How to Manage Your Child’s Online Reputation and Protect Them Online

In today’s society, many teens and children are active on various social media platforms. Due to the fact that individuals are making an impression on the online world at such a young age, the concern of online protection takes center stage. Online reputation management is especially important in this context because once these children grow up there will be more online information that can affect opportunities. Opportunities such as jobs, professional connections, and examples of character can be potentially influenced by an online presence or post from years ago. Therefore, maintaining a child’s online reputation may be crucial to their success as an adult later in life. Posts on social media are permanently available on the internet, so online reputation management is a key factor in success later in life.

According to an article posted by BT, the idea of building a reputation online is important, regardless of age. In a world that is so technology-oriented, it is very easy for children to post status updates or comments that can easily be regrettable years down the road. Therefore, it is important that adults, as well as parents, stress the importance of online reputation management to younger age groups. There are numerous cases of professionals in various organizations that have ruined their own careers by posting one controversial opinion online.

In conclusion, a key concept is that the internet is always public. Information will always be accessible online, even long after it has been deleted by the original user. Online reputation management is a strategy that can prevent future crises in terms of potential harm to an individual’s career, and should be highly implemented, especially with today’s youth.