2016: 1970’s Inspired Fashion

When it comes to fashion, staying current is very important to most women. Styles that were trends years ago may not always be so desirable, but when it comes down to it, many of today’s styles have stemmed from trends years ago. Surprisingly enough, most of the fashion trends this year originated in the seventies, when many of your mothers were your own age or growing up. They’re making a huge comeback, as read in one article.

Today, lace is all the rage. Tops accented with lace or mostly made of lace or very in right now. But they didn’t become popular suddenly- this was a fashion comeback from the seventies! In addition to lace, patterns have become increasingly popular. Vibrant zig-zags and floral patterns can be found in most retail stores but were likely found in your mothers closet first.

If you’ve seen off-the-shoulder maxi dresses on your shopping adventures, those certainly aren’t new either. That was a huge trend back in the nineteen seventies that came back to make a statement. Along with maxi dresses, are denim dresses which is a trend that seems to be timeless. This reoccurring fashion statement always comes back and is such a versatile look. Let’s not forget about high-waisted jeans being a huge trend right now. For example, Taylor Swift is seen sporting them often. Yet, it’s another trend that decided to make a comeback! To read more about articles of clothing that have reappeared in recent years visit: https://brightside.me/inspiration-girls-stuff/11-items-from-your-mothers-wardrobe-that-are-making-a-comeback-today-215855/

Whether it’s dresses or tops, trends from the seventies have recently emerged thanks to the comfortable, carefree, feminine look they give. Maybe it’s time to check out your moms old clothes from the seventies hidden in the back of her closet!