ChapStick Step Aside EOS Lip Balm Is Here.

The story is untold. What were they thinking? This company entered into a market that was already oversaturated with product. The odds were not in the favor of this new start up company EOS. After the smoke cleared, EOS stood ahead of the pack as the choice of the millennial generation when it came to lip balm. How did they do it and why did they experience such success? Well according to, that too is part of the untold story of the success of EOS. It seems that people wanted a change and that was exactly what EOS gave the industry when their rolled out their lip balm.

They success might rely on many factors. For one, the brand known as Chapstick was available in the local grocery and drug stores, not many others places carried them. The tube was round and felt like it was a product that created medicine or came from a clinic. There was nothing beautiful about this three flavored stick of wax. It was shortly after that the a company called EOS lip balm started to show up in Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Cyrus, Aguilera and even Kim Kardashian started putting it on their lips and everyone was talking about flavor. This stuff came in grapefruit, honeydew and others. It tasted great and it looked amazing too.

It seemed like everyone wanted or needed an Evolution Of Smooth, even the fashion magazines started talking about EOS. Everyone was talking about EOS except the company leaders. They just started to talk to Fast Company about how they took over the lip balm industry. To the company it was about making the product better in many ways. Everything was planned out. The container, the package, the flavors and more. You name it and they had a game plan for it. That’s how they got their product to the top of the limp balm food chain. They had one goal, to please the customer by offering a product that people could know, like and trust. The best part is, it worked and changed the lip balm industry forever. Visit to view the full EOS product gallery.

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