a baseball cap to be worn backwards, of course.


Attractive Capitol Hill


In a rude attempt at mimicking Hillary Clinton, this costume is everything a business suit needs, except for pants. A mini skirt, hat, and miscellaneous accessories complete this outfit.


The Classic Poop Emoji


For some reason beyond understanding, this is the most popular emoji. What better way to support this strange fandom than by actually becoming that emoji?


Lady Luck


Who does not need more luck? Wear this flashy outfit complete with a money boa for a small fee at most local costume shops.


A Zombie Banana


The zombie craze has really become ridiculous, specifically for this reason. Get your scare on while concurrently embodying essential potassium.


An Earth Worm


Granted, there are worse costumes, but this looks fairly terrible when it is actually put on. One fairly hideous color pairs with one too many wrinkles for an outfit that will have people gawking or laughing all day long.


Bubble Wrap


Perhaps the most cost effective and potentially dangerous costume of the year is this bubble wrap get-up.