Richard Liu Qiangdong: Hearing the Word of a Successful Businessman

It might be hard to imagine great achievements coming from complete despair. Learning from Richard Liu Qiangdong allows us to see wealth and success as a moving picture. Richard Liu began in the most unlikely places with a stream of failure. His work, revealed at the World Economic Forum, gives us insights into China’s competitive business mindset. What the CEO shares, with all its bright and dark moments, pieces together the wonder that became Richard built his company with two hands; it started as a losing venture strengthened by the force of failure. The changes, with public plagues and online technology, defined by China’s growth were key. They gave Richard the drive for a better place in the world.

Central Ideas From the Man Himself

The 2018 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting is the setting. Here, in Davos-Kloster, Switzerland, we sit in for a rare interview with Liu Qiangdong. This is where we unravel the life of a tech mogul. The meeting occurred to retell of the story of Today’s, also recognized as Jingdong in China, began in 2004. It grew from a prior business that went well for Richard Liu. The business then had to endure a devastating blow from a SARS epidemic. The reality of the plague, as seen from Chinese history, hit the physical stores Richard held. Many of his employees were no longer at work, some were getting sick and the risks of continuing were high. Such led Richard to the potentials of an online store. We look back today to see how bright the idea was.

The Success: Where it Got Started

Failed health products is where he started. A restaurant that got completely “destroyed” defined Richard’s initial business career. He earned a degree from Chinese Renmin University, but it didn’t take him far at first. Jingdong came from the lost of many ventures that taught Mr. Liu Qiangdong. He knew to set goals to avoid counterfeiting. He was on the internet. Richard sought to provide accuracy with invoices and real products online. A legacy then unfolded as now generates $60 billion yearly with 167,000 employees supporting it.

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According to Edwards, when you sleep all the cells inside are replace with new cells to rejuvenate vital organs. His advice to others is try it for seven days and observe the results each day to prove his point. He believes eight hours of sleep night or day helps to prevent and cure depression, fatigue, anxiety, and other related illnesses. Mark explains that while you are sleeping the new cells creation helps to burn fat, stay alert, and build muscles. Avoid the trap of becoming addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and receiving side effects for a quick fix of sleeping.

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China Aims for 6.5 Percent Annual Growth in Next Five Years

The Premier of China, Li Kequiang, opened China’s Parliament March 5 by saying China planned to grow its economy at an annual rate of 6.5 percent over the next five years, but faced tough struggles. The government intended to create more jobs while restructing industries that were currently inefficient.

6.5 percent growth would be the Chinese economy’s slowest rate of growth in 25 years. However, China is facing a softening of world demand for its exports and tumultuous financial markets. The government also wishes to stop environmental destruction.

The 2016 goal of the Beijing government, according to the article, is to achieve growth between 6.5 and 7 percent. And it aims to increase the money supply by 13 percent while keeping inflation around 3 percent. In 2015 the actual rate of inflation was around half that figure.

In the inefficient sectors of the economy, so-called zombie firms are inefficient and underperforming. They account for a lot of the corporate debt still leftover from the 2009 stimulus money China spent. China will be layoff 5-6 million workers in the coal and steel industry sectors over the next two to three years. It will restructure the zombie firms through mergers, debt deals and bankruptcies. They wish to hold the rate of urban unemployment below 2016. With the layoffs, this means they plan to create 10 million jobs.

To reduce environmental problems, they plan to hold the consumption of energy to 5 billion tons of coal. They also intend to raise spending on their military by 7.6 percent, which is the lowest rate of increase in six years.

Economists expect China’s rate of growth to come in at around 6.5 percent in 2016, a figure most countries would welcome.

Li said the government planned to reform the bond and equity markets. This comes after a period when the Chinese stock market caused worldwide concern through its widespread losses. Its currency the yuan went down in value. The government intervened in these cases. The Parliament will no doubt consider what measures to take to control the stock market.

China’s government aims to maintain stability and reduce the chance that economic problems and unemployment lead to widespread political and social unrest. Chinese citizens are allowing the government to manage the economy with the assumption higher growth will continue to make the Chinese people more affluent.

Another economic issue inside the country is the disparity between property values. In big cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, values are spiking up. However, in smaller cities they are stagnant.

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