Michael Hagale Talks About Success and Entrepreneurs During Interview

Michael Hagale has been an investor and respectable corporate counselor for some time. There is no doubt that his time is precious, but he still found time to do an interview to discuss what drives him and his success. Hagale has worked with companies in all sorts of fields like aerospace, defense, Internet, and even biotechnology companies. The man has even founded restaurants and businesses focused on hospitality. To say that Hagale is well-rounded is definitely an understatement.

At the moment, he is working with Internet companies, helping them manage some of the legal aspects of the business. He was once just a guy attending the University of California at Berkeley though he did come from Iowa where he got his B.A. from the University of Iowa. He spoke fondly of these schools and the experiences he was able to take away from them.

The interviewer wanted to know more about Hagale’s typical day. Much of it involved regular work. He starts his days by contacting the companies he works with and tries to see how he can be helpful.

Now, Hagale did point out that he is adamant about taking afternoon breaks. It seems like he uses this time to bike or mountain bike in nearby mountainous areas he knows. He uses this time to let his mind rest from the pressure and allow himself to get creative. Most of the time he is able to see solutions that were not as clear to him before taking his break. Hagale believes every good business person needs to find that special type of break that gives him or her clarity.

The interviewer asked about what he believes the future holds for investors. Hagale could not be more excited for the future. He believes that AI or artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize many aspects of society. Hagale is an investor so he is watching companies focused on AI technology closely and tells others to do the same but he’s mostly excited to see what science fiction ideas are going to become realities.

There is no doubt that Hagale has a lot of life in him and wants to continue to be the very best version of himself for his clients. He said that young entrepreneurs really need to learn that lesson: put customers or clients first, always.

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